– Arms up. – [Children] Arms up. – Wrists together. – [Children] Wrists together. – [Kendra] So my friend set
up a giant Slip ‘N Slide in her backyard. (bright music) Then you have your own
personal tornado shelter. Whoa. This feels a little bit
like a port-a-potty. ♫ What do you do in the summertime ♫ When all the world is green ♫ Do you swim in a pool ♫ To keep yourself cool ♫ Or swing in the trees up high ♫ Is that what you do, so do I (kissing) ♫ Every path I make, every road leads back ♫ To the place I know, where I cannot go ♫ Where I long to – [Jeremy] Is that your microphone? (gasps) – Oh, good morning, today
we are getting ready for day three of summer camp. We’re packing lunches and
putting on our swim suits, getting ready to go. Anyway, I have some really good news. Today for the first time
since Janae was born, (magical tones) there you are, that’s you, I am wearing pre-pregnancy pants. (recorded applause) Okay, they’re really shorts,
but pre-pregnancy shorts guys, woo, I’m pretty excited about it, because that means my
wardrobe just doubled. I have more clothes I can wear. It’s exciting. Okay, thanks for listening. – [Jeremy] So how’s summer camp going? – Good and tiring. – [Jeremy] How about you Elise? What do you think about summer camp? – Good and the funnest week of all. – Alright, so here’s how
the biome boxes turned out. Here’s our giant Pacific Ocean box, because it’s the largest ocean. Here’s the Southern Ocean
box with some penguins. Ah, I like when you open
that one, that’s cool. And here’s the Arctic
Ocean, the two layers. I love these. I love seeing what the kids create. – It’s the biggest ocean
in the whole world. It covers 30% of the Earth. – We are making treasures. (upbeat rock music) – I made this. – [Kendra] Awesome. – Arms up. – [Children] Arms up. – Wrists together. – [Children] Wrists together. – Elbows together. – [Children] Elbows together. – Knees together. – [Children] Knees together. – [All] Do the jellyfish, the jelly fish, the jellyfish fish. The jellyfish, the jellyfish,
the jellyfish fish. – So my friend set up
a giant Slip ‘N Slide in her back yard and a kiddie pool, and the kids are having so much fun. It is so fun to be wet when it’s hot out. What are you guys doing? (lively music) – Join us in the hot tub. – [Kendra] Oh is this a hot tub now? Alright so this treat is
ice cream, blue Gatorade, Sprite and Swedish fish. And the kids are having an indoor picnic, because it is hot outside, and because my friends are brave. Doritos. I’m not very crafty, so I don’t
usually go to craft stores, but it’s kinda fun to
go every once in awhile and I have a few things I need to pick up. I’m hoping that they have seashells. It’s lame we can’t just go to the beach and get some seashells. But you have to buy them
here in the Midwest. (classical music) There’s pumpkin in the store, they’re getting ready for Halloween. It’s crazy. Look at all the seashell stuff I found. Fantastic. (funky music) Alright, so we’re having lettuce wraps for dinner tonight. It’s a beef stir fry. – [Jeremy] It’s so good. – And then I’m also doing
some honey chicken with it, so we’re going add these to rice, and then wrap ’em up in lettuce, hence the name, lettuce wraps. – [All] Jellyfish
Jellyfish Jellyfish fish. – I might want to try a tiny one and see how good I like it. – This is good. So I’m out to shop tonight for supplies, for my turn to host
summer camp in a few days, and I saw something
I’ve never seen before. Check this out. It’s called a Survive-A-Storm shelter. You would buy one of these things and you’d have your own
personal tornado shelter. Whoa. Yeah, I’m not gonna shut this door, I might get stuck. This feels a little bit
like a port-a-potty. It’s really echoey. I could see how four
people could fit in here. So anyway, I’m headed
into Home Depot right now. I’m looking for some sand. I’m wanting to make some sand Play-Doh, so I need sand. I’m hoping they don’t sell the sand in too big of bags, because I don’t feel up to lifting like a 50 pound big bag of sand. Hopefully they’re smaller than that. Alright I found it, play sand. Oh this does look heavy. But luckily it’s not very expensive. (lively music) So growing up, I went to
this kind of a Home Depot, Lowe’s store often with my dad, because you know, he’s
Papa, he’s Mr. Fix It. And I just have great memories of that, lazy Saturdays, well lazy for me, tagging along with my dad
and shopping for things. And anyway, I love those things. Like I literally I can’t
walk into the store without thinking of him, and as I’m saying this right now, I can’t find my car. I’m in the parking lot, where’s my car? There it is, I’m not losing my mind yet. I should’ve had like a towel or something underneath that. Yeah, that sand is definitely going to get some sand in our car. But that’s okay, we’ll just pretend we went to the beach. – So I finally got the kids to sleep and Kendra and I are
heading out on a date. And I took a shower for the
first time in three days. I’ve been super busy, so. The date will be better – But he just told me,
– with me showered. I need to remember to shower. Like no matter how busy you are, it does not feel good to not shower. You smell good. – Thanks. (jangly lively music) – They have coconut. Coconut frozen yogurt is the best. This one’s watermelon. – So there’s so many good options. I have seven different flavors in here. – And I can’t decide. They just are all so good. Guys, I have such a sweet tooth and this is such a great place. Guys, there’s cupcake bites in there and this is hot fudge. – [Jeremy] Those are little mini cupcakes? – [Kendra] Yeah, isn’t that cool. – [Jeremy] Wow. – The moment of truth, who’s weighs more. – [Jeremy] Oh mines like
twice the size of yours. – Yeah, it is. – So I think I overdid it. Seven flavors is too many. My tongue doesn’t know,
my brain can’t register – All the different flavors. – Yeah, it’s just going crazy. – So I kept it pretty simple. I did a base of cheesecake
and birthday cake batter and coconut and then I added toppings. It’s really good. Hello. Hi. Amber babysat the kids for us. Did they do okay? – They did pretty dang good. She slept just until now. – [Kendra] Yay, good morning. Janae can you say goodnight? Say J House out. A little girls night, we are shopping. (baby laughing)