It has to be white,
that’s the rule What’s wrong with… blue? Hey Nina Hey Kento Wasup? We’re gonna talk about the
Top 10 Weird Asian News of the Month Yes So… Who’s your buddy? What? Oh, Trump This is a Trump shirt No, actually it’s a…
it’s a Ronald McDonald Trump shirt I thought this is
an appropriate shirt to wear Actually, umm I feel like I gotta sneak in some
Trump news in the Top 10 Now you have to For this month’s weird Asian news,
it’s mainly Japanese and Chinese-related Other Asian countries were just not
weird enough this time Hopefully the next one will be more
spread across Asia Ok, let’s get into the weirdness 1. Fart Attack Ok, so this is a news item from Japan A woman’s fart has caused a fire
at a hospital in Tokyo For real? The unnamed woman believed to be in her thirties
was undergoing laser surgery on her cervix at Tokyo’s Medical University Hospital when the gas she expelled ignited the laser Ohhh Actually happens for real It is actually very flammable I know, I know…yeah Yeah, you know? Has it happened to you? No… ‘When the patient’s intestinal gas,
leaked into the space of the operation room…” “it ignited with the irradiation of the laser,
and the burning spread…” “…eventually reaching the surgical drape,
and causing the fire.” The way they said it, they didn’t say
flatulence or fart They said, ‘intestinal gas leak’
as if she like, wasn’t aware of it I think she was aware of the fart,
she just couldn’t control it and she farted My question was…
Was it audible? Did the doctors have fair warning before
it spread to the drapes Did they know it was coming?
It was like this is a warning *fart* oh crap We have five seconds… Run! Nooooo *fart flame* It’s like 24 Was an act of terrorism Call the white house… we have an intestinal gas leak 2. White Underwear Rule You know how Japanese high school dress codes
can be pretty strict? Ok they regulate uniforms,
bags, shoe brands… They’re not controlling the type of underwear
that you wear It has to be white,
that’s the rule What’s wrong with… blue? So many Tokyo junior high schools demand
the students to wear white underwear Junior high schools, ok Now is that inappropriate to you?
Is that weird? That’s weird What’s the got to do with anything right?
You’re not showing the underwear In many of their student handbooks,
it says: “Be mindful of hygiene,
always wear white underwear.” “Do not wear underwear
with colors or prints.” What does that have to do with hygiene? Exactly, what… Oh, maybe cause like when it’s white,
you can see it’s actually dirty But that’s got nothing to do with hygiene There’s still gonna be skid marks
no matter the color But other people say that if you have colored,
say, for girls, bras then you can see it through the white uniform Whereas white, it’s less visible Ok That reason is, like… makes sense Well for panties you can’t see it, so Oh, how would the teachers check it? Some old…old male teacher… Say, oh hey,
come here 16 year old girl… I would be like… 3. Kim Fatty III Kim Fatty III…oh North Korea North Korea! Here we go… Why are you yelling?
The whole neighbors are like What kind of freak is living up there? hello everybody Always yelling weird stuff and then North Korea, oh my god north korea On the 10th of November, a request was made
by North Korea to China to stop referring to their supreme leader
Kim Jong-Un as ‘Kim Fatty III’ in media and conversations That’s the name that Chinese people
often give him Have they replied to his request? Well, it kinda seems like official action
has been taken because if you look at Baidu,
which is China’s biggest search engine they don’t have Google,
Google’s not allowed How’s it called? Baidu? Baidu When you search in the search results,
Kim Fatty III it’s been disabled Seems like it’s…they took it seriously It was banned or he hacked them Now, obviously Chinese,
some Chinese people, are kinda like Man we need another nickname for him
if this is banned, right? So they’ve thought of alternatives:
‘Jin Pang Pang’ which is ‘Kim Fat Fatty’ ‘Jin San Fei’ which is ‘Kim Abundant III’ There’s an abundance of Kim
cause he’s fatty you see ‘Android 19’ I get that one, I get that one Nina gets it!
Her first reference she’s ever gotten! ‘Black Telephone’ I don’t get that one It’s a reference to the old rotary telephones Who does that look like? Oh my god Number 4, also in China,
and this one’s called 4. Beijing Air The pollution in China is horrible,
especially in the large cities Now remember, a previous…
we never covered it but there was that story about the canned air product
that was popular in China Yeah that they shipped from the mountains of Canada,
or something like that And, man, it’s a legit business now So this one, this story,
there’s a little twist on it British-born Beijing resident,
Dominic Johnson-Hill he decided that he was gonna sell
Beijing Air to the world Reverse Canned air… You get high on it man You might think, like:
“Who the hell would buy that?” Yeah, who would buy that? Unless you wanna torture your kids Yes, that’s one reason This is basically a gag gift,
this is for fun Maybe they’re gonna be like,
soon those YouTube videos about challenges… Oh Beijing Air Challenge Yeah, yeah, Beijing Air Challenge Hey, that’s a really good idea
that we will NOT do So you can grab some Beijing Air as a gift
this Christmas for your loved ones and I’m sure they’d appreciate it and then they would die Number 5… oh we’re up to the Trump news Here we go 5. Donald Trump’s Ambassador to Japan Supposedly the next, unconfirmed The next ambassador to Japan
that Trump has appointed is his daughter, Ivanka Trump Ok, she has no political experience,
like her father She basically worked most of her life
in business and modelling So, it’s really random but apparently, a lot of Japanese people
like this idea Cuz blonde, good-looking… A blond, good-looking girl, Like if you look on Twitter
there are people who said “If this is true, I take back all the bad things
I said about Trump becoming president.” “There’s no way this is true,
it’s too good to be true.” “She’ll make Japan great again!” There you go,
there’s my Trump news 6. Husband Nursery A husband nursery has been opened in Shanghai So bored husbands and boyfriends now have
a place to hang out in a newly-opened mall in Shanghai while their partners shop It’s actually not a bad idea I feel I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all,
I think it’s an awesome idea For, like, me personally Ok, so it’s situated on the third floor
of the mall The room is equipped with snacks
and comfy armchairs where guys can read, watch TV,
and take naps I’d join you up there It’s not a wife nursery,
we’ll kick you out 7. Fluffy Boobs In Japan, there’s a contest called
‘Bioppai Contest’ that determines the most beautiful breasts
in Japan Oh god… The criteria is that ‘breasts are evaluated
from a female perspective’ Now this is weird because only
three of the five judges are women The rest are male… Why is it from a female perspective?
I have no idea The winner is Ryoko Nakaoka So the judge says,
“her breasts have a good shape…” “and you just want to touch them
because they’re so fluffy…” “and that was really the deciding factor.” Fluffy, is that… that wouldn’t be
the word I would pick to describe good boobs If something’s fluffy…like, hairy, wispy… So why, like…
boobs are firm and shapely right? So why fluffy? Maybe they are like… Is it a dog? Hey Fluffy… 8. Man Boobs So it is said that women who have bigger breasts
get better career opportunities A desperate and unemployed 30 year old
Chinese man, who couldn’t get a job thought that same logic would apply to him Ok, so he spent $6000 to get boobs,
boob surgery His family members were horrified His mother reportedly went nuts
upon seeing her son Anyway, probably due to being ridiculed he decided to remove his implants
the following month Like, everyone was just making fun of him All the money and everything Yeah, exactly, that’s not the end
of the problem because now he’s got no job,
and now he’s got no money, and he’s in debt So, all the news and
he didn’t get anything from that Well, now he’s famous so maybe
he can get something there, right Ok, well, not very good looking boobs And too, like… bloop bloop His mum tending him post-surgery That is a shocker I would have done more with it,
I would have tried more with it I guess Now that you’ve made the bad decision,
I would have milked it 9. Religious Chocolate Nipples What the… A new brand of chocolates will be hitting
the shelves next year in Japan in the form of women’s nipples It’s called Choconip Choconip It’s a set and will be sold with
eight different nipples And the nipples, the eight different nipples
are representing eight stages of their lives as their nipples transform and evolve Have I told you this is… this video is called:
Weird Asian News of the Month? Who wants that kind of chocolate? I don’t know, there you go,
it’s very realistic This is the old 80 year old woman nipples,
very dark Why is it so dark? Wait till you’re 80 and then
look at your nipples, Nina… A thought just came to my head,
you know that video where the guy films himself everyday for like,
many many years Yeah You can do it with your nipples Noo You can observe,
does it really get darker over time Why’s it religious? The set of chocolates have been inspired by
the Jison-in Temple in Wakayama Prefecture which in the past was a facility only for
women to worship at It’s paying homage to women I don’t think it’s a pervy thing Look at these lumps there Oh my god Let’s have dessert! Which age we wanna have now? Which nipple do I want? Do I want… the 13 year old nipple? Or the 80… no no! the 50… Last one, number 10, here we go,
we go back to China 10. Chopstick Surgery I will have to put a disclaimer or warning Ok this is a gross story Oh god I’m sorry to end with this one A man in China who was too shy to approach
a doctor about blood in his urine… Ok now that’s not sounding good is it? attempted to identify the cause
of his illness at home by inserting a stainless steel chopstick
into his… How can a man do that to himself
unless he, I dunno… He was just too shy, he was like:
”I can’t show my skroodle to my doctor” That’s gonna make it worse Exactly, cause the man, identified as Chen,
was forced to undergo surgery You know, after his failed attempt, right cause they had to remove the 7-inch long object,
I mean, not his… his wasn’t 7-inches,
the object was 7-inches after he rammed it so far into his genitals
that he could not remove it Chen reportedly told doctors
he thought his urethra was broken so he inserted the chopstick to investigate I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same guy
that got the boob job Yeah I wouldn’t Is it? No, it’s not the same guy Mr Chen… So scans at the hospital showed that the chopstick
had reached the man’s rectal wall Doctors said if it had been pushed
any further upward it would have proved fatal Oh man, this guy should have just
gotten a boob job That would have been less painful I’m sorry to end this video on this story I didn’t need to know that Well, what story would you have preferred?
Like, Religious Chocolate Nipples? Yeah, that should be the end, yeah I always need a happy ending you know that Religious Chocolate Nipples?
That’s a happy ending? Well, it’s better than this If you want to actually buy these… we’re not sponsored, these nipple chocolate people
are not sponsoring us but if you wanna… They can if they want Yeah you can, Choconip please Yep I don’t know what that was… Yeah, here’s the link, ok
Preorder I actually like the idea behind
maybe the religious chocolate… Oh you like it now? It’s just weird they’re saying young women, right? Well the choc….
well, old 80 year old nips, man… 80 year old nips Choconips! Oh sorry Thanks, the whole neighborhood knows
what kind of choc we eat north korea Ok, so that’s it,
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