Hello everyone how are you! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever
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to another video here at most amazing top 10. Happy easter guys! As we’re in the midst of Easter right now,
everyone is slowly but surely gaining many pounds because of chocolate eggs lets be real. And then we’re gonna gain even more pounds
when its not easter anymore because all of the easter chocolate will then be on sale. We’ve pretty much got our next 2 weeks covered
in terms of dessert guys. But this video is sadly not as sweet. Wow that was really lame, lets forget that. This is the Top 10 Scary Easter Urban Legends. Starting us off with number 10 is the Bunny
Man. I never imagined the word bunny to have scary
or negative connotations but i guess theres a first for everything. The Bunny Man is an urban legend originating
from 2 events that happened in Fairfax County Virginia in the 70s. The first incident took place at night with
a couple who had just parked their car across the road from the relatives they were intending
to visit. As they sat in the car they noticed something
moving outside their window and then all of a sudden the front passenger window was smashed
in. A person wearing a white bunny suit was there
screaming about the couple trespassing on his property. As they quickly drove away they found a hatchet
on the floor of their car. The second incident was 10 days later when
a construction security guard approached a guy standing in front of an unfinished home. He was wearing a black, grey and white bunny
costume and was about 20 years old and was holding an axe and told the guard you are
trespassing. If you come any closer ill chop your head
off’. After that police got over 50 reports of people
having seen this bunny man around town. Now there are many variations to the legend
one version is that whilst inmates were being transported from a closed down asylum, the
bus crashed 10 people escaped and all but one were found. Then locals started finding 100s of skinned
half eaten rabbit carcasses everywhere and the remains of a human body in the same fashion. The inmate they suspected was Douglas J Grifon
and its said he was institutionalised for killing his whole family on easter sunday. And would you look at that, its easter sunday
right now. This version has been thoroughly disputed
saying he never existed neither did the asylum but i could be a coverup. Coming in at number 9 is The Easter Massacre. James Ruppert is responsible for one of the
deadliest in home shootings in US history. His life was very troubled, his mum wanted
a daughter not a son and his dad had a violent temper. When his dad died his older brother took the
father figure role and taunted James and that made him try to commit suicide when he was
16. By 1975 he was jealous of his older brothers
success and family and felt like a failure in comparison because he was a college dropout,
unemployed, unmarried and living at home with his mother. He owed them both a lot of money and his mother
decided she wanted him to leave her house. That was the straw that broke the camels back. On easter sunday 1975 James’ brother, his
wife and 8 kids came to their family home for the day. At 4pm he woke up went downstairs with 2 handguns
and a rifle and first killed his brother in the kitchen, then his sister in law and then
his mother. Then he killed his nephew and 2 nieces. So at this point hes killed 6 people in the
kitchen alone. He then went to the living room and killed
his last niece and 4 other nephews. All had been shot multiple times to ensure
they died but one was only shot once. And all this bloodshed took 5 minutes to accomplish,
how fleeting is human life. Its crazy. James stayed in the house for 3 more hours
before calling the police and waiting for authorities. He received 2 life sentences. At number 8 we have The Bronx Shooting. So on Easter Sunday back in 2006 a woman called
Joanne and her family were driving near a Bronx intersection when they started hearing
gunshots everywhere. Before even realising what was going on a
bullet came through the rear driver side door and killed Joannes 2 year old son David. Nicholas Morris was then wrongfully charged
for the crime a few days later but the case was dropped because of lack of evidence. What happened was that 2 groups of people
had gotten into a fight near the intersection hence the guns came out. Thankfully due to DNA evidence they found
the culprit to be Darryl Hemphill and he was found guilty in 2015 and was charged with
25 years to life. Filling our number 7 slot is The Butterfly
Girl. so this ones from Gestopgo who said on Good
Friday sometime in the early 80s his dad was about to mow the lawn when his uncle and 2
kids cameby to ask if his dad wanted to come with them haul a trailer to a nearby town. His dad said no because he had to mow the
lawn and their truck was later hit by a train and they all died. The wrecked truck was returned to the users
dad and it stayed in their driveway for months. Everyday his dad would sit in a chair outside
and look at the truck. He was inconsolable and i dont blame him his
brother and nephews just died and he couldve as well. Everyone thought thats just how he was grieving
so he was left to it. That summer the user kept having the same
nightmare, that he was in his backyard and through the broken window of the truck he
sees a small girl around his age. Her eyes are completely milky white and shes
eating something hundreds of moths and butterflies coming out of the seat. She moved in a jerky manner and was covered
in some sort of iridescent dust and all she ever said was happy easter, i feel pretty
in this dress. The user said he dreamt this around 40 or
50 times in the space of 3 months which is crazy. When the truck finally got towed away his
dad asked him, did you see her too? Meaning he could see her when he was awake
in real life not just in dreams. Now at number 6 is the The Bunny. Honestly i think all these stories could be
titled the bunny but anyway this one is from an anonymous girl you shared that when she
was young she lived by the woods and there was a cemetery there too. What a great place for kids to grow up. Either way one night she woke up and saw an
easter bunny or someone in an easter bunny costume in her room and the smell of wet hay. She thought she was just dreaming so when
she woke up she didnt tell anyone about it but she did find an extra easter egg in her
house. But her parents werent the ones that hid it. When the girl started going to high school
she asked her parents if any of them dressed up as a bunny during easter when she was younger
and they said no. but at the time she used to share a bunkbed
with her little sister and shes the one who said she remembered seeing the bunny too and
the smell. She was horrified that both of them remembered
the bunny and the smell so it couldnt have possibly been a dream. The next day at school she told her friends
about it and one of them told her a few easters ago she was looking out her window at night
and saw a man in an easter bunny costume in her driveway. To this day the girl has a phobia of rabbit
costumes. Coming in at number 5 are the Slayings. For some reason, in Chicago in 2014 gang violence
was huge. During easter weekend that year 45 people
were shot, 9 of which died and a separate 36 other people were injured from just being
near gun violent areas. Many had been shot near a playing park of
an elementary school so a lot of the accidental victims were young kids. One 16 year old was just minding his own business
and he was shot outside his church. This horrific easter weekend is what caused
the FBI to create the Violent Crimes unit which focuses specifically on gun violence
in Chicago. So every Easter after 2014 has been simultaneously
happy and sad for residents in the area. At number 4 is The Grieving Man. This ones from zentroguy who lives in Oshawa
Ontario. Thats creepy because that is way too close
to Toronto for my liking. Its easy to distance yourself from these horrors
when theyre not happening near you but this one may as well be taking place in my backyard. But anyway he said theres one story in town
that everyone knows. Theres a thin bald man in Oshawa who is always
wearing pink rabbit ears. Not a full costume just the ears. Legend has it that during one Easter years
ago he had promised his daughter as a playful joke that he would keep the ears on until
she came home from wherever she was going. She never did and so he decided to never take
them off. So he aimlessly walks around Oshawa hoping
one day his daughter will come back. Im not entirely sure if hes dangerous or not
but the story is sad ill give you that. Filling our number 3 slot is The Abduction. This one was actually from reddit user HorrorxXxGirl
who said she usually used to take her 2 young sons to the mall near where her husband worked
so they could all eat together during lunch. One day she decided to hang back and let her
sons take a picture with the Easter Bunny in the mall because she wanted to frame it
and gift it to her husband and plus the youngest had been wanting to meet the Easter Bunny
for ages. As they got the picture taken, the youngest
son screamed and the older one started screaming let him go. When the mum turned around she realised the
man in the costume had quite a firm scary grip on him and wastnt letting go. The older son finally managed to separate
them and the mother was hysterically crying. I love how the older son was probably 9 at
best and he was the hero not the grown ass woman. That night they went out for dinner and as
they were driving home the older son said he saw the easter bunny which ofc made the
younger son start crying. The parents didnt believe him and thought
they were just trying to scare the younger one and told him to knock it off. That night the older son woke up the couple
in the middle of the night crying. All they could make out was that the easter
bunny was outside his window. The dad took him back to his room and screamed. She ran to the room to find the window open
and the youngest son gone. No blood no nothing, he was just gone. They ran outside to find any clues or anything
but all they found were big footprints next to a nearby hill. Now at number 2 is The Money Plot. And this is the most stereotypical rich kid
gone crazy for money story you can think of. Back in 1992 21 year old Dana Ewell found
out he wouldnt get his 7.9 million dollar inheritance until he was 35 years. That sounds pretty good to me but to Dana
waiting 14 years for that was too much to handle. He came up with a plan to kill his parents
and sister for the money. So on the Easter Sunday of 1992 the bodies
of his family were found filled with gunshot wounds in their ranch home. He shot his dad from the back as soon as he
entered the house so he died not even knowing his wife and daughter were already dead. Initially investigators thought someone had
been hired to kill them, like in those movies where mafia bosses wanna get rid of powerful
rich people but then they looked at Dana. Dana said he had been away with his gf and
her parents during the murders but the story cant just end well for him. Theres no karmic justice in that. He was caught because his classmate Ernest
Jack Ponce testified against him saying him and another peer were offered a share of Danas
inheritance if they committed the crime for him. Dana and his 2 partners were sentenced to
life without parole. Like say he had succeeded whats the point
of being rich and having to live with the fact you killed your family? Shouldve just waited 14 years and still had
a family. And finally at number 1 is The Mad Sculptor. Back in New York 1937 a man called Robert
Irwin was going through a rough time and he was also mentally unstable. He had been institutionalised before this
for trying to cut off his own genitalia with a razor. So i hope that set the scene for whats to
come. Despite all that he was also an artist and
we all know how passionate and deep they are, he was obsessed with a woman called Ethel
Gedeon who was living in the same rooming house as him. He figured if he couldnt have Ethel, no one
could and he planned to murder her. And its not like Ethel rejected him or something
and provoked him into this frenzy, she was already married. It was never gonna happen. He went around the house and found her mother
Mary and sister Veronica who he claimed he murdered by accident. Who do you accidentally stab, strangle and
their discard 2 peoples naked bodies. How can any of that be done unintentionally? But ofc it didnt end there. Living in the house was Frank Byrners a deaf
waiter, who he found and murdered with an ice pick cus hey already killed 2 people whats
a third. The murders were publicized everywhere, not
just because of the nature of them but because Veronica was a very popular nude model for
magazines. He confessed to the murders during his trial
and was sentenced to life and am i the only one now realising no one knows what came of
Ethel? And thats it for todays video guys! I really hope this video didnt put a damper
on your easter Sunday even though it probably did but hey dont worry cus none of this will
happen to you. And im sure everyone on this list thought
that too. No im kidding, not really. Hope you guys have a easter, im your host
Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee.