We are here in Paradise Valley in San Diego,
California. You’re watching Jaycation’s Top Five Ube Desserts. Let’s Go! We are
here at Red Ribbon Bake Shop one of the big Filipino Bakeries in Mira Mesa. It’s by
Seafood City, which if you’re Asian or Filipino, you’ll know what Seafood City is. If you’re
living here in California, it’s a normal supermarket. But we’re here at Red Ribbon
and we’re going to pick up a slice of Ube Overload Cake which is number five in my top
five list. So we are inside Seafood City right now and I want to show you the difference
between Yams and like Purple Yams, Philippine Yams and just different types of Yams. So
these are the purple yams. These are Japanese Yams and Sweet Yams. We’re here in Mira
Mesa in San Diego also known as Manila Mesa because of so many Filipinos living here.
This is where I grew up. This is my Community. This is Gemmae Bake Shop it’s one of the
most popular Filipino Bakeries. My favorite Filipino Dessert from here is the Ube Ensymada.
Which is right here. It’s only a $1.50 and what I like about it is that it’s on the
go and it’s just delicious. So you just pick this up and take this anywhere you want.
Like you can go out for the day and just eat this while you’re driving. It’s perfect,
but we’ll check it out back at home. Back at home trying the Ube Ensymada, it’s nice
and wrapped and what’s cool about it it’s like its got bread with butter, sugar, cheese
on top and then on the inside it’s Ube mixed with coconut. It’s really good, lets check
it out. There it is, Ube Ensymada. You can already see the purple, right there. Check
out the little, the little Ube. Some of them have a lot in it. See this one is kind of
like on the bottom. Mmm it’s really good. There you go. There’s a lot of the Ube Macapuno
right there, this side, that side. This is for sure the best Ube breakfast ever. We are
here in Paradise Valley in San Diego, California which has some of the best Ube treats in all
of San Diego, maybe all of California. Let’s go inside and check it out. This is Snoice,
Snoice, Snoice, Okay it’s Snoice, I’ve been saying Snow Ice, it’s Snoice. How long
have you been here for? It’s coming on two, two years and two weeks. Wow. So if you guys
are ever in San Diego go to Snoice, it’s in Paradise Valley. They have all the best
stuff, not just Ube desserts but like Halo-Halo and what else do you have? Boba, shaved snow,
ice cream sandwiches. For our Number Three Ube dessert, is the Ube Ice Cream Macaron.
Right here guys. Where did you guys get this from? It’s D’vicious Desserts. That’s
a friend that makes Ice Cream Macaron sandwiches. He does a Ube with the white chocolate chip
with Oreos in it and Flan sometimes. Look at this, it just looks delicious guys. It
matches the shirt, as you guys can tell I prepared for this. I got the Philippine hat,
Pacquiao purple. Go check this out, I’m going to link it below. Let’s try this out,
this is the D’licious Ube Macaron. Aww man, DUDE. That deserves a (Dab) That deserves
a DAB! Man, that’s really good, YES! If you ever had Magnolia Ube Ice Cream before,
this is it but in a sandwich with use macaron. Awesome. Thanks for this man, (Yeah, of Course)
I appreciate it. We are in the frozen section where the Ube Ice Cream is and I’m going
to get my favorite Ice Cream which is the Magnolia. There’s also different types,
different brands so let’s go check it out. Ube Macapuno, Taro, Ube with with red bean.
Ube Queso which is Ube with cheese. These are different brands, the best of the Philippines
San Miguel gold label. Deep inside the bottom is the regular Ube which is what were going
to get. We’re here at North Park, I’m with my Best Friend Jase, We’re headed to
Nomad Donuts to try the Ube donut that they have which is Number two on my list of top
five. Right behind me is Nomad Donuts, lets go inside and try out the Taro Ube donut.
Come here early because they sell out. They’re actually sold out right now but I’m going
to come back and grab it. Let’s go inside and check it out. The last piece for my vlog.
We’re back at Nomad Donuts, it’s a few days later. Got the Ube Taro donut, it’s
three bucks so it’s not bad but I’m going to eat it at home. I want to put some Ube
Ice Cream in it. See ya at home. Alright, so we’re at home. I put some Ube Ice Cream
with the donut. The donut has got like coconut, ube, it looks like a glazed donut. But yeah,
this is how we are going to try it. So the donut itself tastes a little blueberryish.
Like a glazed donut, I don’t really taste the ube much unless you eat the ice cream.
It’s a pretty good donut though. We are at our number one spot, Snoice. I got the
Ube Oreo Shake. I got it in this mini mug here and it’s pretty cool, it’s pretty
nice and the presentation is awesome. Little oreo crumbles here. What’s also really cool
about this place is that they actually have other Ube products from different places like
the Cravory. We are trying the Taro cookie from the Cravory. I’ve had this many times
before but it’s just awesome, I love the taste of it. It’s a faint purpley color
it’s not, it’s brown but. And it’s also got white chocolate chip in it. Mmm, this
cookie is so good. Bomb. Similar to Ube but not quite, but they actually have this and
then on the weekends they have our number two Ube dessert Nomad donuts, which is the
ube donut which you guys already saw. Aww yeah, this is really good. Cookies and cream
ube style. It’s great, like one of the best I’ve had. You could really taste it, it’s
really good. I’m about halfway through the shake and it’s phenomenal. The only thing
that I could compare it to is the Ube shake that I got back in Eagle Rock in Oinkster
Burger. We’re at Oinkster’s right now, let’s go check it out. That is just as good,
they use real Ube ice cream on there too. Check it out, I think I have video from that.
You’re got to try this bro. Got that Ube shake real quick though. Yup. It’s that
Ube life. How popular do you think Ube’s become in the last (oh my gosh) three years.
It’s been super popular, I think it’s the most trending flavor maybe tied with Matcha
right? Yeah definitely with Matcha. Anthony Bourdain said Filipino Food is the next big
thing. We know this stuff because we’re Filipino but foods like Sisig which we’re
going to do videos on, like people are like thats the next big thing and I’ve been like
I’ve been eating that my whole life. I’ve been eating Ube my whole life. Right! Now
they’re starting to infuse it in very unique ways and like it’s really cool to see it
like go up. You also do Collabs? Nomad donuts, Cravory Cookies they do Taro and Ube Cookies,
they’re the top cookie shop in San Diego. Yeah and The Cravory is really good, I believe
the Baker is Half-Filipino right? Definitely when you’re in San Diego, come to Paradise
Valley, check out Snoice, sorry for calling it Snow Ice. You’re good. But yeah, come
see them. Thanks man. Thanks for your time. How can we follow you? At @SnoiceSD S N O
I C E S D. So that was my Top five Ube Desserts, what’s yours? Comment down below and let
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