Hi, I am Tony Welcome to my video channel Today, I will show you Sweet bean curd with egg this is my wife favorite dessert as it is so simple to make you can make it at any time you want The ingredients are simple For portion of 2, 2 large bean curd sheet In this video, i trimmed it into small sheets Also, it needs 2 eggs, 4 tbsp of milk about 500ml of water and 30-40g of rock sugar depend how sweet you want First, soak the bean curd on the right hand side, it is dry bean curd many people don’t know bean curd need to be soaked before use otherwise, it is hard to dissolve it on the left hand side, bean curd soaked for 10-15 mins it turns to light yellow you may have a lot of fresh bean curd left That’s okay you can put them into a plastic bag and freeze it in the freezer which it can store up to 3-4 months squeeze all the water out then use a scissor cut it into small pieces so that it will dissolve quicker save you lot of time Boil the water over high heat although it is still cold i added in the rock sugar now because it needs time to dissolve it is better to add the sugar earlier water is now boiled time to add in the bean curd cover the lid change the heat to medium high and cook for 15 mins the dessert is ready to serve the bean curd is dissolved turn the heat off now and add in the milk milk will make the dessert smooth also reduce the temperature which help not to overcook the egg let cook the egg now First, blend the egg well To cook the perfect egg has 2 steps Step 1, add the egg in 2 times Step 2, stir quickly After the egg is added Otherwise, the egg will be scrambled And it won’t be smooth at all When the egg is smooth and cooked It is time to serve The dessert is ready to serve To make the perfect egg Keep the dessert below boiling temperature Turn off the heat before add in the egg Thank you for watching See you next time