What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
well this is college from England and you’re watching often junk plays often
John plays here and today we’re going to be going over the top twelve rarest
dishes a Legend of Zelda breath as a while some of these require very rare
ingredient or just a very specific list of ingredients and this list is going to
be an order of easiest and most common – the rarest dishes with over 200 hours in
this game there’s still many dishes I’ve never cooked or even heard of and today
I’m going to be going over the top twelve rarest dishes that you’ve
probably never seen or cooked either you may have done some of them but not all
twelve so let’s begin number twelve is monster curry curry dishes are very easy
to make you just need Hylian rice goron spice and a meat or poultry of your
choice you can even make seafood curry with the porgy or blue shell snail and a
vegetable curry with a carrot or pumpkin but you could also make it with monster
extract this can only be obtained a very limited number of places in the world
but it could be bought from kilt inform on a currency that he made up to bring
down the establishment anyone who got Dark Link already pretty much knows
about this creepy mask salesman number eleven is cream of mushroom soup cream
of mushroom soup can be meats with fresh milk rock salt
any mushroom and any vegetable or flower there are variations such as creamy meat
soup and creamy seafood soup which you just need to replace the mushroom with
your choice of protein there are also vegetable variations that
don’t require any protein number ten is a crab omelet with rice crab omelet with
rice is a four dish ingredient using highly and rice bird egg rock salt and
any crab it is one of the four dishes on this list with no variation of it now
there’s omelets and there’s rice dishes but there’s no omelet with a rice dish
number nine is creamy heart soup if you combine any radish hydro melon both
fruit and fresh milk you’ll get yourself this unique fish with a big heart in it
ah number eight is fruitcake there’s lots
of cakes in this game but this one is special as it takes a unique set of
ingredients it requires an apple or wild berry plus another different type of
fruit Tabitha wheat and cane sugar fun fact
this is the most prioritized recipe that you can cook so if you fulfil the
requirements for this dish and another at the same time in the same cooking
session it’s going to cook this one fruit cake makes you wonder what’s in
that fruit King at Christmas number seven is pumpkin stew this is a
four ingredient dish requiring fresh milk to bantha wheat goat butter and a
fortified pumpkin so it’ll always come out as a tough recipe
it also has variations using any grade of meat or poultry and there’s another
variation of monsters too and requires any meat plus NAC food plus monster
extract YUM number 6 is nut cake irid nut cake this unique cake requires any
nut which there’s only two in the game to be at the wheat cane sugar and goat
butter there’s also a variation if you replace the nut for carrot first carrot
cake or with an apple or pumpkin for apple pie or pumpkin pie respectively
you can replace the nuts with a monster extract for monster cake I believe you
also need monster cake for a side quest in Tarrytown number five is a poultry
pilaf dish this can be cooked in regular prime or gourmet variations depending on
the bird quality that you use this requires you to use your poultry of
choice Hylian rice bird egg and goat butter
number four is clam chowder this is our first dish that requires four exact
ingredients with no substitutes or variations this requires fresh milk to
bantha wheat goat butter and a hearty blue shell snail blue shell snails can
be a little tricky to get your hands on I actually had to buy the compendium
picture and set it to track one to find number three is copious simmer truth
this is a silly dish that happens when you combine four different fruits so I
put it high up on this list because in order to make it you need four different
fruits with effects that cancel each other out so you’re probably never ever
going to make it you also get something similar for combining four different
types of mushrooms fish or vegetables number two its seafood paella this
delicious seafood dish requires five ingredients any Porgy as in any of the
two a hearty blue shell snail Hylian rice goat butter and rock salt if you
combine these five ingredients you get this rare dish now before I go over
number one there’s an honorable mention it’s a minion it’s needed for a shrine
quest in the Rideau village and it requires two vanthu we go butter and a
hearty salmon I didn’t realize that the mission tells you the ingredients and
that the salmon can be found in the water next to the village but I spent
about three hours looking for one of those damn salmon and cutting down grass
to try to find the wheat so yeah lots of fun oh and fun fact you all know about
how dropping food on the floor and Death Mountain cooks a food but I learned if
you drop an egg in a hot spring it’s going to hard boil it I tried that with
many other ingredients and nothing so it seems like it’s a pretty unique thing
that only the eggs can do which makes sense because if you drop it on the
floor they just expect okay time for number one the rarest dish to cook in
breadth of the wild its honey crepes just say I just wasn’t the will send
bakers so what if you just said I love a really thin pancakes that’s right really
really thin pancakes covered in honey honey crepes although it’s number 25 in
cooking priority it’s the only dish that requires five unique ingredients with no
substitutes it requires fresh milk
eggs can bantha wheat cane sugar and coarser be honey of course there’s a
variation with a wild berry crepe if you swap out the honey for a wild berry or
you could do it without honey or a berry for plain crepes but who wants plain
crepes so there you have it ladies and gentlemen the rarest twelve dishes and
breasts of the wild that you probably never cook is there something I missed
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