– Tacos on a pizza? Sign me up. What’s up guys?
I’m Chas Truslow, the producer for Fork Yeah and we just got finished eating
the most famous pizza on the internet: The Taco Pizza, from
Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken, New Jersey. So, the taco pizza may look
like this outrageous messy food pile but there’s a lot of attention to detail and craft that
goes into making each and every taco on the pizza. Tony Boloney’s owner Michael Hauke
credits the creation of the pizza to some late night patrons who
came in looking for some munchies. – These kids came in and they were
high as hell, stoned out of their minds. They’re like, “Yo, let me get some tacos.” I was like, “Yo, we don’t do tacos.” “Yo, its Taco Tuesday what do
you mean you don’t do tacos?” And I was like, “You know what?” So we busted it out and these kids are just sitting
there, high as hell, eating tacos at Tony Boloney’s. Bust out a bunch of tacos,
I’m making a taco pizza. “Yo what is this?” They hung out for another
couple hours, kept going outside, probably smoking. Customers walking in like, “Dude, what is that?
It is freaking ridiculously good.” So we started making that and
people line up for it now on Tuesdays. – So the pizza itself starts out with the dough. Then they cover the dough in oaxacan queso
blanco that they’re making fresh in-house everyday. After that, they spread out this chipotle mole that they
make that acts almost like a Mexican version of tomato sauce. It then goes into the oven where the cheese and
mole combine together to make this delicious base. And then once it’s pulled out, they add another layer of
cheese, and this oaxacan queso blanco is almost like mozzarella. It’s a little salty, a little creamy, and it
just melts perfectly once it’s all together. The crew at Tony Boloney’s, they’re pressing these
tortillas fresh in the back, crisping them up on the grill, and then filling the tacos with a mix of authentic
flavors like carne asada and cheesy chorizo. And more New Jersey flare,
like buffalo chicken and cheesesteak. The pizza is then finished off with a frisbee-size
serving of guacamole and a little bit of fresh crema. When you look at a slice of the taco pizza, it’s pretty
overwhelming to try and figure out how to attack it. Pro tip: take the tacos, dip–
smear them all in that guacamole. Then once you’ve polished those three tacos off,
fold the pizza in half and you have a makeshift quesadilla.