Today I’ll prepare the best,
most chocolaty pie in the world that I’ve learned from Megan,
a dear friend from LA, and that I’ve altered a little bit,
adding some delicious caramel. You can prepare this for Valentine’s Day,
because chocolate is perfect for Valentine’s day,
don’t you think, babe? Moustache: It is perfect, honey! Chocolate Pie with Salted Caramel For the base of the pie I’ll take
3/4 of a cup of hazelnut to the the oven until the skin comes off easily.
Then you just rub them until they are no more skin. Moustache: It’s like
cowrie-shell divination Then I’ll process 250 grams of chocolate
cookies, without the filling. So you have to remove the filling
and then weigh the cookies. Here I have a total of 32 cookies,
considering both sides, for a total of 64. Put it aside Process the hazelnut Mix If your food processor is big enough,
you can process the hazelnuts without the skin with the cookies. Paulo chose a processor that is
a bit smaller, I mean, much smaller. Just because it is cute. Moustache: It looks better on video. So I had to process the hazelnuts
and the cookies separately. Moustache: It happens. Is this why you add the butter separately? Exactly! Actually, you need to melt
six tablespoons of unsalted butter and throw it all over the mix of
hazelnut and cookies. Then you process everything so
it becomes the crust for the pie. Since my processor was too small,
I mixed everything in the pie plate. Moustache: Exactly.
And the result was really interesting. Really interesting, but when you make
this at home, process everything in one, it’s much better. Moustache: If I don’t have a processor,
can I use a hammer and a dish towel, and then mix everything in a blender? Yes, but it’ll take a little bit longer. Now cover your pie plate with the dough,
press it against the plate, and take it to the oven pre heated to 180˚C for 12 minutes. Well, Megan told me to use a plate with a
removable bottom, but I was a bit sttuborn and
didn’t do it. Moustache: I don’t know why,
this is not even a nice plate. It’s because the one I have with a
removable bottom is smaller. So what happens now is that I have to
put everything in a smaller plate, with a removable bottom,
and take it to the oven again. But that’s ok. When you do it at home,
do it right and use the right pie plate. I ended up making a 20-centimeter pie
and six 10-centimeter little pies, so you probably can make a really big pie,
around 30 centimeters and really tall. While the dough cools down, I’ll boil
1 and 3/4 cup of heavy cream or butterfat with one teaspoon of fleur de sel. This is for the salted caramel, that
will go in the filling of the pie. Megan’s pie doesn’t have caramel,
but you know how much I love it. so a pie that is so chocolaty, for me,
needs some caramel too. don’t you think, babe? Moustache: This idea came from your… …perverse brain! Moustache: … Sweet brain. Exactly! While the heavy cream boils, you need to
melt two cups of crystal sugar, until it turns into an amber collored
caramel, using a low to medium heat. Don’t worry, it’ll get there. When it turns amber… Moustache: Alright, so what color is amber? When the sugar turns amber, you… Moustache: Has anyone ever seen this color? Why don’t you explain this color? Nobody knows it. I’m showing it! It exists! Moustache: It’s like a “lollipop yellow.” What do you mean? Moustache: When a lollipop is yellow,
it’s actually amber. What kind of lollipop
have you been eating? When the sugar turns amber, you turn off
the heat, add the heavy cream and stir. Be careful, this will all expand
and you’ll have some delicious caramel. Now, pour the caramel on the crust of
the pie and wait until it cools down. To make the ganache, chop 350 grams
of 70% cocoa chocolate in a food processor. Now, boil one and a half cup of heavy cream. As soon as it starts to boil, pour it over
the chocolate, keep it covered for three minutes and process
evrything until the ganache is smooth. If you don’t have heavy cream, you can use table cream, but then you need to melt everything
in a a water bath, until it melts and everyhting is
blended together. Moustache: Ganache is a good
name for a dog, right? Or a kid, what do you think? When the caramel is firm enough,
pour the ganache over it and take it to the fridge for 30 minutes. It seems like you didn’t wait, right? No, but it’s worth waiting. Now I want to know what you’re making
for your Valentine on this Valentine’s Day. Moustache: Tell us what you’re eating
on this romantic day. If you like this video give it
a thumbs up and share it on all social networks and follow us on all of them. When you make this pie, share it on
Instagram, using the hashtag #ICKFD, and tell me who did you give this
amazing pie to. Right before you serve the pie,
throw some fleur de sel on it, serve your guests and, of course,
your boyfriend or girlfriend, if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day. Moustache: For me, this is a day of love. Yes! It’s the day of love! So when you
perpare this pie with love, I’m sure your day will be
much more chocolaty!