Hey everyone! It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. You’re looking well, it’s a wonderful day outside, but today is all about this egg-free Toblerone mousse. The mousse of the airport because whenever you go to an airport you see Toblerone. We were talking about this earlier, it’s just one of those things, you either love it or you hate it. I have suddenly got an urge for Toblerone, hence we’re making this
amazingly simple mousse. Hopefully, you’re seeing
in the background here, we’ve got the chalkboard fridge now. We wrapped it, it was too shiny. It’s got chalkboard, it’s still magnetic, we can write on it, haven’t done that, and of course, we’ve got our food pun. Thank you to everyone
that sent in suggestions on my Twitter for food puns. We went for the R and brie one, all good. The ingredients we’re gonna
need today are naughty. It’s a naughty mousse. Like a naughty animal. It’s got a bit ganache vibe going on. We’ve go the Toblerone, which is mainly got almonds in it, some honey, and of course, chocolate. So we’re kinda using
that concept to help make the mousse-y mousse here. We’ve got a bar of Toblerone, which I’ll show you about in a jiffy. We’ve got some cream, which we’re gonna mix with a bowl of mixed milk and dark chocolate, to make a kinda ganache-y thing. And then the double cream
will get whipped with honey so it will resemble the Toblerone aspect. We’ve also got some chopped nuts. Again, going back to the Toblerone vibe, and just to be a little bit quirky, a little bit out there, a bit bearish, I’ve got some coconut biscuits. I’m just gonna bash those up, just simply because that can just give it a nice little crumbly topping and another flavour contrast. Alright, you might’ve also noticed our hob is now slightly less reflective. We changed that along side the fridge, although we’re not wrapping
this in chalkboard. It looked like there was a
light sabre down the fridge, for goodness sake, so we’ve got our chocolate here. The mix of milk and dark chocolates. So this is just a pan with
a little bit of water in, it’s actually just steaming a little bit, so we’re gonna stick it on top of there, and that’s just to melt it. In fact, I don’t know why
I’m going this (laughs). I should’ve just used the microwave but I wanted to use my new hob, it’s quite cool. What we can also do is
add in our cream, as well. Do do do do. So this is kinda like the ganache-y vibe. If you want, you can warm the cream up, then stick the chocolate on top and use the heat of the cream to do that. To be honest, there’s so many
different ways to do this, it doesn’t matter. It’s just gonna be a naughty puddin’, and I like that a lot. We’re just gonna mix this through. It won’t look like much
is happening at first, but just keep stirring it. Make sure the water doesn’t
touch the bottom of the bowl and we’ll get a nice melt-y lake. While that is melting, thank you very much for the feedback on the recipe rewind video. It’s very kind. Surprised how much some
of you guys liked it. Hello there, and welcome to melting
chocolate with cream. Alright folks, just finishing that off. Please, have self-restraint and don’t just be like, yeah honestly, I’m just gonna eat this because it is phenomenal. Really, really good indeed, in fact, that’s how you start
to make truffles anyway. What you wanna do is make
sure you don’t boil the cream. Make sure, I’ve got a couple
more lumps left in there, I’m mixing them out over this heat and in the minute that’s done, it’s coming off. It’s had enough, it’s hogging it. We’ve got a lovely,
smooth chocolate-y lake. Let’s get it off the heat,
we don’t wanna burn it. Right there’s fine (laughs). The chocolate cream bowl, we’re just gonna leave right here, taking it off the heat to cool down ’cause when we whip our cream, which we’re about to do, you don’t wanna dump that straight away, it’ll go ehh! It’ll get freaked out, okay, so what we’ll do, first step here is take remaining cream into a new bowl. Make sure you leave
your cream in the fridge until the last minute, okay? I always just find it whips better, don’t know if it’s just me. We’re just gonna whip this up. (electronic mixer whirling) Spin it on a low whisk. What we’ll find it’s
starting to thicken up. We don’t wanna over whip it. We wanna get it, sort
of like, soft-ish peaks, but we do wanna add in our honey to give it that Toblerone vibe. Beautiful. I do not wanna over whip that. We’re not making cheese or gloss paint. We’ve got the honey here, so this is really gonna give it that sneaky, hidden, Toblerone vibe, even though we’re shoving
actual Toblerone inside it. Oh yes. Then we’ll continue just
to whisk this through. Don’t over whisk, as I said, maybe like, 30 seconds, max. (electronic mixer whirling) Shada! We’ve got out whipped
cream with infused honey. We’ve got our chocolate ganache sat there, but to give it a little
bit more cooling time, we’ll chop up our Toby-lerone. Ah, so here we go then folks. The humble, yet controversial, Toblerone, at at the moment. Some of you guys have
messaged me about this. Actually, you’ve been
messaging me about Toblerones and also, the fact that
Nutella changed their recipe but anyhow, Toblerones! Notice how there’s a wide gap between the pyramids now. Apparently, that used to be narrower. That does, actually, ring to bell to me. Maybe they’re cost cutting, something like that? Also, I just realised the other day, that is how you snap off one of the sides. I was always going like that and breaking it on my teeth. You just push it like that, and we actually do need, three blocks like that. The rest you can eat for another day, or off-camera, wink, wink. But maybe just have another extra block, if you wanna garnish it too. We’ll leave that for the garnish, which is also gonna count for the nuts and the coconut biscuits, but these three? It’s choppin’ time. I’m just chopping up the
Toblerone kind of rough. You can go as chunky, and if you really wanna chop it, chop, chop, chop, get it real fine, to me that wouldn’t really
taste like Toblerone so I wanna few textured chunks in there. Maybe get a, like, a mix. Make sure they’re relatively even. If you’re gonna go all
chunky, that’s fine, but just make sure you’ve
got no big pyramid left over. I sphinx that might now
be a good idea (chuckles). So our cream that we whipped before, with the honey in there, what we’re gonna do is just start to add those Toblerone pieces
into there, oh my gosh. In it goes. Another reason that we wanna
that ganache to cool down as well, is because we don’t
want the chocolate ganache melting the Toblerone. That would kinda defeat
the whole point of it. Nice little metal spoon and all we’re gonna do is just work it in, so we’re kinda folding it through. You don’t wanna whip it anymore ’cause we don’t want to make it too stiff, if you know what I mean. That is lovely. That is looking like dirty, muddy snow. Except it’s not, it’s Toblerone cream. The chocolate is nice and cooled and we’re just gonna add the first half, just the first half, of the Toblerone cream and honey mixture. Just use your spatula to fold it through and incorporate it into that chocolate. Oh my gosh! Hopefully you’ll see it’s gotten a teeny bit more glossy now. That’s exactly what we’re after, getting it that nice, sort of, smoothness. Just keep working it through until it’s all fully folded through, of course, you’re gonna have these lumps of Toblerone in there. Cha-ching! But then we’ll wanna
add in the other half. If you’re enjoying this video, don’t forget to subscribe
for regular recipes and food fun, and of course, let me know down below what you’d like to see next. Alright, that’s a nice and mixed in, so the second amount of cream, ah, just goes in. I love just serving that up, just scrapping in the bowl and slapping it right in there. Again, slap and then fold, baby. Lift that through. Don’t over mix it but just make sure all of that cream is worked into that ganache, and that is the basis of our
very cool Toblerone mousse. This serving vessel
looks a little bit like one of the nicer options
for the Indiana Jones scene in the Last Crusade when he picks the rubbish looking thing and it works. So, I woulda picked
this one for reference. But then Indiana Jones, Indy! Would not have got
Toblerone mousse, would he? Ah, yeah! Love the colour, and you know what, if you get a little bit of the mousse still a little bit streaky, that’s okay. I won’t be unhappy with you, but we’re really filling this up. You could’ve even left a
little bit of cream unwhipped. Layered it, leave it as a topping. We are making a naughty little pudding. But in terms of serving and presentation, that’s an absolute stonker! Just to one side, I didn’t really wanna show you this step because it can be loud, like that. (rolling pin hitting counter) I bashed up my little
coconut biscuits into crumbs. I’m just gonna grab a few of those, scoop some of those up, and just let it rain. Let it rain coconut biscuit crumbs. I’ve never actually shown you guys how to make coconut biscuits, they’re really popular here in the U.K. Maybe I’ll do that. They’re so simple to make and very delicious. Then, we’ve got some chopped nuts. These are chopped mixed nuts so I’m sure there’s an
almond in there somewhere. Some of these are already roasted, so that’s fine, but you could roast them,
toast them, whatever. Roast them, toast them, boast them. And last, but not least, our segment, which looks a little
bit like a shark’s fin, our Toblerone garnish just sit there, in the top right there. You could eat it right now but we’re gonna put it in the fridge, our brie-lliant fridge, for around about a half and hour at the absolute minimum, to set. Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas. Well, Christmas has come early for me. Incidentally, if there’s
any Christmas recipes you particularly wanna see, I would be very interested
to see what I find out, but there you go! Nice and chilled. I’ve given that about 40 minutes. Let’s have a little mange. Ah, firm, holding it’s shape well. The chunks. That my friends, haven’t said it for awhile, is ridiculously stonking. Toby-lerone would be proud. You got massive Toblerone chunks in there, the smoothness of the chocolate too, and the hidden honey is
in there doing it’s thing. I’m loving it. Absolutely stonking, I really hope you do give it a go. You probably only need about a third each, portion wise. It’s quite a lot. It’s very, very filling and very, very naughty, so have some, go for a run. If you do try it, send
me a picture, as I say. Let me know down below
what you wanna see next and I’ll see you again next time. (rhythmic synthesised music)