We all enjoy desserts: whether it’s ice
cream or chocolate cake – they make most people salivate! Gordon Ramsay loves them as well! In his popular TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares,
Masterchef and Hotel Hell, there are dozens of times when it all comes down to dessert. Half a Store Bought Cake In one episode of Hotel Hell, Gordon was visiting
yet another place where the food was absolutely dreadful. After tasting two dishes Gordon still found
himself starving and asked for dessert. Shortly after, the waitress brought him a
cake that was cut in a half! Surprisingly, Gordon liked the cake, but the
owner had something to confess… This was the last straw and after that, Ramsay
told the local chef what he thought of the food he was serving. As always, the root cause was much deeper
than it seemed. Having found out how awful the whole situation
was, Gordon was completely stunned by the absurdity of it. Liking this video so far? Hit that Subscribe button and notification
bell! Dessert Challenge Gordon Ramsay is fond of cooking competitions;
not only from a judge’s perspective, but as a participant as well. At the same time he always gladly shares his
experience and offers useful tips. This time, his contender was the famous Italian
chef, Gino D’Acampo. His opponent showed how to cook panna cotta,
which is Italian for “cooked cream” and is a traditional Italian dessert that is aromatized
with vanilla. You can tell Gordon and his team had a lot
of fun while he was cooking! Both chefs did a really good job explaining
what they were doing, which made it really satisfying to watch them cook. Gordon’s team was lucky to taste the soufflé
and it was delicious! When it came to chef D’Acampo’s panna
cotta, you could tell his teammates were truly stunned by the dessert he made! Lemon Treacle Slices from Prison “Gordon Behind Bars” was about how Gordon
taught inmates of Brixton prison how to cook. The show didn’t go placidly; some of the
inmates quarreled with Gordon and his crew and sometimes there were fights breaking out
while they were filming. It’s no joke, especially when you have 10
criminals in one kitchen surrounded by a bunch of sharp objects. After six months of work, they received an
offer from Caffè Nero. That’s when all inmate chefs had to put
themselves together and show their best to sell some products successfully. Gordon made it clear that the slices must
be identical and perfect. After the show, a few prisoners were released
and given tryouts at different restaurants, including one of Gordon Ramsay’s. The Gentleman MasterChef Junior is probably the most fun
and impressive competitions in Gordon Ramsay’s repertoire of TV shows! Judges are always trying to make the kids
laugh in order for them to feel comfortable. Young cook Beni from Chicago took a big risk
to make the judges rave! Beni was absolutely positive that her perfectly
cooked deconstructed apple tart would please them. And she was 100% right! Gordon was enjoying the dessert so much, that
he actually licked the plate clean! This girl totally deserved every compliment
and proved she was one of the top young chefs in America! A Head-To-Head Dessert Battle Another dessert competition was in Season
1 of his famous show called, “The F Word”. This show was often visited by different celebrities
and television personalities. This time his guest star and opponent was
American actor, Adam Scott and their judge was none other than Glee star, Lea Michele. They had a table full of different edibles
like a sundae, fresh berries, puddings, and mascarpone. Firstly, Adam was pessimistic about him competing
with chef Ramsay. While Gordon was making a strawberry shortcake
carefully putting berries and biscuits together, Adam and his teammate had no idea what they
should cook so they were randomly adding things into the bowl. When the time was up, all they had was mascarpone
mixed with a sundae with some raspberries and finger biscuits on top. Unlike them, Gordon had his cake complete
and ready to eat. But when it came down to tasting both desserts,
Lea’s decision was actually surprising! Pumpkin Carrot Cake It can take years of hard work, dedication
and a true passion to reach your dreams. Becoming a chef works the same way – Imagine
working on one dish for 5 years and finally getting the opportunity to present it to one
of the world’s best chefs. That is exactly what happened to Ben Starr,
a MasterChef season 2 contestant. Gordon Ramsay was absolutely thrilled when
out came this big appetizing cake. He immediately complemented the cake without
even tasting it. His reaction was exactly what Ben had been
waiting for 5 years. The reaction of the second judge, Graham Elliot,
was just as overwhelming. Chef Ramsay Head-to-Head with his Mom As we’ve already said, Gordon has a huge
competitive nature to him. On this episode of, The F Word, his opponent
was none other than his own mom! They would be cooking the same dessert, but
using two different recipes. While cooking side by side, Gordon and his
mom often made fun of each other. A few minutes after, they’re finally ready
to put their cakes in the oven, but something definitely went wrong with Gordon’s pudding. An extra 2 minutes in the oven and Gordon’s
dish was ready to compete against his mom’s. After they tasted both dishes, everyone was
ready to hear who won! But of course chef Ramsay admits… A Cook-Off with Jimmy Fallon Gordon is not only an amazing chef who runs
plenty of top level restaurants all around the world and the author of numerous cooking
books; he is a popular TV-personality and a frequent guest on different talk-shows and
programs. He always makes the shows entertaining, spectacular
and positive, especially when there are a bunch of kids. This time he was the judge and the contenders
were Jimmy Fallon, 10 year old “MasterChef Junior” contestants, Amaya and Nate. Despite the young contenders having cooking
experience, Gordon kindly helped them when they struggled. As for Jimmy, that wasn’t the case. When the time was up, Gordon tasted both Nate’s
and Amaya’s desserts, praising them, but totally making fun of Jimmy’s efforts. Shortly after, he announced the winner. Another humorous and great cook-off thanks
to our favourite chef! A red velvet cake Ah, good old “Kitchen Nightmares”! As we know, Gordon is invited by restaurant
owners to spend a week with at their failing dining establishment in an attempt to revive
the business. In the first episode of season 5, Gordon went
to the restaurant called, “Blackberry’s” in Plainfield, New Jersey. As always, everything he was served was terrible. With every dish he was served, the situation
was getting worse and worse. The situation seemed pretty much hopeless…until
he was served the dessert. To Ramsay’s surprise, as well as everyone
else’s… He immediately thanked Mary for that amazing
dessert. If it wasn’t for that cake, Chef Ramsay
would have eventually flipped tables! Carrot Cake Saves the Day And for our top pick, we’ve chosen his visit
to the restaurant called, “Bazzini” in Ridgewood, New Jersey. That was another place which was a complete
mess when Gordon arrived on the scene. Firstly, he found the place to be closed until
5PM, meaning they weren’t open for lunch! Shortly after, he was shown the place itself,
which didn’t look impressive at all. The only thing Gordon could hope for that
was good at that point was the menu. Unfortunately for him, the food was disappointing
as well. He was still hungry and asked for dessert. Shortly after, he was served a shockingly
beautiful homemade carrot cake made by pastry chef, Sharyn. To everyone’s joy, Gordon absolutely loved
the dessert! We hope you enjoyed the video! Which dessert was your favourite? Let us know in the comments if we missed any
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