Fresh sugar cane are cut from fields …… sugar cane which we had cut is kept at one place …… sugar cane is tied into bunches …convinient for lifting sugarcane is put into crusher for extracting juice SUGAR CANE JUICE ….. BAGASSE or sugarcane waste 4 people are carrying a bigiron vessel… used for making Jaggery Finally our vessesl is placed at right place …. 2 people are carrying a drum full of water this water drum is placed on an empty drum…. sugar cane juice from the crusheris collected in this cement tank. though a hole, water from the drum enters into vessel juice is entering the vessel form cement tank through the pipe A secret ingredient is added …. the vessel is getting filled with water and sugarcane juice Again he’s adding something ,,, which he dint tell us also fire is lit under the iron vessel for boiling This man will keep on adding fuel through the small opening Sugar cane juice isgetting boiled It will take minimum 3 hours for boiling smoke is going out through an outlet During boiling, all impurities come on to the surface,which are removed by scumming. sodium carbonate is added as reducing agent…. we can see the change in colour ….. we can see how well its getting boiled….. Assessing the consistency ….. Adding secret ingredient again… Stir it now … seeing the consistency ….. Boiling is finished ..Vessel is being shifted into sunlight. Stir well so that it becomes more thick ….. scrape the sides ….. scraped content is kept into small tins.. all the tins are placed into trays… these trays are kept aside for some time… we can how nicely ….jaggery is moulded JAGGERY OR GURH IS READY ………. in the same way ,rest of the jaggery is removed from tins…. Jaggery is being packed with polythene cover…. Packed Jaggery is placed in cardboard boxes … Ready for reaching our homes ………..