Hey everybody, Steve here in Plant City, Florida – home to one of our Network switches that can withstand the direct impact of a category 5 hurricane. Now, our network teams have been hard at work all holiday weekend making sure that our prepaid, postpaid and small business customers can count on us when Hurricane Dorian strikes. I caught up with Greg Sansom he’s a member of our network assurance team and he told me that satellite backed mobile assets like this COLT behind me are ready to be deployed across the east coast and will likely serve an important part of this recovery process. Because if our backhaul goes down we may be able to deploy some microwave assets that will allow a point to point but that needs to have a donor site that has good backhaul. This solution allows us to deploy it rapidly with no terrestrial backhaul. We can just rapidly deploy that dish, the equipment that’s inside the COLT, raise the antennas and we’re on the air. And it’s not just members of our Network team you’ll see prepping for the storm, stores from Southeast Florida up through the mid-Atlantic are gearing up as well. Greg from our Melbourne, FL store has more. I’m here at our Melbourne, FL Verizon store. And we are here for our customers just as long as it’s safe. For the past couple of days we’ve been prepping our stores, boarding up windows, placing sandbags down to keep high potential water out. Anyone that stops by can connect to the internet or get a quick charge. We are focused on the safety of our employees and customers. Thanks, and back to you guys. Thanks and please stay safe, Greg. We continue to monitor Dorian’s path. And while optimistic it will turn out to sea, we as a V Team remain ready to respond no matter what this hurricane throws at us. We’re providing unlimited calling, texting and data to our customers impacted by the storm from Florida up through the Carolinas. And let’s not forget about our employee relief fund VtoV. Now is a great time to learn about it and make a donation if you’re able. Until next time, you’re up to speed.