Hey folks I’m coming to you today from the Harajuku Neighbourhood. This is a very popular neighbourhood as you can tell from all the people behind me. There’s a lot of shopping there’s lots of restaurants here and across the tracks there is also Yoyogi Park. So it’s a very Popular, very fun place to check out if you come here. One thing that’s very popular here in Japan is sushi And you might have heard of kaiten sushi or a conveyor belt sushi Which in get many different places where the sushi kind of goes round? We’re gonna look at something a little bit different today with conveyer belt. So let’s go ahead and check that out All right. So here behind me is the Cafe Ron Ron An interesting take on a conveyor belt eatery system. Let’s go ahead inside and stuff our faces (start of instrumental)
Upon walking. You’re welcomed. I mean tempted by the fine treats as they make their way around. Before we begin to indulge in the delectable delights we must pay. The price is 2500 yen for men and 2,100 for females with the ticket comes one of their bottled drinks along with complimentary coffee, tea and water. When you sit down you’re given a little ticket with your end time, it’s 40 minutes all-you-can-eat! Which is why we have this voiceover today as I want to make sure it was all I could eat. Perhaps the bigger issue is whether you can last the full 40 minutes now to make this 40 minutes fair let’s wait for Captain Tenneal to give us the go-ahead…
(Whistle)…Let’s get it on! With the seconds counting down the toughest part may be deciding where to start. From all my KitKat videos you should know I’m a chocolate lover. So I’m going to dive into this delicious chocolate brownie. Overall it’s nice friendly atmosphere where you can relax, enjoy some treats with some friends and be mesmerised or perhaps hypnotized by the unlimited amount of desserts circling before you. This macaron sandwich with this mango coulis was quite delectable and one my favorites! I think my number one dessert here for today is a sweet decadent creme brulee with this white chocolate layer, but neat the delicious gold above It was very rich, but so, so good. After seeing all these delicious treats today, but let us know below what is your favorite and what would you get if you come here? As we near the halfway point I start to feel the sugar rush. yeah, you know that feeling when you need to much birthday cake, eh. Thankfully just like at a birthday party there is coffee and some savory options to balance out the sweetness This creamy slaw was pretty good But beware! You might come across these mini meat buns which seem innocent but they were sadly cold and bland. These mini takoyakis however were fantastic. They were a hot item and my favorite savory today. They were actually quite delicious with a healthy sized piece of octopus inside! With time up it’s time to tally the plates Plates add up pretty quickly maybe a little too quick with stack plates in front of you You’re either gonna feel you did a great job or you’re going to feel horrible for the job you just did! From the looks of it on the inside Many people are happy having a great time and trying to make our plates as high as they could. Alright so that was the kind of a dessert cafe experience, I think it was really, really good. There’s so many different types of desserts, you know different flavors chocolate. There’s berries, there’s fruit So many things to try there. I also like that they had not everything was sweet They also had some savory items too like the takoyaki there was the the steamed meat bun which honestly was not that probably the worst thing they had there was… Did not taste that good. They had some salads they had, you know, you know chips and a small like hotdog, hotdog buns So there’s a bunch of sweet options and There’s also a bunch of savory options kind of just to balance it out So it doesn’t feel like you’re eating a whole bunch of sugar, which I probably just did. All right, so that’s going to bring us to the end of another video I’m gonna walk for the next you know A couple hours, maybe a couple days to burn off the amount of sugar and calories, which I just consumed back there Thanks for checking up this Kathy find yourself in Harajuku. I would definitely suggest Coming to this cafe if you’re here give it a shot. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys down Easter egg: Go in the early afternoon to avoid a line!
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