We are in Hilo Bay, where the weather mimics the mood of the people, definitely a calm before the storm. PKG: Tracking Hurricane Ignacio has been high priority for Hawaii County Civil Defense. Orchestrating a game plan falls to Daryl Oliveira and his crew. Today, they issued instructions to first responders to conduct shoreline surf assessments and giving hazard notifications to back country areas. Oliveira says they’ve learned their lesson following Iselle which shattered the myth that the Big Islands mountains would protect it from a storms impact. SOT 18:54 I THINK MANY PEOPLE APPRECIATE HOW VULNERABLE WE REALLY ARE. AND THEY ARE DOING WHAT THEY CAN EARLY TO PREPARE. AND REALLY RECOGNIZING THERE ARE RISKS OUT THERE. I MEAN THE ALBIZIA TREES ARE STILL A PROBLEM. But the community is doing a better job of being prepared. VO: At KTA Supermarket shoppers supplemented their typical weekend grocery carts with extra supplies. Always the first island in line for Severe Storms, They’ve gone through this drill often in the last few weeks. 4:26-4:38 We live on water catchment down in Puna side so you can say we stocking up. Especially since it’s a back to back thing that’s coming. 9:57 AFTER ISSELLE LAST YEAR I WAS REALLY SCARED. SO I WAS PREPARED FOR IT. YOU KNOW PREPARE FOR THE WORST BUT HOPE FOR THE BEST. 22:23 This is probably the 8th or 9th system to develop in the Pacific. For the community, so far all the systems haven’t had a large impact. And we just don’t want the complacency or the Cry Wolf syndrome to begin, where they think it’s going to pass again. We want everyone to be on guard. ONCAM: It’ll be all hands on deck for civil defense at 7am Sunday morning that’s when they’ll construct the days Game plan based on the track of the storm that comes out at 5am. Reporting from HILO, Mike Cherry KITV4 News. Emergency services not taking anything for granted. KITV4’s Roger Mari has more on preparations for Ignacio and Jimena. All of the islands will feel the impact of Ignacio starting this Monday until Wednesday. It’s still too early to tell how Jimena might affect the state but not too early to to prepare. “WE HAVE THESE TWO VERY STRONG HURRICANES MOVING IN OUR DIRECTION OF COURSE IGNACIO IS GETTING VERY CLOSE TO OUR ISLANDS.” State, federal and county officials gathered this morning to BRAIN storm about how to prepare for a LARGE storm. Ignacio is now a category 4 hurricane and the 8th Tropical Cyclone to enter the Central pacific. It’s been a busy Hurricane Season at City Mill in Iwilei but they are well- stocked with hurricane preparedness supplies. “YOU CAN’T GET TIRED OF IT, TO KEEP PEOPLE PREPARED? IF YOU GET TIRED OF IT, YOU GET COMPLACENT, NEXT THING YOU KNOW WE GOT PROBLEMS.” One of the biggest concerns is the sewer system and whether or not it will be able to handle heavy rains. A sewage spill earlier this week– prompted city officials to close some south shore beaches. “IF TOO MUCH WATER GOES IN, IF WE HAVE A HUGE DOWNPOUR WE CANNOT GUARNATEE THAT THERE WILL NOT BE A SPILL, IT’S ONLY DESIGNED FOR A CAPACITY OF SEWAGE.” Homeless living near streams and river banks are also at risk. Standup “RIGHT NOW, CITY CREWS CONTINUE TO CLEAR AWAY DEBRIS FROM STREAMS TO PREVENT THEM FROM OVERFLOWING THEIR BANKS DURING A HEAVY DOWNPOUR.” “WE BELIEVE WE’VE GOTTEN MOST OF IT BUT LIKE ANYTHING ELSE THERE’S A LOT OF DEBRIS UP STREAM IN SOME OF THE CONSERVATION AREAS.” Clinton Maeshiro is staying ahead of the game after a close call during hurricane Iwa in 1982. “I WAS PRAYING, I WAS SAYING, PLEASE GOD, PLEASE SAVE MY ROOF AND THE ROOF DIDN’T FLY OFF SO I WAS LUCKY. BUT I GUESS YOU CAN NEVER BE LUCKY ALL THE TIME.” City, County and Federal Officials will meet again tomorrow morning for another briefing on Ignacio and Jimena. At that time Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell could sign an emergency declaration. Shelters could also open as early as tomorrow afternoon. Pamela, back to you.