hey October 14th is designated every year as basically the best day of the year because it’s national dessert day so joining us now is chef Jorge Rodriguez and John Easton there was State Fair kitchen and bar and they brought us some beautiful breakfasts sorry back at home you’re gonna have to go there if you want some of these why don’t we go through them what are we looking at what is this yeah absolutely so they are desserts but you can have a breakfast for sure we’ll start with the chocolate mousse cake that’s a cake then a cup yes it is you fooled me yes looks good it’s a milk chocolate chocolate dark chocolate right nice topping the white and I can eat this sure you can eat those jaws for sure then you got the double pie over here okay of course alamode please right they’re gonna do is they’re do it all the way with whipped cream right whipped cream of course your your mint as a garment garnish there the banana pudding which is our most popular okay by far the key lime pie a favorite very basic but everything goes fresh simple of course delicious course it is and then I’m gonna chef John tell us about the trifle this is our berry trifle so on the bottom we have a pastry cream and it also has cake in there that’s kind of what defines our trifle so you have a strawberry compote and whipped cream more cake more blueberries more pastry cream more strawberries sweet feeling on the top so it’s it’s awesome in the glass do a better job at advertising this national dessert day I don’t even know it existed I know it’s not your thing but you know do people know it’s national dessert day two people come and say hey national dessert get some dessert well that’s what we’re here right yeah important cars great weather straws one and desserts trifecta you deserve a banana pudding yes or something else hey you had a special visitor a couple weeks ago yes we did yes mr. JJ well his girlfriend came in right now what did they get do you remember that things I think I think they he had a fried chicken biscuit sandwich okay fair plate so he actually had to I’m not sure if he ate at all but he wanted a variety that’s for sure yeah you’re ready for those games right and now that it’s national dessert maybe he’ll come back so what’s your personal favor what do you like you know for me I definitely go for the apple pie you got to keep it simple you got to keep it fresh and chef John that’s a great job it’s all scratch so yeah like I said if I’m gonna do is they’re gonna go all the way and the chef I am torn between the two glass desserts you know the berry trifle is something I grew up with my father always made in the chocolate mousse is chocolate who doesn’t love chocolate right hey you guys thank you for coming on if people don’t know where you are what’s the location 947 gasner which is right by the mall they’re more the tower we’re right in front of it so guess our night 10:00 okay great find you want to be like JJ Watt come and get to dinner plates or come in for national dessert they try one of these you can fight all of this information and a replay of the segment online at click2houston.com we will post it under the video tab on the homepage after the show and we will be right back