what is going on everyone how about we
take a look at New England’s most populous state Massachusetts
Massachusetts is another state that’s actually a Commonwealth and I’m not
gonna get into it every time I bring up a state that’s a Commonwealth I can’t
win if I mentioned the difference I get comments when people tell me it’s a
state there’s no difference nobody calls it a Commonwealth if I don’t mention it
every Yahoo out there spends a good portion their day trying to explain to
me how it’s a Commonwealth and not a state so just just stop typing it’s just
a little trivial nugget of information move on with your day Massachusetts is
right here in case you don’t know it’s ranked 44th in area and 15th in
population the pilgrim State was founded on February 6 1788 making it our sixth
state besides the nickname the pilgrim state it also has the nicknames of the
base state the Puritan state the Old Colony State and of course the baked
bean state yes the baked bean state over the last few years the baked bean state
has been losing people now that’s according to the United Van Lines mover
studies in 2018 they were ranked the seventh most moved out of state and the
number one reason listed on why people were leaving was they hated being in a
state called the baked bean stage skitty actually it was retirement and lifestyle
that’s what was chasing people out out of all the reasons that people were
actually moving into it a majority of the people moving to Massachusetts was
for jobs I guess they have some employment opportunities people are
looking to take advantage of maybe you’re looking for a new home and a new
job the base state may be on your radar if you’re on the fence about making that
move you should watch my top ten reasons to move to Massachusetts number 10 the accent one of the best
things about Massachusetts is the accent it’s really entertaining if you’re not
from the New England area and aren’t used to the way these people speak it’s
very distinct the only one that’s probably a little more distinct and
different is Cajun but that’s just my opinion now I brought this up in other
videos and a lot of people said it’s kind of disappearing or it’s getting
watered-down as the years go by around the Boston area you’ll still catch it on
a regular basis I was there in 2017 and I could see that it wasn’t as frequent
as I remembered it from a trip I took around 2000 2001 something like that and
it’s too bad but if you’re new to the area enjoy it just keep one thing in
mind sometimes it sounds a little abrasive and in-your-face and kind of
rude I mean they can’t be rude and they will be rude at the drop of a hat don’t
get me wrong there but sometimes they’re not it’s just the way they communicate
don’t take offense number nine sports the entire state is
absolutely filled with sports teams if you’re big sports fan you’re never gonna
get bored in Massachusetts or Boston especially for pro sports you have the
Celtics Bruins Red Sox Patriots and the Revolution and when it comes to fans
this is one of the only cities that I’ve ever been to where it seems like all the
residents are fans and they’re crazy about the teams not just the Patriots
because they’re winning like all the teams even when their teams
suck they’re still proud to be fans that’s all the teams across the board
not just one or two now even if you don’t like baseball here’s a tip go see
a Red Sox game you’ll thank me for it’s kind of one of those things that should
be on your bucket list but probably isn’t you need to have it on your bucket
list enjoy a game number eight pumps out famous folks
Massachusetts has produced very successful residents and very famous
ones they include Steve Carell Amy Poehler Matt Damon Ben Affleck dr. Seuss
Reed Hastings who owns Netflix all the candidates Benjamin Franklin Sam Adams
and Johnny frickin Appleseed just to name a few Johnny Appleseed was a man
with good shoes a lot of free time in a hankerin for Apple’s his real name was
John Chapman and he travelled around the country for the most part from Boston to
Indiana planting apple trees in his obituary the word eccentric came up more
than once nothing about witches or snow white or green apples or poison nothing
but plenty about apples number seven Dunkin Donuts this is the
ultimate East Coast versus West Coast argument the West Coast overall prefers
their Krispy Kremes and the East Coast prefer their Dunkin Donuts so much so
that there’s actually not even a Krispy Kreme in the entire state of
Massachusetts it’s a Dunkin State these people are
even proud of their frickin Donuts but it’s not surprising because they have a
history of getting defensive and angry over their morning rituals remember
Boston is in Massachusetts the Boston Tea Party sparked revolution against the
most powerful army on the planet at the time over the taxing of their morning
beverage don’t talk Krispy Kremes in Boston or Massachusetts
number six healthcare Massachusetts is one of the best places to get sick the
state is some of the best hospitals in the country including UMass Memorial
Massachusetts General Hospital and the Boston Children’s Hospital the baked
beans state has also recently become a great place for veterans health care the
state has two VA hospitals on stars-and-stripes top 10 best VA
hospitals lists Bedford bass and Northampton so to all my army buddies
maybe we should limp on over to Massachusetts and have them take a look
at our backs maybe they can tell me why I hate loud noises and digging holes
while they’re at it number five beer any beer enthusiast
knows Massachusetts is one of the best places to grab a beer and stop typing if
you’re a heavy Coors Light drinker you’re not a beer enthusiast you’re a
sad person that likes poorly flavored water that makes you dizzy the bass
State has so many amazing beers it’s mind boggling when you’re trying to map
out a plan to sample them all really all of New England overflows with great
craft beer but the pilgrim State pretty much leads the pack if you do move to
Boston do try them all if you can but don’t take my cousin’s ex-wife I believe
she’s still banned for most bars on the eastern seaboard and Gary Indiana
number four scenery anywhere in Massachusetts it’s going to be beautiful
even in most of the cities I do say most some of them pretty nasty but for the
most part the cities are nice too but outside the cities is where the state
really shines towards the western half of the state you’ll find the Berkshire
Mountains and to the east are the views of the Atlantic Ocean
and the Massachusetts coast Cape Cod is a beautiful area the beaches here are
very popular vacation spot especially among celebrities including meg Ryan
Samuel Jackson and even JFK owned a home in the area it’s similar to the Hamptons
in New York and Rivendell in Lord of the Rings just like
number three history if you don’t already know this place is loaded with
history I can’t help you live in Massachusetts as a history buff and you
will find it hard to do things like go to work and meet people you will be busy
going to places and looking at things the state is chock-full of history that
dates back to 1607 when the whole Plymouth Rock thing went down all the
way up to being admitted into the Union and 1788 and beyond that throughout the
state there are tons of museum sites and libraries you can take advantage of
I mean don’t literally take advantage of the museums and libraries don’t touch
things you’re not supposed to and return your books okay but this place is full
of history number two the food the pilgrim state is
the place to be for people that like food especially seafood and people that
don’t mind buying larger pants every year so basically it breaks down to this
if you’re a beer love and history buff that’s jonesing for some seafood
I found your Nirvana Lobster is a delicacy here like most of New England
throw in a little clam chowder with a bread bowl and keep in mind the state’s
official dessert here is Boston cream pie most of you would probably thought
it was Dunkin Donuts no it’s Boston cream pie Boston cream pie is amazing
it’s better than German chocolate cake don’t like German chocolate cake because
it seems too well organized it’s perfectly symmetrical and it’s well
engineered it just bothers me and number one education Massachusetts
is ranked as one of the best states in the country for public education the
graduation rate is 89% while the teacher to student ratio is extremely low at 13
to 1 the state is seriously working on raising the dropout age which will help
with their graduation rate within the next several years it’s already at
almost 90 percent most school districts would be happy with that and just kind
of lay on it but no they’re trying to get it higher that’s great that’s not
even the best part they have some of the most prestigious universities on the
planet Harvard MIT Tufts Brandeis Boston College Boston University Northeastern
just to name a few some of the greatest minds have gone through these schools
over the years I am NOT one of them I struggle with math that’s why I tell
jokes and cue the bad comebacks in the comment section I can hardly wait to
read those all right that’s my top ten reasons to
move to Massachusetts I hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information
out of it in reality this is a great state you can get past the cold which is
usually the biggest complaint about massachusetts it’s one of the best
places to live in the country should you give it a serious thought if you’re
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