hey guys welcome back in today’s episode we’re gonna be exploring our top 10 desert here in Sydney Sydney has a lot of cafes a lot of places to explore and some of them has one the best dessert here in Sydney so we’re gonna get cracking and we’re gonna find them for you guys alright let’s go [Music] so if you are much all over which is like green tea you’ve gotta go to this bakery cafe which is called top impression bakery and they sell basically the best to my chakra so this is the green tea or my choco some they also sell for example taro chocolate and music but for me the best film on chakra oh I can hear it so flaky there is so much much a place right there and a croissant itself is fake so fresh this morning this is gonna go into my mouth my stomach Rin we’re gonna sit really well let’s go try this I’m so messy really has that really so much of it did you hold up so the my top page is quite bitter but there’s some sweetness as well and then the person is so crunchy and flaky so it tastes fantastic all right so you love chocolate chip cookies right I do a lot of chocolate chip cookies what if there was the biggest chocolate chip cookies here in Sydney well there’s one just right behind me here is West Juliet it’s a cafe here in Marrickville so we’re gonna check it out they got one of the biggest cookie come on is basically as big as my face this is sea salt chocolate chip cookie so usually chocolate chip cookie is quite sweet but they put sleek up on top hmm truly soft really melt inside your mouth that chocolate is so gooey and the additional salt on top of the cookie really just does the flavor justice absolutely gorgeous all right so we are now on our next stop which is one of the best patisserie in town called Bourke Street Bakery they do pies sausage roll but we are here for dessert today which is the ginger creme brulee just right behind me here we’re gonna go in and check it out all right the ginger cream you like such a tard and they get them caramelized sugar on top which then these torch it green is really crystallized really crispy exterior layer oh wow inside so creamy almost looks like a butter or margarine you know really that teacher hit really strong ginger it I’m a really am a fan of ginger and I think he’ll me might be but definitely an acquired taste this really strong generated so the pastry itself is quite crunchy down the bottom and then inside you got the tractor so the custard is basically ginger flavor so if you don’t like ginger like me maybe you may know into it but for me I enjoy it alright so the next stop you guys have probably seen it you’ve seen in an Instagram it’s one of the most Instagram all the dessert it’s the watermelon cake at black star pastry you drive behind me here people buy it for a birthday cake for wedding or even just for a quick dessert so today you’re gonna see it live with me come on guys check this out this is Black Stars pastry signature dish the watermelon cake there is obviously the almond the quiz there the rose scented cream in the middle you’ve got the fresh watermelon right there oh my god and then right there you’ve got the strawberries on top loose jelly and dried pistachios and the dried rose petal as well look at that absolutely stunning stunning for Instagram it’s a light and fragrant as well that’s why a lot of people love eating this it’s not it’s gone really heavy for your stomach it’s actually very light it’s almost like it’s almost like a dessert that really washes your palate after you’re eating a lot of heavy meat or heavy base soup it’s absolutely great to eat it at home at any given time look at that look how soft it is just cuts right through it’s a little bit hard though to cut through the watermelon but the rest are pretty easy you’re like wow look at that big chunk right there I don’t know if I can put a mouthful the right bigger all right oh that was that was really refreshing you can see how creamy that is the cream there the almond the close as well it’s kind of like a meringue so it has a little bit of this tangy feeling to it but overall what I love best about this dish is the watermelon it really just when you eat everything here the world of melon will come up as the winner on top of all the layers here it’s just like an amazing verse of coldness and very refreshing absolutely great everybody loves to tell who doesn’t love to tell her right what if he fast tell me there’s a place that sells the telephone Oh seriously there’s pulpal right behind [Music] okay so I’m here with coffee the dog and then we’re gonna try the Nutella ball so if you guys wondering what is Nutella ball it’s basically a fried doughnut and the filling is Nutella look at this you can’t have it no see even the duck wants it what about you guys yeah so much Nutella inside I love this one because look at this inside they basically give generous Nutella sauce and the brioche doughnut is also very fluffy and also there’s sugar on top as well look at these calories man so currently we’re in Bondi serve seafood shop here in Bondi Beach is long the best place to get one of the best dessert I think in town it’s the fried Mars bar oh yeah oh my god [Music] sort of fried Mars bar here in Bondi it’s one of my favorite look at this oh my gosh it’s so crunchy on the outside the batter because they fight it with batter but the inside is so gooey because Mars bar is a gooey when you pull it it’s like a cheesy pool with you where you eat in a Korean store or a Korean restaurant oh my god this is so good let’s give this a go really feels like a fried donut right but inside there is just this melted chocolate inside and it’s very hard to oh good this it’s a must try if you’re coming down to one day be you gotta tried it and it cost about four dollars eighty cents so you got some spare change you know what you still get here we’ve tried a lot of dessert but we haven’t really tried Italian visit now we are actually at Haberfield and we going to a place called Fantasia at Papa I hope I spell it correctly and one of the best Italian dessert that they sell here is cannoli so this place specialize in Italian dessert so there’s like fluffy ritual that takes a lot of biscuits like pistachio almond cakes and in this case but we are here today for their ricotta cannoli so what is cannoli so cannoli is basically a fried pastry dog and then they put the cream so the cream is the heaven it’s like in the middle of the fries [Music] okay for those of you who don’t really like sweets laughs this is perfect because it’s not that sweet this thing hundred is called you know if you touch it it’s actually quite cold but it’s crunchy how can they make it crunchy and hold I don’t know but anyway inside is like very subtle ricotta cheese flavor so it’s perfect if you don’t like this all right so you do know I love Japanese dessert right so one of the best Japanese dessert here in Sydney is the Bagchi start the Hokkaido baked cheese start there’s a lot of option uncle Tatsu Pablo and including this one right behind me here and it’s the one I’m gonna try because it’s one of our favorites so they’re doing a collaboration with pop way as well which is the apple pie but I like the cheese tart a little bit better so we’re gonna try to water Wow look at that oh it’s just absolutely gorgeous all right very very smooth definitely on the outer skirt very flaky actually and also very crunchy as well and it really just breaks apart in your mouth really easily but definitely cheese it’s a little bit more prominent then cannoli away ate earlier but I love this it’s one of my favorite as well definitely good I feel like they’re going around the world because we ate Italian dessert with a Japanese dessert now I feel like Thai that’s why we are here now at a time which is located in Haymarket sitting and this is one of the best Thai restaurant here in the nation but hey we have this speaking look at that so this is a very traditional Thai dessert especially sticky rice with coconut milk on top and also with so sometimes they do have it with urine as well that also tastes delicious if you like Jarius [Music] as a sort of summer season here in Sydney the mango tastes so sweet and delicious and really thrive in your mouth it is very subtle and like the coconut sauce is gonna be taste but it’s actually subtle and complementing the you know the glutinous rice is not estimate it’s really good actually can’t wait to try there and cheering all right Calvin moon we are here now in Enmore and we’re about to try it the best gelato in the world thousand 14-day won an award as the best left in the world so we’re gonna go in and try the best thing in the world so back in 2014 there was gelato World Tour competition in Italy and guess what who’s the winner is cacao and Moon in City so as a Sydney Seiler we are so proud to present you the Eiffel Qatar gelato that one the best gelato in the world is already melting we’re gonna eat it very quickly [Music] so they have like roasted caramelized onion on top and then it’s vanilla base and they put single origin of the shot so it’s that’s why it’s called avocado gelato and it tastes really refreshing and also like punching your face because you got the coffee shop and Australians love talking thank you so much you guys for watching today’s episode and I hope you guys enjoy it if we miss any of your favorite dessert here in Sydney there’s no time to come in below but otherwise if you enjoyed this episode punch that like button let’s cry because it’s free anyhow yeah and stay frosty because we will see you guys next week ciao ciao [Music]