What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. So normally I love eating out, im not that
good of a cook so food is always a trillion times better when I eat out. But then i get the bill and im like that didnt
taste as good as I thought. Hashtag broke ass bish. Either way one thing i do like to look for
is normal restaurants not haunted ones. Im not here to order a mushroom risotto with
a ghost on the side and possession for dessert. Like nah b. But if that sounds appetizing to you then
here are the Top 10 Haunted Restaurants You Should Never Eat At. Starting us off with number 10 is One if by
Land, Two if by Sea. located in New York City the restaurant is
really nice and boujee i mean it was voted 5th most romantic restaurant in the world. 3 different rooms to eat in, a grand piano,
wood everywhere, portraits and paintings of people that have been dead for god knows how
long etc. But despite the romantic vibe its actually
haunted as hell by 20 ghosts according to a parapsychologist. The General Manager at the restaurant claims
shes been there for 8 years and shes seen it all. Picture frames moving, cold drafts by the
bar, machinery turning on by itself, flickering lights, flying plates and even staff and serves
getting pushed around by thin air. Some of the waiters have even tried serving
the entities who they find sitting at tables to be nice. Many of the servers end up quitting because
of their experiences despite none of the ghosts actually doing anything malicious. Theyre just chilling around. They mostly pull pranks like during one period
of time womens earrings kept going missing near the bar and camera footage showed no
humans stealing them so clearly weve got some cheeky spirits. The parapsychologist that visited said all
20 ghosts in the building know of each other but are all from different time periods. Some think vice president Aaron Burr haunts
the place since it was his carriage house in the past, there’ve been sightings of
a woman in a black dress thats always walking down the stairs. Apparently she broke her beck falling down
the stairs hence shes never seen going up them. Coming in at number 9 is The Buma Inn. Located in Beijing, China the restaurant opened
in 1953 but has since been renamed to the Traveler Inn Hua Qiao (hwa-chow (rhymes with
cow). The restaurant is one of the most haunted
spots in Beijing and its said its haunted by the ghost of a previous diner. Legend has it that the former head chef poisoned
this customer and then later stabbed himself. His spirit is known as the Berserker and it
still roams the restaurant and hotel looking for the chef that killed him. Great chinese food aside itd definitely be
a sight to see and honestly if i was him id be roaming around looking for that mofo too. I wish i had more info or backstory on why
the chef killed the guy but honestly there was nothing about it so i guess our imaginations
just have to run wild. At number 8 we have The Melting Pot. located
in Littleton Colorado, the restaurant was a former library and its basically the original
fondue restaurant. You can eat fondues of any kind while having
the most intimate private experience ever. Each table has an enclave of its own so essentially
every table is sitting in its own mini room sort of. Before the restaurant was a library it was
a local jail and thats where all the creepy ghosts come in. apparently one of the inmates tried to escape
but failed miserably and ended up killing himself and a jailer. Like how could you have butchered that escape
so badly mate like really. Either way the candles lighting the restaurant
get blown out by the two ghosts all the time and you know its them because its literally
not windy or anything yet they still go out. Diners have even heard whispers in their ears
throughout dinner when no ones next to them. I mean it could be worse, they could be throwing
your cutlery at each other making for a very interesting dinner so i mean it could be worse. Filling our number 7 slot is Poogan’s Porch. Located in South Carolina, the restaurant
is a really cute and small Victorian house which serves great comfort food but dont let
that fool you because this place is screwed up. The home was built in 1888 and was lived in
by various family’s because it was made into the restaurant in 1976. A woman called Zoe St. Armand used to live
in the house with her sister. Both of them had given up on the idea of finding
love and so depended on each other for literally everything. Company, comfort, support, you name it. But in 1945 Zoes sister died and Zoe quickly
lost her mind over it. She just couldnt get over the fact that she
was really dead and so diners and staff have seen her ghost various times wearing a black
dress looking for her sister and calling out to her. I dont think she creates as much havoc as
the rest of the ghosts on this list probably because shes too heartbroken to do so. Now at number 6 is Beardslee Castle. Located in New York, Beardslee was actually
built in 1860 as a replica of an existing Irish castle. The decor inside is filled with stonework,
wall lanterns, all around castle decor, they even have a dungeon operates as a bar and
grill and they serve typical american food. There have been so many ghost sightings at
the castle that it was also on the TV show Ghost Hunters which im pretty sure we’ve
all heard about. The New Hampshire Institute for Paranormal
Research concluded there are 2 ghosts that actively roam around the castle and according
to legend they were Native Americans who were killed in the area back in the 1700s. The castle restaurant was also the site of
many suicides back in the day, the death of a bride to be who literally died the night
before her wedding. So its safe to say other than the two ghosts
im sure you could catch a sighting of corpse bride in there if you really tried. And honestly thats the second restaurant in
New York thats on this list so i really wasnt aware how many haunted restaurants are actually
there. Im shook. Coming in at number 5 is The Courtyard Restaurant
at Kennedy School. Located in Portland Oregon, the schools old
cafeteria was turned into a restaurant that mainly serves traditional pub food and ales. Basically everything is made onsite including
the ales and beers but thats not why we’re talking the restaurant now is it. I just wanted to give you guys a taster. How many food related puns can i throw in
here? I guess we’ll see. Either way there have been so many ghost sightings
at the restaurant that the staff actually keep a ghost log book to record them all. The scariest ones they mentioned were 2 completely
translucent women soaking wet just walking around the restaurant and a boy speed walking
circles around the womens bathroom. Wonder what on earth happened to them but
honestly i would like to see it. Just me? At number 4 is Muriel’s Jackson Square. Located in New Orleans, the restaurant opened
in 2001 after the building its located in got heavily restored to its mid 1800s prime
and glory. After the Great New Orleans Fire in 1788 many
structures in the French Quarter got burnt down including where Muriels is currently. The property was bought by Pierre Jourdan
who built his dream home in its place yet he had a fatal flaw. He could never say no to gambling and in 1814
he gambled his house in a game of poker and lost. The shock of that was so high that he committed
suicide on the second floor before having to hand the house over. Where he committed suicide is currently where
Muriel’s Seance Lounges are. Staff and customers have seen Pierres presence
in the form of sparkly light around the lounge, he usually doesnt leave the Seance lounge. Staff even leave a table empty for him every
night out of respect since he did used to own the place at one point and that tends
to keep him at bay. But the ghost by the Courtyard bar is a different
story or so they think. This entity throws glasses everywhere, bangs
on tables and tries to communicate with humans. Servers honestly arent sure if that ghost
is Pierre as well when hes frustrated and wanting to cross over to the other side or
if thats a different presence altogether. Filling our number 3 slot is The Marsden Grotto
or the Grotto if you wanna be more casual. Located in Marsdon England the gastropub is
actually partly dug into a cliff face so its like a cave bar almost. The restaurant serves mostly seafood since
its by the beach and it has a very interesting history. We start with Jack Bates aka Jack the blaster
who literally refused to pay rent, found a small cave in the cliff and then blasted it
with dynamite to make it bigger. He then let smugglers hide contraband products
in the caves and then it was taken over by Scotsman Peter Allan and then by more people
and so forth. But the person that stuck was John the Jibber. John was a smuggler who apparently got murdered
and outed by his criminal amigos. He was hung in a barrel near the cave and
left to starve. Mad at the betrayal and peak snakery he faced,
its said John never left the cave and is there till this day. He throws ashtrays around, smashes them against
the wall, floods the cellar by turning all the beer taps on. Thats a dick move bro. He caused so much chaos that it forced 2 landlords
to quit because they simply just couldnt handle it anymore. Now at number 2 is Restaurant 1833. Located in Monterey (mon-ta-ray) California,
this restaurant on the website looks insane. 2 floors and an outside seating area it just
has an old fashioned rustic dimly light aura about it. Now the restaurant opened in 1950 but its
history goes back to 1833, hence the name. It was sold to a sailor called James Stokes
who got off at Monterey with a case full of medicines and claiming he was a doctor. He opened a pharmacy in the building and ended
up killing a lot of people since he wasnt a freakin doctor. He ended up making enough money to buy the
property and expand it. He then sold it and so forth and it eventually
fell under the care of Hattie. People have reported seeing weird clumps of
fog where Hatties room was and her ghost itself around the restaurant. As for James he committed suicide in front
of his sons inside the house so hes been seen around the restaurant plenty. Both the ghosts are extremely aggressive,
banging doors at any and all times and smashing glasses whenever they can. I get why James is mad cus he killed people
and was a prick but i dont get Hatties anger. But hey we’re all going through shit so. And finally at number 1 is Ten Bells. Located in London, the pub has been there
in some way shape or form since the 18th century. The interior is fully Victorian themes, theres
murals in there, the flowery upholstery all that good stuff. It has a private lounge on the top floor,
the upstairs bar in the middle and then the downstairs bar and it serves mostly alcohol
and sharing boards. It was quite popular back in the day and was
frequented often by someone you guys may have heard of. Jack the Ripper? Maybe he rings a bell? It was apparently his favourite pub and the
story goes that he used to have a pint in there as he scouted out his prey and waited
for his victims. 2 of his victims Annie Chapman and Mary Jane
Kelly were last seen alive leaving this pub before they were murdered. From 1976 to 1988 the pub was even nicknamed
The Jack the Ripper and memorabilia about him and the murders were everywhere. It was then changed because people realised
it was quite distasteful to remember murdered women in that fashion and hello yes it is. Either way legend has it you can sometimes
see the ghost of Jack sitting in the corner of the pub still as a statue eyeing out his
next prey. I.e you. Hey man dead or alive, once a serial killer
always a serial killer. And thats it for todays video guys! This entire video just made me hungry as i
was looking at the menu for each restaurant. I was like food get in my stomach now even
though i literally just ate. Why am i like this honestly. Jokes aside these ghosts i can deal with as
long as theres no possession im honestly fine. Lemme know if you guys have been to any of
these restaurants before and what your experience was down below as id love to know. As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill
catch you next time. Byee.