Please Support us on paypal check the description ♥ Two weeks together that’s all it took two weeks for me to fall for you Special forces, huh? Huh? Oh, you’re on leave. I hope you’re enjoying themself. Yeah, I think I happen For me tonight actually doesn’t matter where you are in the world. It’s never bigger than your thumb Hey pop. Got somebody I want you to meet Look here dad. He loves you. I can tell even if you can the way people act around you It’s like they’re scared of you once you get your hands off What are you scared of I used to be you don’t scare me John or you scare me I Gotta go back just like that. So where are they gonna send you right in the middle of it all? So it seems to me I’ll see you soon there Dear Joan, tell me everything write it all down. That way. We’ll be with each other all the time Even if we’re not with each other at all, it’s a full moon here tonight Which makes me think of you half a world away rider number 8 better number 33 Dear John. I miss you so much. It hurts Question for mr. To extend my tour sir. You’ve decided you’re going back All I know is I want to stay here with you as long as I possibly can and I need you to tell me hello A lot can happen in 12 months job tonight. You’re here with me My dad and I used to come out here Lay down watch the lights change watch them go from green to red to yellow. You could try it One two, yeah, that’s your problem You don’t do with your work Okay And what happens if a car comes Someone there’s no place there shooting stars My mind is protected or over the pike lives How hot is you just tell me what you want gonna be that for leaving glimpse of eternity? Windsor plantation, I’m gonna buy it one day. I’m gonna fix it up. Well, what about me? What do you want? I want a white house blue shut Okay It is 2:00 in the morning we sent the police, mr. Hamilton. Oh, this is my fault, he’s a nice boy he’s Trash trash not for you. You are not to see him anymore. And that’s fine The other chance it’s all really bounced Moods of plantation dream house would be able to get it I think a lot about why we shouldn’t get married You really loved each other too I hope you make the right choice Gandhi said whatever you do in life will be insignificant It’s very important that you do officer those two we’re just trying to stop it go home I Tend to agree with the first part you could do worse than have a father who bails you out of jail I don’t want to be bailed out of anything Why do you think that doesn’t want to spend time with me she knows I’ll take care of her that’s all there is Tyler That’s all there is not enough You know you can’t smoke in here What why do you have an ashtray? It’s a bull it completes the room. I guess it was just here to teach me You put it goes past couple of weeks. All right, you didn’t want to go out any meal I don’t know if this introverts down. Okay, I already set an intervention here Don’t let her who’s got a daughter comp the busted your face all up. He’s got a daughter I know her she’s in my global politics class Okay, I I don’t date sociology majors lucky for you. I’m I’m undecided about what? everything What desserts do you have? I have my dessert first What is that this is our appetizer – my chicks dig you man they love this freaky pointed crap Charles it’s your son Yeah, I was wondering – want to have dinner. I’m Annie three Can stand me up but he can’t stand you up Take care of nothing you’re responsible for knowing you’re a case I’m going up Forward boy from school and you’re kind of lost, aren’t you? You think you know me, you know My dad just doesn’t know what’s going on right now. What’s going on right now? Someone’s been trying to tell me something make your yours forever. No marking on the forever part Life’s all about moments of impact, but what if one day you could no longer? Remember any of them hate you’re in the hospital you were in a car accident? Any pain my head hurts doctor She doesn’t remember me her memory is going to improve with time We miss you coming home to life, I don’t know that’s a lot to take in we’ll figure this out together What please knock this habit, I’m sorry The last memory that I have is being engaged Jeremy Hi, I’m sorry. This is Jeremy been a long time I need to make my wife fall in love with me again. I want to ask you out on a date this is the exact parking spot where we first met I Know you remember what we were like together you like this, right? I’m disabled. We have I’m not trying to hurt you. I miss our life together I miss being with you I hope one day I can laugh the way that you love me. You figured it out won’t be able to hurt again New York has lost its oil we’ve decided to hate for his problems this John Varvatos where CBGB’s used to be true New York’s most vibrant neighborhood at the moment is Philadelphia Wlj I’ve just moved into to be huh Thomas wet wipes or trouble Thomas I’m having a bad day What’s her name? I’m crazy about you. I’m crazy about you but don’t say his friends. Why why is that so bad what you need to do just make her afraid of something more than being with you which is Not being with you you supposed to do that Let life take over Find a window and bounce It’s my father day. Is he win? I? Don’t know. It’s about my mother That’s her the other woman Student you don’t know who I am. Yes. I do you do either but you’re follows. You’re also equal son You think you’re gonna steal him away from my mother and get any man you want to sit. Could I get you? What? It’s not like anyone I’ve ever met people do things all the time without realising. Yeah, what am I doing? I trying to make love to me. I’m trying to make love to you We’re kind of a question is that she’s beautiful warm ups. She’s sleeping with my father. You’re being really obvious You’re an innocent Thomas and you’ve got no idea how the world works. I know some things like what? Did you sleep with her why do you care in life what is it that you want? Is there anything I should know? I think you want to tell me You want something more here some do you know what? provocative These are gone I see you were just like them they won Thomas wanna bail, but I can’t but then you know, the only way out is to Life’s random as it is celebrit funny as it is tragic Uses no exception You