MasterChef is the show for talented home cooks. Imagine being in this gigantic L.A. warehouse
where all the magic and drama take place! If the first season was charged with drama
(and dishes best reserved for Chef Ramsay’s sarcastic wit) the second season tops that! Peppercorn Crusted Filet Mark’s Peppercorn Crusted Filet sounded
good up front! And why wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, the peppercorn filet wasn’t
the star of the show. Paired with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, this dish
was supposed to be a hit. Which was a mistake. But the critique didn’t end there. Turns out that the mashed potatoes had more
than just shallots, rosemary, and garlic! Now, flour could well be Mark’s capital
offense in this dish. His intention was to thicken the dish. But Chef Gordon Ramsay just had to put on
his chef’s hat and say that. Thickening mashed potatoes with flour is sure
to get you at the bottom of any list. Coffee-Filled Beignets with Coffee Chicory
Filling A beignet literally translates to a “bump”. It’s the French version of an English fritter
– a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry. Alvin’s version is one made of… But Gordon Ramsay wasn’t exactly impressed. Everyone loved Alvin. In fact, Alvin had already started strong. But the judges had to decide on the bottom
three. The first dish that wasn’t up to par was
Jenny’s coffee-infused tart… the second dish was… Turns out, Alvin’s dish seemed to have come
on too strong. The third dish was poor in conceptualization
and really rancid in its flavor. Jenny was saved only because there were two
dishes which was worse than hers… Unfortunately, the absolute worst was Alvin’s! Guess it pays to be conservative and humble,
especially when faced with Michelin-star chef judges! Fried Catfish A quarter of a million dollars and the chance
to be known as a Masterchef can well be worth the stress and tears! By episode 9 of season 2, the judges have
torn several home chefs to shreds and sent them home. Episode 9 had them doing something different. Today they had to recreate a recipe from Whitney
Miller’s own cookbook… the twist? The mechanics involved having last episode’s
winner choose three stunning dishes. The first choice was… The second was shrimp and grit. The third dish – the most amazing in our
opinion – is a crispy catfish served with the fragrant purple slaw… Everything had to be replicated – from the
ingredients to the manner of cooking, down to the plating. One of the more notorious ones for this challenge
was Adrian’s dish – it simply had the wrong plating and the worst taste – if it
had any! He seriously pushed Restaurateur Joe Bastianich
to the edge, that it certainly felt like Adrian was a juvenile delinquent. Christian’s Lobster This episode had the contestants now down
to 11. The big-deal challenge involved the biggest
Mystery Box known to Masterchef history. Mystery boxes require that the chefs prepare,
cook, and present one incredible dish using some or all of the ingredients inside of the
box. Each contestant had the regular sized mystery
box that contained vegetables. The biggest box, which was to be shared among
them hid a surprise. What was in it? There are so many things you can do with lobster…
the first challenge was to go and get one! The bigger they are, the tougher their meat
gets. A 4-lb lobster can get rubbery fairly quick. So the contestants had to be creative. Christian’s temper was starting to catch
up with him… Unfortunately, when you cook angry it tends
to come out in the food. Giuseppe’s Eggs Benedict With the last episode seeing lobsters unleashing
a contestant’s aggression, things could only get more electrifying! Episode 12 brought in every contestant’s
worst critics… THEIR MOTHERS! The Blue team prepared a delicately plated
pan-seared turbot, with caramelized fennel. Unfortunately, BUT when asked whose entrée’s
she liked the most… Now for the pressure test. The objective was to create eggs benedict. Making eggs benedict needs precision. You have to have crispy, warm bacon, eggs
poached to perfection and a warm, creamy Hollandaise sauce. Unfortunately, Giuseppe’s eggs benedict
was a disaster. Giuseppe’s passion was extraordinary and
was at the receiving end of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s compliments. Ground Pork Patty with Sauerkraut The challenge for episode 13 was to create
a pork dish with the choice pork cut assigned to them. Adrien got to select among nine cuts of pork. For himself, he chose double cut pork chops. Cheeks for Christian. Pork Belly for Suzy. Ground pork for Jennifer. Pork Butt for Ben. A boneless center cut pork loin for Alejandra,
and St. Louis style ribs for Derrick. With one hour on the clock, it was time under
tremendous pressure. One of the more notorious moments in this
season is Jennifer’s Ground Pork Patty. But, Jennifer already had tears welling up
in her eyes when… And as if that were not enough… By this time, the judges have upped the ante
and are now treating the contestants like chefs who have trained for years! Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese With eight cooks remaining… the pressure
is really on. Jennifer got to choose from the three judges’
childhood favorite dishes: Joe’s was pizza. Graham’s was mac and cheese. Gordon’s was tomato soup with grilled cheese. She chose what seemed to be like a simple
dish to make. Each of the contestants was given a chance
to give their own spin to this classic in just 45 minutes. The
best dish went to Suzy’s. Chef Ramsay was impressed with how she updated
her tomato soup with bourbon. And her roasted tomato was absolutely brilliant! As for Christine, she made hers into an Heirloom
Tomato Soup with Goat and Provolone Grilled Cheese. But, the combination did not feel right for
Gordon. Chef Graham thought that the texture was better
reserved for baby food, and her grilled cheese was too oily. For Joe Bastianich, goat cheese in a grilled
cheese sandwich smelled vile. The Salmon Test The top six were taken to Patina’s restaurant
in Los Angeles. The order of the evening? Run a dinner service! Tracy had selected Adrien and Jennifer to
form the Blue Team, while Christian and Ben were with Suzy on the Red Team. The Red Team won despite glitches in the kitchen. Tracy, Adrien, and Jennifer had to face off
with a salmon dish. The challenge was to fillet and debone a whole
salmon and cut it into at least 10 portions. Chef Gordon Ramsay demonstrated filleting. And he made it seem like child’s play! So how to cook the perfect salmon? Just think how stressful it must be to have
the world’s best chef breathing down your neck while filleting an expensive king salmon! It certainly isn’t easy to watch! At 7 minutes, they could only cook one piece
of salmon. Unfortunately, Tracy’s portion was too big
and hers ended raw plus her salmon carcass had a lot of meat left – a no-no for something
this expensive. Botched Venison So now they’re down to 5 and everyone is
certain that they can grab the Masterchef title. In the Mystery Box challenge, the contestants
were given three kinds of ground meat as the main ingredient. For the elimination challenge, Ben was to
cook a mystery guest’s signature dish. This chef was none other than… The three dishes were: Pan roasted fillet
of halibut with crab; Roasted duck breast with honey glazed baby onions and Roasted
loin of venison. Ben got to pick one of Gordon Ramsay’s signature
recipe for everyone to make. He also had the opportunity to ask Gordon
three questions about the dish. Unfortunately, the Mystery Box prize… cost
Ben a shot at becoming the Masterchef! How did the man with the huge advantage squander
his chance?! It was a lovely cut that has gone to waste! Chef Ramsay thought it was so overcooked and
the sauce overpowering. The main ingredient had been destroyed. Ben knew this colossal mistake admitted defeat. A
Thanksgiving meal served with a dash of animosity The 18th episode saw the remaining four divided
into two teams. They were tasked to cook a dish for the judges
who were joined by three other judges from international versions of Masterchef! Since Suzy was the last elimination challenge
winner, she had the opportunity to choose her teammate. But this choice was her downfall. As the judges were watching both teams, observations
were made on their behaviors. The Red Team settled on a Thanksgiving dinner
dish with Raspberry Coulis and caramelized fennel. Christian looked like he was about to cry. Joe was blunt enough to say that the animosity
and the lack of harmony showed up in the dish! As for the Red team, who made Prawns with
Lobster, corn, and avocado, one judge found it… What a mess! Those were some of the worst dishes on MasterChef
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