Now Michèle and I have been in Hanoi for over a week and we’ve had fantastic savory dishes particularly the Pho Ga, I love the Pho’s as we call them but the Phở which has chicken and beef in it, it’s a noodle soup delicious but don’t forget Vietnam is not just about savory dishes there is wonderful sweet dishes here too. So I’m going to take you out on the streets of Hanoi today and we’re going to taste some of the best sweet dishes in Hanoi come on what are you waiting for. So in these little cafes, these little back cafes where you’re going to find all these lovely sweet desserts. So this is the mixed fruit che. This is Hoa Quả Dầm so this is Hoa Quả Dầm, this is like a Quả Dầm this is a mixed fruit with… there’s like a sweet milk on this. So we’ve got jackfruit, we’ve got watermelon. Very refreshing. Break it up…. okay so I put the ice in to it to chill down the fruit I mean take a bit of ice let the fruit chill down, mix it through there. Let’s get a mouthful of this, I’ve got some jackfruit and I think coconut milk I’m not sure how to pronounce this street so this street is one of the streets on the other end of town which is also got some great sweet delights. Now you’ve got to remember in these places, there is very little English spoken so you’re going to have to learn a little bit how to communicate and gesticulate with your hands. So this is Caramen Nếp Cẩm. So you’ve got this beautiful caramel , a creme caramel, inside you’ve got that black sticky rice I love this and then they’ve got this condensed milk. I don’t know if it’s sweet condensed milk. You take your ice just drop some ice in there, a little bit like this, just mix it up. The ice is there just to cool the dessert down. Before I break it all up just have a look at this beautiful caramel here, it’s like a creme caramel, sweet and sticky and delicious I love the creme caramel here they’re so good. Little more ice. come down here a little more ice in we go, we’ve got our black sticky rice here, give this a mix through look at the color of that rice you can see down on this side it’s almost sort of purpley red Caramen Nếp Cẩm she says I’ve said it all right Here we go. You’ve got to be here, this one Michèle loves this is a coconut thats been hollowed out and inside you’ve got, come and have a look, so that’s the coconut jelly you’ve got the young coconut flesh inside which in itself is just delicious. Now I love this Michèle loves the jelly, I like the jelly it’s not my favorite. Oh lovely and chilled too. So on top you’ve got coconut cream and I’ll just show you as you cut through there the coconut cream is set in a gelatine. This is lovely and cold and chilled and delicious. Here goes that is sweet and rich and coconutty Now if you love the coconut cream thats the bit you’ll go for Michèle likes the coconut water which is underneath come back down here. Still set in gelatine under there is this beautiful see that there, that’s the coconut water also set in a gelatine. Now I’m going to eat a little bit of this then Michèle is going to finish it off Here Goes. This is a huge dessert the previous dessert the one with the sticky rice that was 20,000 Dong this one 35,000 Dong about $2 for this whole desert down here. Look at that, how gorgeous is that, to get this beautiful young coconut flesh off as well and you can take that, mix it up with the actual coconut itself. It’s a beautiful refreshing dessert. Okay I’ve got to admit I’ve got a sweet tooth and I’m not leaving here before I try the third of my favorite from this one shop, so this is a great place to come. I’m going to have, let me have a little look on here. Now I’ve just ordered it but I’ve probably got the name wrong Chè Xoài so I’ve got myself a Chè Xoài here it comes, the lady’s bringing it over thank you cảm ơn. Now this one I stumble across it, it wasn’t obvious when I came in the shop but look at this, underneath this cream here, I don’t know if you can see, we’ve got this beautiful mango jelly and you just break into the jelly you take that sweet milk off of there, and then beautiful Chè Xoài, you’ve got all this lovely diced up sweet mango in here it’s so,so good Who am I kidding just one last thing before we leave I’m going to end this little visit to this shop with a final caramel. Okay finishing on the caramel, I love these nothing with it, this sauce at the bottom is yummy like burnt sugar. Absolutely gorgeous, one for the road. This is the guy Michèle’s filming, this is the guy that helped us, served us last time with the Chè. So first of all he’s going to take a fresh coconut and he’s just taken the top off, now for some reason this time he’s given me the coconut water, he didn’t do that last time but maybe it’s because I’m a regular now. Now firstly he’s filling the inside of the coconut with ice cream putting a little bit of shredded coconut in the center and then he puts just beautiful swirl of ice cream on top, in goes some pieces of jackfruit a little more shredded coconut and then some pieces of this beautiful toasted coconut. Thank you So get some nice photo’s. So here it is, that looks beautiful doesn’t that look beautiful. I’m saving the coconut water for Michèle I’m just going to get some of this…. I want some of that toasted coconut here we go sweet, cold, delicious. Got the little jackfruit in there little pieces of jackfruit, a little bit of toasted coconut cảm ơn thank you. I enjoyed so this is a little hidden gem it’s a little bit away from the center of the old town How are you? Taro Thank you and this ones Rice Flake. so good Michèle’s got the Taro I’ve got the Rice flake…Rice Flake… rice flake I’m not sure what Rice Flake is but it’s delicious okay it’s unfair of me not to describe it and say it tastes great it’s sort of vanilla a little bit towards rice maybe with sweet so sugary, overall its delicious. So it’s air conditioned it’s got this lovely sort of old-school charm of an ice cream parlour Now I got to report in also the cones are really good they’re sort of caramelized flavor which I love well worth the 12,000 Dong you pay for this, which in Australian dollars is around about 70 or 80 cents US I think its closer to 50. In case you’re thinking did I come back from other try no this is the same visit, of course. Strawberry is really good. Now what’s the chances, right next door to our favorite egg coffee shop in Hanoi, there’s this fantastic bubble waffle shop, the lady there was super sweet, she decided to let me make my own waffle, though it seemed I wasn’t putting enough batter in at first…not enough so I’ve got myself a new job now in Hanoi working on the what would you call these like a waffle. Round waffles these are vanilla….. Vanille Yes what would you like? he has a queue! matcha So this one the lady’s making is going to be Matcha my first customer cảm ơn, thank you not bad that is 15,000Dong So when you’ve enjoyed yourself the best egg coffee in Hanoi pop outside and have yourself a bubble waffle So we’ve got all the bees over there but I’ve got myself a beautiful sugar cane drink here lovely refreshing, If you haven’t had this before how can I explain it it’s like slighty sweet water with a slight sort of honey, you can see why the bees love it. This is delicious So let’s be honest with this cane water or cane sugar drink, Michèle and I have been sharing this and it’s still too sweet for us, so it’s great it’s refreshing and if you like sweet food you’ll be fine but if you’re not a great sugar addict like we’re not, then it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, slightly grassy but just a little bit too sweet. Now these doughnuts are fresh off the street the lady here is cooking them up they’re absolutely gorgeous Now unlike the ones that are being handed out around the old town which have been on those baskets all day these are lovely and fresh. Give it a try Oh delicious the oil is slightly savory not super-sweet we’ve got the sesame on there, you’ve got the beautiful little donuts now also inside the donut there’s like a white bean paste, it’s slightly sweetened almost vanilla flavor. Another great advantage of these little donuts as they are gluten free as well and this being a cooking channel more than the Travel Channel we will be covering these donuts as a recipe on Steve’s Kitchen at a later date. It’s amazing there’s a constant flow of people coming up to the store picking up Donuts on the back of their scooters and off they go and a few seconds later another one appears.