Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on The Internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I
am talking about the Top 10 Scary Coincidences that changed the world. Coincidences are spooky things in themselves,
with many believing that they are signs that fate is real. 10 – Leading was on Last Minute Vacation During
D Day Landings A huge British war-time victory could have
been very different if a German Field Marshall hadn’t chosen that exact time to take his
wife away. During the Normandy storm of 1944 Erwin Rommel,
known as the Desert Fox, decided to take his wife on a surprise trip for her birthday. He was a key strategist and military tactician
and had he been in Normandy, things could have turned out very differently. The scary thing about this coincidence is
how different the world could be right now if the allies lost that battle. 9 – Sinking of the SMS Cap Trafalgar
Okay, this is some mind alerting shizzzbiz…so stick with me. The British Navy converted a cruise ship,
the RMS Carmania, into a war ship. They disguised it as a German Passenger Liner
called the SMS Cap Trafalgar in order for the vessel to escape detection. It worked, and the actual Carmania disguised
as the Trafalgar sank a German ship….this ship was the ACTUAL legit real life SMS Cap
Trafalgar, which the Germans had decided to disguise as the RMS Carmania. Whaaaaauuuut… What a freakish coincidence. Anyway, the sinking of the German ship was
a huge setback to the German war effort and impacted the way they moved forward. 51 Germans were killed and 279 captured. Who knows what they could have achieved in
the war had they not been onboard. 8 – Seth McFarlane and Mark Wahlberg missed
their flight on 9/11 Family Guy and American Dad creator, Seth
McFarlane wand Actor and former rapper Mark Wahlberg were supposed to be on planes involved
in the 9/11 attacks. McFarlane and Wahlberg were scheduled to be
on American Airlines Flight 11. Coincidentally, McFarlane’s travel agent
told him the wrong time for the flight and he was late. He missed the plane, which would end up being
flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. Wahlberg made a last minute decision to fly
to Toronto for the Film Festival instead. If they had died that day, the world would
have no American Dad, the Cleveland Show, or any Wahlberg movies subsequent to that
day including Ted, a collaboration between the pair….and of course, no Wahlbergers. 7 – Tamerlane’s Body & Operation Barbarossa
Tamerlane was a Turco Mongol Conqueror and the founder of the Timurid Empire. He lived between 1336 and 1405, but his tomb
was opened and his body exhumed by the Soviet’s just days before The Nazi troops launched
a planned attack. His tomb was said to hold a curse that said
“When I rise from the dead the world shall tremble. Whomsoever opens my tomb shall unleash an
invader more terrible than I.” Three days later, Hitler launched Operation
Barbarossa, the largest military invasion of all time. What as scary coincidence. Barbarossa, of course, was an event that changed
the world and marked the decline in Hitler’s strong hold. 6 – Sinking of the Titanic
The sinking of the Titanic was eerily foreshadowed in Morgan Robertson’s The Wreck of the Titan. The story, written in 1898, so 14 years prior
to the sinking of the titanic, depicts scarily similar circumstances. A luxury ship, the Titan, is hailed as unsinkable. It then hits an iceberg on a cold April night
and goes down. Sound familiar? Also in the book, the boat is a similar size
and length to the titanic, travels at the same speed and…drum roll…there were not
enough life boats for passengers. Is this a weird coincidence or was Robertson
a Clairvoyant? 5 – Lewis and Clark almost didn’t make it
through their expedition alive Captain Mariwether Lewis and Lieutenant William
Clark crossed the Western Portion of the United States between 1804 and 1806, and their journey
and discoveries shaped America. At one point, the pair were captured by a
Native American Tribe. Their female guide Sacagawea discerned the
tribe planned to kill them or dessert them, but it all turned around when she discovered
that the leader of the tribe was her long lost brother. As a result, the crew were gifted horses and
allowed safe passage. What a coincidence! Had that not happened…well..who knows. 4 – Teddy Roosevelt’s Thick Speech
Theodore Roosevelt was very nearly killed in 1912 when he campaigned for reelection,
but was saved by a thick speech and a glasses case. In an eerie coincidence, Roosevelt placed
the folded up paper and glasses case in his breast pocket, the exact area he was shot
by a saloon keeper, John Flammang Schrank. He was saved by the contents of his pocket,
and as he was not coughing blood, he concluded his lung hadn’t been pierced, so he would
continue his speech. On stage he said “I shall ask you to be
as quiet as possible. I don’t know whether you fully understand
that I have just been shot—but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose” 3 – The Assassinations of Presidents Lincoln
and Kennedy The Assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and
John F Kennedy have some eerily similar circumstances. Lincoln was the first present to be shot,
and Kennedy the last. The pair were both killed on a Friday before
a big public holiday, sat beside their wives who weren’t injured. Both were succeeded by a vice President named
Johnson – Andrew was born in 1808 and Lyndon in 1908. Both had two daughters. At both assassinations, the presidents were
with another couple, the male of which was wounded. Lincoln’s assassin shot him at a theatre
and then fled to a warehouse. Kennedy’s killer fired at a warehouse then
fled to a theatre, and both assassin were then killed by shooters with a colt rival. Weird. So Weird. 2 – The Three Cigars That Created America
Having grown up in the UK, I wasn’t taught a lot of finer detail about the civil war,
so I literally just learned about this insane world altering coincidence while researching
for this video! Basically, in 1862, Confederate Commander
Robert E Lee drafted a war plan called Special Order 191, which outlined the movements of
ever confederate brigade over the next few months. He gave copies of these orders to his trusted
generals, including the somewhat lazy Stonewall Jackson. Jackson gave copies of these orders to his
commanders, even though they probably shouldn’t have had that authority. One of his commanders in turn, Daniel Harvey
Hill, left his in a box wrapped around three cigars, which he discarded at a campsite when
his brigade moved on. Days later, Union Scout Barton W Mitchell
found the cigars. As he was about to smoke them, he looked at
the wrapping and thought they looked important. They were. They ended up in the hands of General George
McClellan who recognized Robert E Lee’s hand writing. With the plans, the Unions were able to stage
a full offensive at the Battle of Antietam – a tipping point in the Civil war that
gave the North the upper hand. Finally, coming in to number one…. One of the craziest co-incidences – one
turn of a corner that changed the world forever, we have Franz Ferdinand Getting Shot
The spark that ignited World War one was a totally coincidence. Scary really, how the peace of Europe hung
in the balance with such fragility. Basically, what happened here was that Austro-Hungarian
leader Archduke Franz Ferdinand escape an assassination attempt while he was in Sarajevo. A bomb was thrown under his motorcade by the
Serbian Black Hand Gang. Luckily, or so he thought, Ferdinand survived….but
in some final destination style turn of events, the initial assailant, Gavrilo Princip, happened
to be in a café where the Arch Dukes Motorcade drive by again, and stalled, giving him enough
time to shoot him, and his wife. This was the straw that broke the camels back
in terms of the ignition of World War 1. So…. There we have it…. Do you believe in coincidences? Or do you think a higher force