hey guys to continue my tres leches cake
series today we’re making this gorgeous and delicious chocolate coffee tres
leches cake which was highly requested this is a moist chocolate coffee cake
soaked in a coffee milk bath and topped with coffee whipped cream if you love
chocolate if you love coffee and you love creamy cakes
this is definitely a must try so to make the chocolate coffee sponge cake we do
need to start by melting the butter and chocolate together we’re doing this now
that way it has time to cool before we add it to our eggs I’m using my
microwave for this if you do that keep an eye on it and give it a stir every 30
seconds say your chocolate mixture to the side to cool and we’re going to
start working on the egg whites I’m adding some lemon juice to stabilize
them you can add some vinegar if you prefer or even cream of tartar we’re
going to whip these up and once they start to become foamy you can gradually
start adding the sugar if you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe and
click that notification bell I post new videos every week keep mixing your
egg whites or I should say meringue until it becomes glossy and reaches
stiff peaks just like that set those to the side and in this other
bowl I have some cocoa powder which we’re going to bloom with some hot milk
and some strong hot coffee these will dissolve the cocoa and
intensify its flavor the smell of this mixture is amazing if you love coffee
and chocolate you’ll want to drink this now I was using a spatula but I do
recommend you switch to a whisk or an electric whisk just to avoid those lumps
and that’s exactly what I did you’re going to add the butter and chocolate
mixture which will have cools by now and we’ll bring down the temperature of this
cocoa mixture before adding your egg yolks I’ve added those in and you want
to give this a good mix before adding the flour and baking powder I did sift
these off-camera and I highly recommend you sift these as well
I like to start mixing the batter with my mixer and then I eventually switch to
a spatula so everything incorporates nicely this looks beautiful you know
it’s going to be a good gait when the batter looks like chocolate custard to
this we’re going to add three to four big dollops of the meringue that we made
before which will lighten this cake batter and yields a very soft and airy
cake once those are mixed in you can fold in
the rest of your meringue you do want to be careful and bolt the meringue gently
into the batter we don’t want to lose too much air pour this batter into a
buttered and floured pan lined with parchment paper and you’re going to bake
your cake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit for
around 25 minutes do the toothpick toast of course if it comes out clean the cake
is ready allow the cake to cool for five minutes it will start to slightly deflate
which is normal we don’t want domed cakes anyway and then you’re going to
carefully turn it over onto a rack and let it cool completely while the cake is
cooling we’re going to make the coffee milk back okay so let’s talk coffee I
got a lot of questions on my tiramisu cake video and what coffee I use which
is best how I make my coffee I have an espresso machine I’m not sponsored I
love it I use it for my morning coffee every day you don’t need one though all
that really matters is the coffee you decide to use and I highly recommend you
use high-quality Italian espresso coffee because it does make a difference and
I’ll leave one of my favorite brands in the description box below you’re going
to add your hot coffee to the cocoa which again will dissolve it and
intensify the cocoa flavor once that’s dissolved you can add your three milks
now the beauty of this cake bath is that you can switch it up to your liking
if you want more coffee by all means add more coffee if you don’t want cocoa
powder omit the cocoa powder however I do think this combination is delicious
it tastes like cappuccino with cocoa so good put your cake back in its pan and
you’re going to poke lots of holes in the cake using a fork or toothpick and
then you’re going to pour the coffee milk bath all over your cake your cake
will soak up all this liquid and become super moist and the more the cake will
sit in the fridge the more it will develop this fabulous melt-in-your-mouth
texture so cover it well and Bob it in the fridge while we make the coffee
whipped cream which will top the cake with use the same measuring cup that we
used for the milk bath and this is the only time I’m going to tell you to use
instant coffee do not use instant coffee for the milk
bath do not use it for the cake you only want to use it for this frosting instant
coffee is amazing for frostings and toppings in general I used about three
teaspoons you can add more if you like add your heavy cream and some sugar and
you’re going to whip this up to medium to stiff peaks I didn’t add any cocoa
powder to the cream I wanted that coffee flavor to really shine and contrast the
deep chocolate coffee cake now you have two options here you can either serve
this cake directly in its pan with the excess milk or transfer it onto a
serving plate like I did spread the whipped cream all over the cake and I
like to smooth it out with a cake scraper you know that’s my signature
cake style but it’s your cake decorate it however you like I’m going to cut the
edges for a prettier presentation and I feel like I always have to specify this
because there’s always going to be somebody asking yes I do eat the edges
okay nothing goes to waste if you are looking for the best chocolate coffee
cake this is it to give you an idea it’s very similar to Italian tiramisu but
with an extra chocolate kick it’s delicious and it melts in your mouth