If you’re a fan of burgers AND of Gordon
Ramsay, boy, do we have a video for you! Here are some of his best burger moments,
everything from his favorite recipes to his trademark secrets on what exactly goes into
the perfect patty, and as always, we’ll take a trip down to
kitchens from Hell. Before we jump into what’s sure to be a
delicious video, don’t forget to hit subscribe and get on board with our notification squad. Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Burger Tutorial
In this tutorial, we get a lovely view of mother
nature, a sick looking pool as well as some step
by step directions to making the Master Chef’s personal favourite “Perfect Burger”. “A busy
grill is a delicious grill”, he says as he
starts us up his own and seasons the homemade patties with salt and pepper, drizzled with
a bit of oil – remember to combine the patty
with one egg, making sure they don’t fall apart. Cover each inch of the patty with the seasoning,
turning and rolling it around in seasoning. Laying the patty about two thirds of the way
up into the grill – the hottest spot, remember
not to move it around too much, or else you’ll
break it. Now none of us want that, do we? From there,
lid down on your outdoor grill as you slice open
your burger bun and season them in order to get
them ready for a light toasting. This is good
for the burger since it stops it from getting soggy and sad – no one likes a soggy burger. Season your onions and alongside the buns,
place them on the grill – don’t forget to turn
your bun! They’re best toasted both sides –
and…FLIP, the burger onto the other side. You’re getting closer!! While the second side of
the patty cooks, lightly brush a little bit of
butter onto them and quickly place some cheese onto it! Ramsay likes rich cheddar, but you do
you – unless you like cheddar too. Once off the
grill, buns seasoned and lettuce and tomato added, place the patty down onto the tomato,
cover it with your delicious caramelized onions and BAM – you have right there, a perfect
burger that will be the envy of your neighbours,
friends and enemies alike. Another Perfect Burger Tutorial! If the first Burger didn’t tickle your
tastebuds, here’s another one of Gordon Ramsay’s
Perfect Burgers – don’t worry about the fact
that there are one too many – Perfect, just like
burgers, come in all shapes and sizes. Now this
one comes with freshly seasoned ground meat patties and a whole lotta intensity, amplified
with ratios and numbers that you should probably pay attention to in case the opportunity to
impress him ever arises. Both, with your
perfectly measured out patty and your ability to
memorize these ratios, blend salt, pepper, chilli flakes and an egg yolk with the ground
meat – a balance of 70:20:20 ratio of Chuck steak, short rib fat mixed with a touch of
onion and garlic powder. The secret here is not to
over do it – the same way cooking it to perfection is to NOT overcook it. Toast those
buns – you know they’re best and least soggy when toasted. Sear it well and this time, pop it
into the oven for a good 8 minutes, letting it
soak in the juices once out. These juices can
serve as a sauce and make sure to soak the patty
in it before you place it between the buns and,
like a true Master Chef, serve it to perfection. A Trip to Kitchen Nightmares
In this little trip to Kitchen Nightmares, we see Gordon Ramsay power through his frustration
with a usual uncooperative chef who he has to
sit down and school, in under thirty seconds, the art of making the perfect burger. You’ve
seen two examples above, but, like we said, perfect comes in different shapes and sizes
– so here’s one more, what he calls the secret
to a good menu. This recipe calls for chopped beef,
salt n’ pepper, dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, finely chopped onion, three egg yolks
(get more and more out of breath running with this) and make sure…to mix…. it all together
really well. This combo, which would be Leela’s
Famous Burger, is what people came for in the
first place – and what they got was the Master
Chef touch. We could see the chef side of him
slipping through – but then it was all sucked back in – it’s Kitchen Nightmares after
all, anything else would be too good to be true. A Little More Kitchen Nightmares
You’ve had it good for a tad bit too long. While all burgers are perfect, there is so,
so much potential for things to go wrong – here
is one of the best ways, or rather, worst ways,
in which it can all go downhill in no time. By now,
you’re probably a pro at figuring out how to put
together the perfect burger, right? And remember
how they come in all shapes and sizes? Well this
one’s a doozy – after serving up raw burgers from this hellish kitchen, we see them serve
Chef Ramsay a burger big enough to fit into the
mouth of a cow – not even cutting it in half
makes it edible by human standards. You can see
everything wrong with it – soggy bun, unseasoned patty dripping meat juice and bland commentary
that leaves you feeling bad for anyone that spent $39 on it. You know what goes into a good
burger – a quick checklist to catch up: Toasted
Bun, Mustard on Bun, Grilled Onions, Seasoned Burger Patty, Lettuce, Tomato and an ear for
any criticism, especially when you’re testing
it out for Gordon Ramsay. The only thing this Cowboy
Burger gets right is the fact that it calls itself a burger. And, maybe, the fact that it’s
made of meat. Smoky BBQ Pork Sliders
Remember how all burgers are beautiful? Here’s a
little, quite literally, diversion from your traditional burger. The size of your palm and
almost bite sized, the sauce is key to these sliders, as we see here how to achieve the
perfect BBQ sauce, and therefore, a Ramsay approved BBQ Pork Slider. Finely chopped onion
and garlic seasoned with salt, pepper and brown
sugar is a good place to start caramelizing your
onions, a very important flavor when dealing with BBQ sauce. Toss in some smoked paprika for
a kick of spice and, believe it or not, pre-made Worcestershire sauce and tomato ketchup – the
basics in every kitchen! Cook it up until it’s
as thick as you like your sauces to be before getting to the good stuff: unsmoked back bacon
that you fry to crispy perfection alongside finely chopped shallots reminding us of one
important lesson: YOU DON’T SEASON YOUR PATTY AFTER YOU’VE COOKED IT. Okay, now that we’ve
gone over that, you combine the crispy bacon with bite-sized seasoned pork patties and
fry them like you learned only a little bit earlier,
add the essentials – lettuce, tomato, patty –
and top it off with barbecue sauce… Dee-licious! Throwback to Hotel Hell
Hotel Hell, if you are not familiar, covers Chef
Ramsay’s trips to unsuccessful hotels and documents how he completely flips the place. Sometimes, like we see here at the Hotel Chester,
he also cooks. And if we know anything about Chef Ramsay,
we know that he loves his burgers, and anyone that loves burgers probably
loves to serve up some good burgers. In this
case, to keep the hungry guests well fed as they
wait on better service without walking out. Burgers bring people together, as we’ll
see right here, when the dinner guests and the
chefs in the kitchen peacefully sit through the
rest of dinner service. Usually it’s tough since the
hotel’s owner got into a life altering motor accident. We see after dinner, Gordon shares a
poignant moment with the chef, the wife of the
owner, who is doing all that she can to keep the
place afloat as well as take care of the needs of her husband and her kids. Now taking it upon
himself to see this place through, Gordon and
the family work on fixing the menu, the rooms and the décor, probably taking a break for
a meal of sliders that brought them together
in the first place. Gordon Ramsay’s Burger and Chips with a
Healthy Twist All of you sitting at home and thinking about
counting your calories and carb intake – this burger is a breath of fresh air. Curated when
Chef Ramsay was cooking up a storm for firefighters, consisting of a relatively quick,
cheap meal for guys that like their food big. If
that’s you, well, we’ve got you covered. These
healthy, homemade beef burgers with beetroot relish and potato wedges consist of the right
amount of energy needed by active individuals on
a budget. This is something you can quickly shop
for and cook up for yourself, while still having
space for dessert! You know how this goes: prep
your meat with salt and pepper, add some Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper: REMEMBER NOT TO
potatoes into wedges and toss them into salted, boiling water. Season them as soon as they’re
out and shove them into the oven before getting to your beetroot relish, made out of beets,
olive oil and a splash of vinegar, topped up
with capers for that extra zest and then blend. You know the drill now: Toast bun, season
bun, lettuce, tomatoes, patty, relish and you’re
all ready to have your healthy, delicious burger. What is a Bad Burger? You’ve had it good for way too long. We figured
we’d put in a little reminder that not everyone is a friend of a burger, which is why it is
so important for YOU to be good to every burger
you come across, or at least take it upon yourself to know the difference between a
good burger and bad burger, or at least a burger
worth your time and one that you shouldn’t even
look at – and when the time is right, to prove
yourself to be the burger expert. In this clip
from Kitchen Nightmares (are you even surprised?), we see how… shady the chef is in the first
place, “They’re gonna love it anyway.” Too much confidence, right off the bat. Not good, not good at ALL. We see this
staff lower its standards at a point of desperation, switching out the bun for a slice
of sourdough. It’s not a burger then, my friend
– it’s a sandwich. Lesson 1. The disappointment, as well as the long wait
that lead to this reckless-shoddy-combination-of-everything burger, but as a sandwich is just terrible! Pre-frozen fries, pre-frozen ground beef,
unseasoned, unsalted and below average – no wonder this poor patron couldn’t keep it
in. If
it wasn’t tears, one bite of that would have
definitely lead to barf. We see none of the patrons happy, and especially
not a happy Masterchef. Buffalo Burgers from Scotland
In this clip, Gordon Ramsay is cooking up Buffalo Burgers in the great outdoors for
friends and family. This is iconic because it’s
burgers made out of buffalo meat and Scotland’s first ever Buffalo Mozzarella. Exchange minced
meat with buffalo minced meat, and then everything else is the same – as per your
preference. Tightly minced red onion,
Worcestershire sauce, mustard, Tabasco, salt and pepper all blended in well make this baby
good to go, topped with a wedge of mozzarella. Chop up some tomatoes, basil, mozzarella,
top it up with olive oil and lemon juice. The
flavors all come together perfectly, creating a
beautiful symphony out of the many flavors that
you experience in something as enticing as this
– so good that Gordon even asks for a percentage, before unleashing this divine
combination to a large group of friends whose nice day got even better. Master Chef in the Kitchen
Here we see Ramsay cook up a bunch of different burgers on an awesome grill in his newly
renovated restaurant. All of us who are
familiar with his work in burgers see familiar sights. The juicy burgers, the creamy relishes
being made from scratch, salads being tossed, tomatoes and lettuce being chopped up fine
or crushed to fit the size of the bun – always
toasted and seasoned. The sauces, as we know,
he makes himself, followed by the all too familiar wooden skewer down the middle, helping
keep these babies together as well as making our lives so much easier by making these
delicious treats bite-sized – one bite at a
time one burger at a time. What’s so trendy and
forward about this is the name of his own place, “Burgr” – the G and R highlighted
– evidently stand for Gordon Ramsay. I wish my name somehow could be fit into “burger”. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Ostrich Burgers! Now, we’ve come across pork patties, beef
and ham patties and even buffalo patties. Chef
Ramsay entices us yet again with another delectable burger creation: Ostrich Burgers. This free range meat is low in fat and
cholesterol, high in iron and tender to the touch – all in all sounding like the perfect
base as a great alternative to red meat. Janet
Street-Porter and Gordon Ramsay make quite the
cute duo verbally sparring about their abilities to smash through an Ostrich egg,
one of the biggest eggs in the world. It’s nice to
see a lighter side of Gordon Ramsay with his own friends, especially when his friend serves
up some really delicious ostrich burgers and extremely popular with kids and adults alike
from her food truck, Janet’s Ostrich Mobile. After actually stepping on and then breaking
the egg all over the floor, the two share quips
about the health benefits of ostrich oil over a
giant boiled egg, dipping long bread sticks into the yolk – delicious… I guess? A Unique Burger: The Sportsman’s Paradise
Burger What makes this entry so unique is the fact
that it’s been made by a young girl on the hit
show, Masterchef Junior. Gordon has been seen
to be terribly sweet to his chefs on the show –
and that’s only because all of these kids have
shown massive potential – much more than their
adult counterparts. Right from the toasted and
sauced buns to the relish, Avery here seems to
have put together a perfect burger. But what
does the Master Chef have to say about it? Well, right from the moment he sees the burger,
he’s pulled in by intrigue – as are we. The
“Sportsman’s Paradise Burger” is an invention
right out of a book – and she brings to it her
own twist, with a Jazzy coleslaw and creole spread, and sticking to her roots by adding
some sweet southern potato chips as a side dish. The pork and venison combined make way
for a perfect combination of juicy and crispness, amplified by the tomato that brings
out the tart flavor hidden in the slaw. All
that was a little bit off about this burger was
the somewhat soggy bun. We all know how to fix
that next time, now don’t we? What’re you waiting for? Go ahead and indulge
in one of these burgers already! But before
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