Hey there! I’m Taylor, one of the Disney Family editors,
and I’ll be your host for this sweet adventure. It’s no secret that we love Mickey Mouse,
so we’ve rounded up our Top 5 Favorite Mickey Desserts. Let’s start the countdown off with our Mickey
Pie Pops, coming in at number 5. We love that they’re so easy to take on the
go, whether it’s finger food at a family gathering, or a fun treat for the whole class. Next up: our Mickey and Minnie Milkshakes. Mmm. This adorable twist on a classic dessert is
sure to make your family movie night extra magical. The number 3 spot goes to…peekaboo! The Mickey Mouse Peekaboo Cake. How cute is this surprise? Your little ones are going to love it! Mickey and Minnie pair up for our second place
dessert, Cake Jars! Part DIY, part recipe, ultimate Disney Family
fun! And now, our number one Mickey Dessert is- drum roll please- the original Mickey Mouse Cupcake! There’s nothing more magical than watching
these cupcakes come to life. But wait! The fun’s not done yet! We have a bonus recipe for all you comfort
food folks. Here’s our Disney spin on a classic grilled
cheese. We hope you picked up some magical Mickey
recipes. Let us know which one is your favorite in
the comments, and if you try one of these at home, make sure to tag us on Instagram
@DisneyFamily. See you real soon! That whipped cream is delicious. Oh my god that is so delicious. Part DIY, part recipe, ultimate…what is
it? What is the- Disney Family fun. Ultimate Disney Family fun! But wait! But wait! There’s– the fun’s not done yet. See you real soon! *Mickey noise* See you real soon! *giggles* I can’t!