Hello there. I’m Cool Jeeperflip, or Jeeperflip Entertainment, and today, I’m going to be discussing ToonFest 2017, which is happening next month. Apologies for this video being kinda late, it’s been on hold for a looong time. Okay let’s start. So, what is ToonFest exactly, and why do we celebrate it? Short answer: It’s a real life event held by the Toontown Rewritten Team to celebrate the anniversary of Toontown Online’s public release on June 2nd, 2003. Long answer: I’ve actually covered this before for people who are new to ToonFest, and if you’d like to know more information about it, watch these two videos by clicking the links in the description. Typically, the real life ToonFest event is hosted by the Toontown Rewritten Team at OMG!con in Owensboro, Kentucky, where it’s been for the last two years. This year, they’re holding it somewhere different: at ReplayFX in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ReplayFX is a convention solely based on gaming, as the convention center itself will be showcasing over 200,000 square feet of pinball machines, tabletop games, arcade machines, and of course, video games. A few competitions are being held, like pinball and arcade tournaments. To learn more about the convention, click the other link in the description or go to replayfx.org. As for what the TTR Team is planning on doing for this year, they’ve announced that they’re holding two panels (one on Friday, July 28, and one on Saturday, July 29) where the members from the Toontown Rewritten Team will showcase new content coming to Toontown up on stage. Unlike the last panels the team has done, Jesse Schell, lead designer of Toontown Online, and Shawn Patton, who has programmed several features for Toontown Online, are going to be up on stage with them. The blog post relating to the announcement of the event states that they’re going to have a new, bigger activity area. This will definitely include new banners, as the original banners for the older events have been sold. They’ll likely have golfing, racing, and trolley game tournaments, since they were announced during last year’s ToonFest. Joey has confirmed on Reddit that they’ll bring back the pie tradition as well. Parties have been also confirmed to release either before or during the in real life ToonFest 2017. Now this is great news and all, but, why change locations in the first place? OMG!con has a decently sized convention center with tons of panels, tournaments, and vendors. What makes ReplayFX a better choice than OMG!con for ToonFest 2017? Well, it seems that ReplayFX is solely based on games of all sorts, while OMG!con is more so based on anime and such. Joey said during the most recent live q&a that ReplayFX had around 10,000 attendants last year, while OMG!con had about 3,000. This means that Toontown Rewritten will most likely better fit in with other attractions during ReplayFX, and will be exposed more to the playerbase that they’re looking for. Also, according to the blog post on the TTR website, it’s stated that the convention center for ReplayFX is at least 200,000 square feet, while the Owensboro Convention Center is around 160,000. Hopefully, the team can use more space within the convention center to their advantage, mainly for their new area. Finally, as stated before, Jesse Schell and Shawn Patton will be attending the event for Toontown Rewritten, as their company’s building is not very far from the convention center. Joey has stated on r/ToontownRewritten that the fact that Schell Games is close to the convention center is not the main reason they switched locations, but an added bonus. This is definitely going to be a big event for Toontown Rewritten as you can probably tell, but what about the effect of all of these changes? Will some of Toontown’s biggest community members such as Megasnoop, GagStrategists, Ben Royko, Shark Girl and WhoGryps still be able to attend? Will the overall amount of people attending the event solely for Toontown Rewritten decrease? Am I asking too many questions? Yes, yes I am. Smirky has offically confirmed on Twitter that he’s definitely going to ReplayFX. On a side note, none of the other YouTubers have officially confirmed that they wouldn’t be attending that I know of, so don’t completely lose hope. As for me, I’m defenitely going to be attending the convention, so if any of you can’t attend the event and have questions you would like for me to ask the TTR Team, Jesse Schell, or Shawn Patton, leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to ask them during their panels! I’ll also be uploading footage of TTR’s new booth and their panels to my channel, so be sure to look out for those too! I hope that you’re just as excited for what Toontown Rewritten has in store for it’s players as I am! Thank you for watching, and have an amazing day!