we’re gonna be brutally honest to make them better think of a reality TV cooking show and you think you guessed it MasterChef thanks to chef Gordon Ramsay satirical wit the catty comments from competitors the oh so delicious gourmet dishes and of course the drama what makes master chefs such a coveted title isn’t a mystery to this season’s contestants but before anyone gets to the top they’ve got to ride through the downs of the worst dishes ready to find out which one’s made it to season eights top ten master chef worst dishes I’m ready let’s do it right now right here difficult to look at pancakes how I can’t look episode three officially begins the master chef saga it’s the first episode right after the auditions what better way to begin the terror than a Mystery Box challenge with the top 20 rightfully earning their spot in the kitchen they began by receiving a brown grocery bag filled with 12 of the most common grocery items with these items they must create a dish within an hour you have one hour inside the grocery bags where broccoli carrots bananas chicken breast ground beef potatoes canned tomatoes white cheddar cheese green apples and chocolate common items home cooks buy on a regular basis episode three saw the bottom three chefs cook with the same ingredients or improve on what they made Mark’s dish unfortunately didn’t quite hit the mark his chocolate chip pancake with baked eggs bacon and cilantro failed to impress Gordon Ramsay no juice dry gray scrambled eggs rich creamy scrambled egg the Mystery Box challenge dared home chefs to cook a dish featuring various types of shellfish but of course not everyone hit the mark oh hi mark only one was spared from this challenge the rest had to take the dreaded elimination test to eliminate one home cook the remaining contestants had to prepare a scrambled egg dish but this wasn’t your ordinary scrambled eggs everyone had to do at Gordon Ramsay style chef Gordon scrambled eggs are incredibly light scrambled eggs served with toast roasted vine tomatoes and grilled mushrooms Gordon scrambled eggs is of course MasterChef perfection it requires extreme technical discipline and precise timing a simple dish a where the home cooks up for the challenge with just 15 minutes on the clock everyone began to work at a frantic pace the secret was in the timing you don’t cook your eggs right you wait until the last five minutes unfortunately for Heather her eggs had too much pepper it was so bad it made chef Christina Tosi gag and cough her eggs were also too gray from too much of the black pepper waiter there is so much pepper on my paprika Jennifer’s fish and chips the most amazing fish and chips which is my go-to comfort food what’s the most important meal of the day you guessed it breakfast if you’re big on breakfast you’ve got to watch this episode the first test was a team challenge where everyone was expected to make five masterchef-worthy dishes in just 60 minutes the high-end breakfast challenge gave the home cooks a taste of the biggest MasterChef dramas organizing chaos is part of being a professional chef chaos drives chaos but for others chaos is also a chance to shine but just when we thought the blue team earned immunity the blue team was left to clear both kitchens and go through the anxiety inducing elimination challenge Yashica had the option to save herself or save six she chose to save six with her and just Jennifer the elimination pressure was on the challenge was to recreate Gordon’s British fish and chips in 45 minutes fish and chips is an English classic fish and chips but between Yashica and Jennifer who was the better copycat [Music] Jennifer on the other hand her dish was amazing the flavor on point her chips were divine even her mashed potatoes and tartar sauce deserved her own name but the star of the show the fish did her in it was too big and the batter was overpowering sorry Jennifer confused hanger steak dish I’m confused in episode 8 we see a dish being created involving different parts of a cow within 60 minutes the home cooks would cook either cheeks testicles milk filet flank steak among other parts pun intended winner Mike Newton won the top prize for his herb-crusted porterhouse with red onion Chipotle marmalade braised greens and mashed potatoes it was a cowboy dinner a comment from the great chef ramsay for winning this challenge Mike got to stay on the balcony while the rest had to do the elimination challenge in today’s episode the elimination challenge was to cook hanger steak it’s a prize cut but could get the wrong way and it becomes inedible who took the prize for worst dish let’s see hanger steak isn’t exactly easy to cook even Chef Ramsay said so but Nico wasn’t having it with his confidence brimming he was beginning to get on chef Gordon’s nerves Nico didn’t get off to a good start chef Christina Tosi was more than a tad confused his dish looked like a sausage patty with hash browns when Nico was still in denial Chef Ramsay had this to say full time is done in math chef’s please put your weight on your bench Reba’s coconut shrimp season sevens champ was the guest chef for this episode Sean O’Neill provide the mystery box of ingredients inside the box for some of his favorite ingredients pears parsnips butternut squash venison tenderloin 60 minutes on the clock and everyone got serious in a heartbeat who made it to the top Kate her spice rub venison with celery root puree shallots carrots and a blackberry sauce won the top prize for this challenge first this earned Kate the edge of assigning dishes for the elimination test the twist was she could choose which chefs would cook a sweet dish and which ones would do a savory dish but before that what could possibly be the ingredient that would send a chef home everyone had to make an incredible dish starring coconut unfortunately for Reba her coconut shrimp with asparagus and coconut sauce didn’t sit well with the judges it looked awful to chef Gordon Ramsay the shrimp was overcooked and rubbery the breading was falling off and the sauce was sweet Reba had an inkling that her apron was in danger and her hunches were right right from the beginning murky broth and undercooked dumplings have a dumpling this episode is signature MasterChef remember how technique plays a huge role in every episode how knife skills and timing are as crucial as the dish itself well this dish weeds out the home cooks from the champion home cooks because tonight’s task was your challenge will be to extract the mates from these incredible crawfish there are so many ways to get the meat out of the shellfish but as Gordon would put it the only way is the master chef way well when Chef Ramsay does it it looks easy doesn’t it the finished product should look exactly like with something like this with Kate Daniel Dino Angelo Jason and Yashica as winners the rest of the home cooks had to go through the pressure test as if the crawfish wasn’t intimidating enough they had to face this creature again this time they have to use crawfish to replicate Gordon’s crawfish dumpling in 20 minutes everyone did okay and some were even spot on except for Jenny’s Jenny wasn’t comfortable making broth from the get-go and it certainly showed in her dish her dish was also salty the murky broth was a result of using too much heat it was more sauce than broth the filling was a little off-balance in the end she had to give up her apron give it up Parker Adams raw chicken this is what you’re making if there’s one thing we learned all too well it’s that team challenges and master chef can bring out the best or the worst in people with the contestants down to ten the heat was on for the first challenge everyone got to choose a partner the tasks make a dish featuring chicken and potatoes in 60 minutes Kate and ebony made a delicious seared chicken leg with fondant potatoes cooked in duck fat granny smith apple puree crispy pancetta and honey sauce chef Gordon absolutely loved it their technique was so spot-on and the idea of cooking their potatoes and duck fat certainly impressed Gordon Ramsay but you know the drill those who fail to impress had to walk through the valley of the pressure-test who was going home let’s find out now the challenge was to replicate Gordon’s signature dish a stunning poached and then said chicken supreme intimidating yes Chef Ramsay has been mastering this dish for years Adam and Kaitlyn only had 45 minutes the dish was tricky but we didn’t need to say that now did we it’s a matter of timing and technique what did Chef Ramsay say about Kaitlyn’s chicken trick is cooking food and as for Adam unfortunately his chicken was it’s wrong milk chef and raw chicken is a capital offense and Ramsay’s book Adam was such a strong home cook that Gordon couldn’t send him home without saying this you do have a future in this industry ruff chocolate truffles it’s chocolates truffle in this episode the remaining home cooks drove up to Big Bear Lake where they were split into two teams Kate headed the red team while Dean Oh captain the blue team the big challenge for the day was rainbow trout each team had to prepare different entrees with the fresh rainbow trout as the star of the show and if you noticed there was no MasterChef kitchen set up anywhere once finished Gordon added a twist the judges were to taste only one of the dishes and the team had to choose their best the red team won this challenge which meant the blue team had to hurdle the pressure test this episode’s game-changer chocolate chop the truffles are rich sweet and decadence it’s heaven in a little piece of chocolate what’s not to like the test was to recreate chef Kristina’s truffles three of each type truffles are the most technically demanding chocolates known to pastry chefs it calls for impeccable timing and perfect execution with everyone ready for the kill who do you think did Chef toesies truffles justice everyone seemed to be walking on broken glass in the end it had to be Daniel even if his flavor was perfect Daniels ganache wasn’t smooth enough at this point everything was about the details and the judges just weren’t having it they tile blue tile raw salmon fresh from the last episodes emotional turnouts the six finalists were all smiles as they entered the MasterChef kitchen they knew the drill and were ready to fight tooth and nail for the coveted MasterChef title the mystery box contain letters from home each contestant received letters from their loved ones by this time the home cooks had been away from their loved ones for months tonight there were no ingredients just messages from loved ones each of them had to make an extraordinary dish inspired by these people they were given just five minutes to shop in the MasterChef pantry the winner was Kate’s with her chocolate and chili-rubbed venison loin with chestnut puree the rest now had to go through the elimination challenge the twist was Kate could assign different time limits to each contestant this game could easily eliminate any good home cook Yashica who had 40 minutes on the clock made sweet and hot salmon with braised Swiss chard Tuscan white beans and citrus cream sauce and it looks disgusting say what chef Gordon was disgusted her dish looked like it was prepared in 10 minutes ooh this was the real Gordon Ramsay now at this stage in the competition the judges expected so much from the home cooks Jeff who only had 20 minutes made Mediterranean salmon with cheese tomato relish and fruit cucumber Greta but his salmon was raw and raw is as we all know a serious offense sadly both of them needed to go and give up their aprons by now goodbye goodbye thank you goodbye underbaked souffle the finale was now just the repressor tests away the end was in sight the stakes were raised and the title was closer than ever there definitely was no turning back one more elimination and the three remaining contestants were in the finals these home cooks had come a long way everyone had deserved the title the question was who was more deserving we answer that with three skill tests the first test was baking profiteroles in 45 minutes this saw Jason advance to the finals the second test was a 25-minute round to bake a Latin inspired molten lava cake one by evany last but not least was a cheese souffle it was a close call Kate took a gamble with just three ramekins as for Dino Dino’s there’s a little bit higher lift but the coloring isn’t as even but one of them had to go home and it was Kate it was difficult to see which ones wouldn’t make the cut splitting hairs chef Kristina thought that Kate’s cheese soufflés were a little bit more sturdy but under baked in the center and under baked souffle does not make a souffle sorry Kate’s you tried your best and you failed miserably we hope you liked the video are there any of the worst dishes of Master Chef Season 8 that we missed if you want to see more videos like this click or tap 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