ok our first stop on our vegan tour
is Cookaluzka this place is one of my favorite
restaurants In Madrid and it is a hidden gem we are located on Calle de lira
number 8 and this is on the metro Conde Casal line at six I love this
place because of the ambience the music the food is delicious and also the staff so if you’re in Madrid you have to check
out Cookaluzka okay let’s check out the inside let’s go Cookaluzka has such a
calming environment I started off with a golden milk in some of their best
entrees we try the spring rolls the croquettas a surprise dish and some
sauteed vegetables but I love about Cookaluzka is they always have a
surprise dish and every day that you ordered a surprise dish it’s different
so you don’t know what they’re gonna make for you and that’s why it’s really
exciting you can just order a surprise dish and they’ll just bring you whatever
they feel like to start with the entrees I really really loved the surprise dish
I’m not sure what it was but it was made from corn it was delicious and the
spring rolls are also really really good and I just in crazy for croquettas the
spring rolls were amazing so for the main entree we tried a platano burger
and another surprise dish and oh my god at this restaurant the platano burger
is my favorite is so good so delicious the surprise dish I also really liked it
had falafel and rice with some tomato and it was really light and I liked the
spices a lot on it it was really good but in general I absolutely love love
love love love love the banana burger at Cookaluzka so if you are looking for
some recommendations if you go to Cookaluzka you have to get the banana burger
it is divine currently they’re working on creating an English menu all of their
staff speaks English Italian they accept reservations and
they also have an ability to accommodate big groups actually downstairs they have
their own sala where you can reserve for bigger dinner parties and bigger
groups of people they have gluten-free options and they have a great Wi-Fi and
of course dinner is not done without dessert we tried the chocolate mousse
cake it is absolutely perfect for chocolate lovers the staff here are so
so kind and expect to get an amazing service every time you come and don’t
forget to tell your girl Kat sent you Okay we just arrived to VEGA! YAY! VEGA is in Calle de la luna, 9 and It is very famous in Madrid for having very delicious vegan food You normally cannot get in with out a reservation but today is Monday and we talked to the owner. Okay so let’s go inside. did you like that hair flip we started
off with a cauliflower and mushroom soup with some fried crunchy shitake
mushrooms on top and it was incredible this was probably my favorite soup I’ve
had in a really long time and it was warm and perfect for a cold winter
evening next we tried the burger with sweet potato fries potatoes and barbecue
sauce on the side it was really really good we also tried the raw lasagna that
was also pretty nice but I liked the burger or more we tried the cheese
starter and oh my goodness was it delicious
I recommend you getting some bread with it so you have something to put it on I
was just shoving it in my mouth like an animal the croquettas honestly are
probably one of my favorite things on the menu but unfortunately by the time
this video is uploaded I’m not sure if they’re still gonna have it on the menu
cry-face next we ordered an asian-inspired dish with skewers and
noodles oh my goodness it was amazing the meat was just like chicken so if you
are kind of looking for that chicken II fix this will do it for you
if I wasn’t at a vegan restaurant I probably wouldn’t have ate it because it
seemed just too real that’s Jose he’s the owner his vision
for opening ViEGA was just bringing vegans and non-vegans together to eat
amazing food it doesn’t matter if the food comes from animals or plants just
to make amazing food that tastes great I am such a fatty so of course we cannot
end this dinner without ordering some desserts we ordered the panna cotta and
apple crumble I personally am obsessed with panna
cotta so I love the panna cotta here it was literally amazing well-made executed
in the most beautiful way possible my cameraman and Bestie Dani loved the
apple crumble with the ice cream it was light and it made me remember a lot of
being back home for Thanksgiving with apple pie go whenever you want but Vega does have
a special Monday through Friday if you go during the day for $8.50 they also
have an English menu all of their staff speaks English
they have gluten-free options you can reserve up to six people
however they are going through a period of not taking reservations so at the
time of this video just see if they’re doing reservations or not and they have
great Wi-Fi Hi guys we made it to Pixi Dixi which is one of my
favorite restaurants in Madrid I love their pizza here and they are located in
Calle San vicente ferrer 16 they are right next to
the metro Tribunal so if you’re in the area you have to
check this place out okay let’s go check out the food something very special
about pixie Dixie is they make their own kombucha in-house so I obviously had to
try that it was really good and they put it in a martini glass so you feel like a
boozy Queen then we got the tartare which was made from beets and guacamole
on top it was light and refreshing and it was a really nice way to start our
night they served it with the garlic pita which was so good oh my goodness
mmm then we continued on and ordered some pesto pasta
honestly in general I don’t love pesto but this was really really good I really
appreciate the pasta they used it wasn’t a traditional pasta it was kind of like
this gooey texture and it was really satisfying honestly at this point I was
already pretty full but you know we just continued ordering and got some pizza which
was such a good move I’m so glad we did we ordered the Dixie Pizza and it was
really nice it had a lots of color and it had a nice vegan cheese on it that
just melted in your mouth pixee Dixie is famous for their pizzas
so I highly recommend you at least try one of their pizzas now by this point I
was literally busting out the seams but sugar
I ordered the cheesecake and another panna Cotta though like I already said in
the other restaurant I love panna cotta so I had to compare
the two my goodness were they so delicious the cheesecake was a really
nice dessert and the fruit on top was really lovely and the panna cotta
as amazing as panna Cotta is it was just it did not disappoint if you’ve never
had panna cotta you need to try it it’s just so lovely it’s such a great
invention they do have an English menu their staff speaks
English they have Wi-Fi gluten-free option and you can reserve for big
groups if you do go make sure you tell them Kat Theo sent you and they will definitely take care of you. Hi guys! We are at Yanten veggie bar which is located on Calle Cardenal cisneros, 40 which is in Bilbao metro station in Madrid Let’s go take a look. I absolutely love love love this resturant they have really good food that’s kind of Spanish inspired. But it has a little bit of a twist to it this is one of the first vegan places
I’ve been to in Madrid that has you can fish type of meals like vegan octopus
and it is delicious it doesn’t even matter if you’re vegan or not you are
gonna love this place okay let’s go check out the food let’s go oh Yanten
veggie bar you have a special place in my heart
Yanten in veggie bar is that place you go when you are craving some comfort food
you need some salt you need some sauces you need some flavor you need some sugar
you go to Yanten veggie bar. Yanten veggie bar is different than a lot of vegan
restaurants in general because their whole goal is not to be the healthiest
on the market maybe put in some flavor up in there they’re like flavour
flavor you will never walk up this restaurant and saying the food was bland
it wasn’t enough and you are not full don’t let the bars on the windows and
the homey atmosphere scare you away this place is definitely a hidden gem in a
rough we started off with a deep-fried croqueta which is different from a lot
of other places because when you bite into it it has a big crunch oh my god
was it good it was a crunchy in the inside I think was of mushroom but it
was so delicious seriously look at the size of this croqueta it is huge it
can really put other croquetas to shame it’s huge it’s crunchy it was
amazing this is the famous octopus oh they have
on the menu I’m not gonna say it really tastes like octopus but it a
amazing this is probably my favorite thing on the menu it is so flavorful and
so good and the texture is so satisfying seriously if there’s anything that you
have to order on this menu it is the octopus next we tried the empanadas
since the owners from Argentina these are original empanadas they were so good
and honestly the meat inside was like if Dani the cameraman bestie he also
thought this was very similar to meat and this was his favorite thing on the
menu so far it’s a very salty snack so satisfying and really filling for a cold
winter night now on for the chili so like I told you before they have a lot
of traditional Spanish things on the menu and their chorizo is one of the
things that you will not be disappointed I’ve given this to a lot of my non vegan
Spanish friends and they could not even tell the difference it is so delicious
if you love chorizo their fries can we talk about their fries for a second
their fries are smothered in sauce and mayonnaise it is so delicious it is
amazing amazing any foodies fantasy will be satisfied here with these fries oh my
god guys look at this and Spanish this is called escalope a in English is kind
of like a steak ish I would compare this to steak fried chicken which I’ve
honestly never tried before my life but that’s what I would think this would be
like and it was so good it had like a blue cheese on top that was so
convincing and that if I wasn’t out of vegan restaurant I would have thought
they were trying to trick me even nany thought the cheese tasted like
blue cheese it was so good by this time I was so full we couldn’t even finish
this dish but we did save it for the next day and let me tell you it was
really delicious and filling the last main dish we tried was kind of like a guiso
so in Spanish which is kind of like a stew and had a lot of sauce and meat
with a bed of rice and it was really really good honestly everything that we
tried I really enjoyed a lot this would be something great to order and then
save half of it for the next day then we finished off our dinner with a delicious
chocolate cake which was so moist look how moist the cake is if you have a huge
sweet tooth you will like this cake don’t forget I’m
your girl Kat sent you and I’m sure they’ll take very very good care of you
I also really love this restaurant because the owner actually cooks for
homeless people all the time so for him it’s not all about just making money and
the business but also helping his community and people around him here’s
the accept reservation they have gluten-free options they have high-speed
internet and you can reserve for bigger groups Hi guys we’ve made it to our last stop
on our list which is bunnies deli located in Tribunal on San Gregerio
that’s how you pronounce the street but I will make sure to put the address
below they are a little cafe and they specialize in all of vegan desserts
brunches and also breakfasts if you’re in Tribunal you have to check out Buny’s deli! Let’s check it out! love this place to start my morning off
right with a golden milk and a quiche or a scone this is probably one of my
favorite places to go in Malasana one thing I really love about this
restaurant is they actually show all the fresh fruits and vegetables that they
use on a daily basis so you know it’s all fresh everything in this restaurant
is also 100% organic it’s very cozy and it’s a really great just for you and one
other friend so I started off my meal with a golden milk I love golden milk
with the different spices I recommend if you like kind of a little bit of a punch
to get the the spiced chai latte which is a little bits like golden milk on
steroids it is really delicious then I tried the avocado toast oh my god I am
low-key obsessed with avocado toast I cannot imagine my life without avocado
toast and let me tell you this one is one of my favorites that I’ve ever had
not only it’s just avvocato toast amazing but they put in the extra mile
to put on nuts in flakes and sprinkles and a lot of other things I really don’t
know what it was but it was amazing and they topped it off with some type of
vegan cream cheese so delicious let’s just take a few seconds to admire how
beautiful this avocado toast looks next up is the acai bowl if you’re into acai
then you will love the acai breakfast bowl it was really refreshing and
actually pretty filling I was quite surprised how filling but still light it
was since it was cold I would recommend this on a hot Madrid a summer afternoon
or morning but it was still really refreshing and the colors and the flavor
was on point it had coconut flakes pomegranate pears bananas
and much more even though the acai bowl was sweet I still decided to give some
dessert because I feel like no meal is finished without dessert no shame here I
decided to get the pumpkin pie because today’s Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving
everyone and it’s just a perfect time to have a pumpkin pie it was really good I
liked how they implemented the cinnamon if you’re interested in getting some
pumpkin pie from Bunny’s deli on their Instagram you can check out the website
where you can order some homemade pumpkin pie
the owner Monta is from Latvia and she speaks fluent English they also have
their menus in English they have Internet’s
as well as gluten-free options this place does fill it pretty quickly so do
try to get there early and don’t forget to tell your girl Kat sent you