Bringing toys to school sure sounds like a
ton of fun. But if you make these epic toy school supplies
make sure to only use them during breaks. They will bring a lot of joy to you and your
classmates for sure! First candy, then makeup and now this?! Both of you the principal now! You as well! Who doesn’t love squishies?! I adore them! They are so satisfying! But you know what I love even more?! Squishy pens! They are so easy to make and super affordable. Take an inexpensive pen of your choice. Any pen or pencil will work great. Open up your pen and take out the ink tube. Time to grab your favorite squishy. I love this cute ice cream one! It also has the perfect shape, so let’s transform
it into a pen. All we have to do is push the ink tube inside
the squishy. Don’t push it in all the way though, we need
to leave the tip outside. Here we go, the easiest and definitely the coolest DIY
pen ever! It’s so squishy, satisfying and works amazing. And on top of this it looks like a kawaii
ice cream! I mean it really can’t get better than that! When we have high tide the sea level goes
up. When we have low tide the sea level goes where? It goes down. Sara! Oh this? This is a pen. See!? This awesome slime pouch will keep your slime
clean and protected! And since it looks like a pencil case, your teacher will have no idea what you’re hiding in there. Take a zip lock bag. I’m going to tape the bottom part up to give
it more a pencil case shape. Next grab some washi tape or duct tape. I am using these washi tape sheets but any
kind will work great. Stick as many pieces of washi or duct tape
as needed to cover it completely. Then turn your masterpiece around and glue
the washi tape or washi sheets on that side too. This looks like a usual pencil case, but we’re
going to use it as a slime pouch! I have this beautiful rainbow slime, that
is so stretchy and satisfying, I love it! If you put your slime in the normal pencil
pouch, the slime will get all dusty and dirty from the fabric. Our pouch on the other hand, is air tight
and has a plastic lining which will keep our slime clean and fresh! Who would have thought that school could be
so exciting! When I’m bored I like to grab an activity
book. They’re so therapeutic and fun! Also, sneaking them in class is a piece of
cake! Come on, I’ll show you! Take a notebook that is of similar size as
your activity book, and open it up in he middle. Stick a few pieces of double sided tape on
the right and on the left page. Grab the activity book of your choice – this
one has so many fun things inside and I love how colorful it is. Stick it inside the notebook and we are all
done! How flipping amazing is this notebook that
has a built in activity book. I Love it! Say goodbye to the boring hours in school! Chemistry is the branch of science that studies
the properties of matter and how matter interacts with energy. Chemistry is considered a physical science
and is closely related to physics. Instead of activity book you can sneak in
a coloring book, a crosswords book or even a favorite magazine. I love taking these things to the beach when
I’m on vacation. So with this hack you can bring some of that
summer holiday feeling to school as well! Very sneaky and super entertaining! These little squishies are so adorable! I could play with them for hours. Yup, I think is only fair that we sneak all
of them to class. Grab your first mini squishy and a super glue. Apply a drop of glue on the bottom side of
your little friend. Take a small magnet like this one and place
it on top of that glue. Wait for a few moments for the glue to harden
and pop the squishy on the tin pencil case. Do this with all the other members of this
epic squad. The magnets stick firmly to the tin pencil
case so to your teacher and schoolmates this will look like a normal animal pencil case. But you can actually detach your squishies
off the case and play with them separately if you want. Then you can place them back on and they will hold
to the case firmly again. How smart. When you get a bit bored during classes simply
reach for your squishy friends and time will fly. They are just the cutest little bunch ever! Tic Tac Toe has always been one of my favorite
games to play with my classmates. But instead of playing it the usual way I
decided to upgrade and make the game a lot more convenient and sneaky. Take a plain solid colored notebook. From a piece of paper cut out a big hashtag
sign like this and stick it to the notebook. Below stick any other word in smaller size
– like love for example. Can you see the trick already? All we need are some paper clips in two different
colors and we are ready to play the Tic Tac Toe game an infinite amount of time without
leaving any traces at all! Because to the teacher this notebook will
look like the usual one with a #LOVE design, which by the way I love so much! And paper clips are a normal school necessity
so you can have them on your desk without being worried. I think this idea is so smart and will bring
a ton of fun to you and your schoolmates while sitting in class. Are you a fan of shopkins? I must admit they are truly adorable! I decided to turn this Shopkins surprise jar
into a pencil sharpener and smuggle those cute buddies to class. Take the shopkins out of the jar. I got a broccoli, a toast and icing sugar! Take the paper wrapping off the jar and save
that plus the lid for later. Now take a pencil sharpener and a pencil and
let’s produce some of that pretty sharpening residue. Use different colored pencils to make it even
more interesting and fun. Take a picture of that residue and print it
out. Roll it in a cylinder shape like this and
place inside the shopkins jar. Next, fill the jar with a bunch of your favorite
shopkins characters. I’m taking my entire squad with me to school,
so in the jar they go! Lastly, glue a simple sharpener on the jar
and we’re all set! Ta daaa this appears like a normal pencil
sharpener, full of colorful sharpening residue, but our Shopkins squad is hiding inside instead. And the best part is that your sharpener is
still completely functional! If you love collecting and playing with these
cuties, I am sure they will bring you a ton of joy during classes. I don’t care if fidget spinner aren’t as trendy
right now as they were last year, because I still find them extremely entertaining. Check out this epic idea to sneak it in class. Grab any kind of notebook. Now print a picture of a windmill like this
one and stick it on the notebook cover with a bit of double sided tape. Right here, where we have the spinning part,
we’re going to stick our fidget spinner. So apply some hot glue to the center of your
fidget spinner and glue it to the notebook. How clever right?! The fidget spinner somehow connects with the
notebook background and together they look like a normal notebook, not at all like
toy. So the teacher won’t have anything against
it for sure. Meanwhile, you can play with your spinner,
which is also a perfect stress reliever if you are feeling a bit tense. What a cool DIY notebook idea! I’ve always found soap bubbles so entertaining
and fun! Something about them just makes me so happy
and I could watch them float around in the air all day! There’s definitely something magical about
them! But did you know that you can make real and
epic soap bubbles with a normal marker? Yes and I’ll show you how! Open up a marker, and remove the tip. Now grab a knife and very carefully cut off
that narrow plastic bit at the tip. Next take a pair of tweezers and pull out
the ink tube out of the marker housing. Leave this aside for now and get a piece of
wire ready. Wrap the wire around any rounded object to
get a loop. Twist the ends around each other and as you
can see we got the same shape as with store bought soap bubbles. A perfect bubble making machine. Take some super glue and apply it on the tip
like this. Simply glue it to the inside of the marker lid
and we are all set to make some bubbles. Well, almost! We still need to prepare the soap and water
mixture. Open up a bottle of soap and squeeze some
into the marker housing. That’s enough, now all that’s missing is a
splash of water and we’re ready to make loads of beautiful and magical bubbles. I think this idea is straight up epic! Making soap bubbles with a marker, I mean
it doesn’t get more insane than that! And the truth is it works so well! Look how many bubbles it makes in one go. I almost can’t believe my eyes! I think we all agree that this cool invention
calls for a little prank on the teacher. Lighting happens when ice and water particles
bump into each other inside the thunder clouds. Who did this?! Who did this?! LUDO is a good old favorite board game for
so many of us and sneaking it in class is easier than you think. Grab a larger notebook and open up a front
cover. Print a LUDO template from the internet and
stick it to the notebook with some double sided tape. Take sixteen paper clips in four different
colors. Lastly we need a dice and I was lucky enough
to find an eraser in a form of a dice in a store. You can also DIY it yourself – all you need
is a dice shaped eraser and you can draw the dots yourself. Anyway, as I told ya – sneaking a LUDO board
game in class is literally a piece of cake! In a similar way you can sneak many other
board games to school as well. You and your desk neighbor will have so much
fun. Just be careful so the teacher doesn’t see
you! School can be extra stressful sometimes, so
having a stress ball on hand can be very useful. Take a plastic balloon holder like this one. Now grab a stress ball. Mine has this little handle, which is perfect
to wrap around the balloon holder. Otherwise you can just glue it on. Take a glue gun and apply some hot glue on
the plastic end. Now choose any pencil you like and stick it
to the stress ball. Voila! Our stress ball pencil is all done – it
looks phenomenal and feels very satisfying. I love this idea with the balloon holder,
because if you want you can still take the stress ball off your pencil and it is completely
intact. This little guy is so squishy and fun to play
with. It will definitely take care of all the stressful
or just a bit boring hours in school! Yes I made another one because I’m that obsessed
and want to make even more because these DIY stress ball pencils are simply adorable! If you’re a fan of plushy animals this
DIY hack is perfect for you! Take your favorite mini plush friend and attach
it to the zipper of your pencil case or school bag. Now your beloved toy can go with you to school
every day. And no one will ever think that this is weird,
neither will teacher give you detention for this. You and your cute little friend are perfectly
safe! Should we sneak more slime to class? I think we should, because there’s no such
thing as too much slime! These glitter glue bottles will work perfectly
but instead of glue, we’ll carry glitter slime inside. Wash your glue bottle thoroughly, if you want you can even remove the sticker as I did and set it aside. Grab some green slime and let’s make it all
glittery so it will look exactly as our glitter glue. Pour lots of that sparkly magic on the slime. How gorgeous is this! Remember how I used to be obsessed with glitter
and mixed it in absolutely everything? I miss those times! I tried mixing the glitter in the slime with
a stick but it wasn’t that easy. So let’s roll up the sleeves and get our hands
in there. Play with it for a few moments and the glitter
will incorporate all around the slime evenly. Alright our glittery slime looks exactly like
the glitter glue so it’s time to put it in the bottle. The easiest way is to go bit by bit and throw
pieces of this sparkly slime inside the glue bottle. Screw the lid on and look at that! They look identical so we are completely safe
and can sneak our slime in class! Do you guys know that this is the first time
me properly playing with slime?! I know where have I been! This is so satisfying! You can make glitter slime in all the possible
colors and they look so pretty. I want to try mixing in a ton of colorful
glitter one day, I bet it would look epic! What is Katie hiding inside her pencil sharpener?! Wow what a cool slimy hand! Fun fact, there was a time in our primary
school, when these slimy hands were so extremely popular! We used to get them as a gift in a bag of
chips and literally everyone in school had them. I’m not surprised they are really fun to play
with! And a pencil sharpener is a perfect tool to
help us smuggle this awesome toy to school. These slimy hands are sticky and very stretchy! They will stick to any kind of surface like
windows, tables and so on. You can kiss boring school hours goodbye because
these sticky toys will provide an infinite amount of fun during school classes for sure! Just make sure they don’t go out of your control! Literature, most generically, is any kind
of written works. Literature writing is considered… Uh-oh. Candy, makeup, toys – what else could we
sneak in class? Comment bellow! No seriously, school is very important guys
so stay focused and listen to your teacher. I wish you all an amazing school year. Mwah! Love you bye! Literature writing is considered to be… Often to do the… Is considered to be… Is considered to be…