(wacky music) (bass guitar music) – Yeah, so then, I’ll basically
just go into the kitchen, you know, pop it into the microwave, hang out for 35, 45
seconds, and after that, it’s my salty vegetables. (laughs) – That’s interesting. – Yeah, it’s one of my better stories. – [Radio Dispatcher] Echo
one oh five 40 code red, immediate threat, a
convicted serial killer has escaped from prison. – Whoa. – Yeah, I usually put
this thing in the trunk. It goes off all the time. – [Radio Dispatcher] Suspect
is now holding a family of four hostage at Deerborne and Kenneth. All units report to
location stat, I repeat, all units report to location stat. – Cheryl, I think they need your help. – Just ignore it, it’s fine. – [Radio Dispatcher]
Please don’t ignore this. We need everyone here immediately. – They said, don’t ignore it. You need to go do your job. – I’m eating my dessert, Katie. – It is a hostage situation,
with a serial killer, okay? People are gonna see
you in your cop uniform and know you shouldn’t be here. – Listen, I don’t tell you
how to do your job, right? Uh-uh.
– That’s absolutely not true– – I don’t.
– that’s the entire reason we know each other.
– What? – You tell me how to sell drugs. – Oh.
– Yeah. – Well, it’s not like they’re
asking for meter maids to help out with the situation, god. – [Radio Dispatcher] Oh god,
he somehow stole a helicopter, we really need every
single cop to help out. We’re even talking about meter maids. – You need to go. They specifically asked for meter maids. – Katie, there are like a
million officers out there. They’re never even gonna
notice that I’m not there. I do this all the time. – [Radio Dispatcher] At the Cindy’s Diner. – That’s where we are! – [Radio Dispatcher] If
only we had one more cop to help catch this guy, maybe
a cop who’s already eating at the diner, who can just
slow him down a tiny bit until the rest of the force gets there. – That’s literally you. – Okay. How’s that, huh? (claps) Boom. No more noise. – That’s so much worse, there’s a serial killer headed towards us. (tires screeching) – Oh, okay. Okay, I’m putting my coat on. – Yeah, I see that. – So they don’t know I’m a cop. – I get it. – Okay great, so play it cool. – No.
– They come in here, I’m a lady you felt bad
for, and you brought her a piece of pie cause it looked
like she just got kicked off of the hockey team. – That’s so specific, I’m not doing that. Thanks for watching that
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– What?