hi everyone and welcome to another
episode of foodie Pinoy today we’re going to make a sweet milky
candy recipe loved by kids and adults pastillas watch until the end of this
video to see how we level up the plain pastillas we will need 2 cups full
cream powdered milk one can condensed milk and white sugar first pour in the
condensed milk in a large bowl then add around half of the powdered milk mix it
up until it looks like this add the rest of the powdered milk and continue to mix
until well blended add some more powdered milk if you feel that the
mixture doesn’t reach at the right consistency what we are looking for is
something that can be molded. in my case I need to add another half cup of
powdered milk. mix it up again until well blended after mixing we can unmold our
pastillas mixture you can choose whatever shape you want but we are sticking with
a conventional oblong shape get a spoonful amount of pastillas and roll
it into your hands until you reach the desired shape in size then dredge it in
white sugar the next step is to rub them individually using cellophane I cannot
find any cellophane so I’m using a baking sheet paper which I cut into
square shapes just rub each pasty leas and roll them tightly in the baking
sheet paper and seal it by twisting both the ends we want a level of this pastillas so we will try to toss them since Oven is not available we’re going to
toast them in a non-stick pan mmm let’s see if this will work we’re using a
different shape for the toasted bunch run get a spoonful amount of pastillas
mixture and mold them in a rectangular shape around 1.5 centimeter size roll
each Basilius in sugar and do the same with the rest of the mixture the next
step is to toast the rectangular pastillas in a non-stick pan heat the
pan in low to medium heat and once hot enough place each pastillas and toast
until the sugar caramel and turned brown it will take around 30
to 40 seconds to brown each side and just flip until all the sides are
toasted it will look similar to this this is quite tedious but the result is
worth it and it’s done here’s our plain and
toasted version of pastillas we love the toasted version because of its
bittersweet taste try this recipe and feedback to us which version you prefer!
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