– I don’t know, we’re at
the halfway point now. – This is halfway?
– Yeah. We’re at halfway. (beeps) – What is happening? – I’m just having a moment, it’s fine. Hello, welcome back to Season 2. We have Tess here, for our first episode and we are at Hard Rock. (upbeat rock music) And we’re gonna try all of
the most popular menu items. That’s wings, burgers,
egg rolls, sandwiches, milkshakes, desserts, alcohol. I said it all. Everything. Okay, bye. (upbeat rock music) See you never! We’re doing round one, and Tess, round one usually means appetizers, which is my favorite round. So I’m interested to see if this is also your favorite round. – You’re mansplaining appetizers to me. – Yes.
– Okay, that’s fine. (upbeat rock music) This is about what I do in a theme park, so I came in here
feeling really confident. I just feel like I’ve been knocked down many pegs very quickly. – This is the Hurricane. It’s one of their classic cocktails. And, well, I asked for two
separate drinks for us, so that we–
– Whoa. – (laughs) So the
grenadine’s on the bottom, so I feel like you have to
get your straw on the top. – Mm-hmm. (ice rattling) – It’s supposed to be a
New Orleans classic drink, and you go to New Orleans,
I feel like, at least, five times a year? – If I could live in a
place that wasn’t Florida, I would live in New Orleans. But yes, I appreciate that
this isn’t fire engine red to the face.
– Right. Does it taste like New Orleans to you? – A little bit. – The breakdown of
flavors includes rum, rum, tropical happiness, pineapple,
grenadine, sweet candy and– – Maraschino cherries. (upbeat rock music) (crunching) – I can’t look at you while I do it. – I’m having so much fun.
– Ooh. That’s more cheesy than spinachy. – It’s so cheesy.
– Right? It’s like, I feel like the
spinach is only there for looks to make you feel like you’re
eating something healthy, but it’s pure cheese. I like that. – It tastes like Asiago
(muffled speaking). – Yeah, Asiago but maybe a parm. – Maybe parm. TBD, oh.
– I want to put that on a burger.
– Spoonfuls. – Like a spinach artichoke burger. – What? – That’s a thing. You put the dip on top of the burger. Like one of these. – I feel so out of my element here. I just want magical beings
to bring me my food. – At least you’re sitting.
– I know. – We have potato skins full
of bacon cheddar happiness. We have chicken tendies, which come with a beautiful
honey mustard sauce. We have onion rings, duh. We have wings and to top it all off, we have some really beautiful
southwest egg rolls. – I literally have spinach in my teeth. I ate one thing.
– I don’t see it. – Not you. – I actually don’t see it. Do you feel it?
– Uh huh. – Wait. Oh, I see it now.
– Mm-hm, mm-hm. Go away Chelsea. (laughing) – I usually like to leave
it on for about five minutes into the review. And then Chelsea says something. Are you not gonna do yours
at the same time as me? – [Tess] I am but
there’s corn in that one, so just do what you need to do. (laughing) – Oh, you don’t want this one? – No, I made a rule that
I didn’t tell you about where I get one veto per round. – Egg roll. It’s super creamy and crispy. And this spicy creamy sauce with it is making it just very addicting. And I could eat these all as
one bite to be honest with you. How do you feel about the potato wedge? – I feel like it’s a very hearty bite that doesn’t just collapse in on itself as many potatoes actually do. Which means it’s reached
an ideal level of frying. A plus.
– Chicken tendy. – Chicken tendies. – I want to eat a chicken tendy too. I wasn’t going to but– – It’s served with honey mustard which is the only correct condiment for a chicken tendy by the way. Mm, mm, mm. – Spicy. This is yours.
– It looks like Mr. Feeny’s mustache. (dinging) (laughing) – Oh.
– Mm! I love this journey for us. – Wow. – [Tess] This bourbon
soaked onion journey. (crunching) – Is there no bourbon in it? – There is no bourbon.
– What’s in it? – [Chelsea] Molasses. – [Both] Molasses! Dip. – Okay.
– Here we go. Oh wait. Oh, I got a lot of skin on that one. – Spicy. – [Julia] Oh. – [Tess] Oh, I love the cheese. – I like the wings more
than the chicken tenders. Is that okay to say? Do you agree or no? – You may. I prefer the tenders to the
wings so it balances out. – I think the–
– Balances out. – They’re like juicier. – Oh, they’re certainly very juicy. But I prefer sweet to spice. – [Chelsea] You do have
sauce all over your face. – Where? (laughing) It’s crazy that I’m single, isn’t it? – [Both] It’s so weird. – I’m feeling a little bit of a bang bang shrimp
thing happening here. Mm, yep. – [Tess] Spice or no? – No, it’s very creamy. A very creamy spicy. – Mm.
– It’s where you could eat a bunch of it and
you’d finally feel the heat. This would be one that I
could order as just my meal. You don’t need as an appetizer, ’cause I don’t think I
would share it really. – I totally agree. I feel like you don’t lose at the risk of sounding like a total dick, the integrity of the shrimp flavor with all of the breading. – This is the buffalo-style sliders here with a massive hunk of
an onion ring going on. And we have hot sauce buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing. Chelsea said that she wants one of these for herself when we’re done, so I’m gonna leave that one there for her. – Far more generous than I am. – This one’s prettier, this one. – Oh okay. (crunching) Oh (beeps) yeah. Mm. Oh, favorite thing. – The bun is really fricking buttery. – Whoo hoo hoo. Love that.
– Wow. Oh, look at that drip. That’s when you know.
– Drip, drip. – Drip drip. It’s a whiskey bacon
mini slider bun burger. And it has a massive blanket
of cheddar cheese going on. A bunch of bacon jam with
onion and tangy sauce. This one looks like I’m gonna like it more than the other one. – Look at that layering
of cheese, that’s wild. – It’s just a lot of cheese.
– How generous. – So nice of them to do for us. – That has been bestowed upon us. – Mm, yeah. This one’s better to me than that one. – Oh yeah, I agree. – It’s so good.
– Mm, bacon jam. – The bacon jam. Coat my body in it. I don’t know.
– A weighted blanket of bacon jam. – I feel like I’m gonna start sweating by round two because it’s
gonna just be more meat. – [Tess] I love some meat
sweats in the morning. – [Julia] Okay. How do you feel about this
one compared to the other one? – Just kidding.
– Oh, Chelsea! – We didn’t even talk about it yet. – I’m over it. Again, this is another one where you could order it as your meal. Three-cheese Roma flatbread
with a bunch of pesto and happiness involved. – Did you take your second Lactaid yet? – No (muffled speaking). – Mm, okay. – This is so different
from everything else that we’ve tried so far.
– It’s so different. It’s like chill appetizer. – Yeah.
– These are not chill. – I want to eat this outside. Not right now.
– In Times Square. I’m obsessed with the fact
that we’re in Times Square. I haven’t been here since 2011. – It’s like–
– No, I tried to catch a Pokemon here in 2014 or whenever that was popular. – You know those subway little dots that are red and white?
– Mm-hm. – When I first moved here I
thought that they were Pokeballs and I was like, “Wow, Pokemon really
got into New York City.” – That’s so embarrassing.
– Then I realized it was just the exit signs for subways. Then I was like, “Okay.” My favorite is the bacon jam slider. – I don’t want to have
the same favorite as you, so for variety sake I’m
gonna go with the dip. – Okay, so for this round, okay. (bluesy rock music) It’s not enough for you? I can ask them to bring us more. – Can we get double please? – This is the tropical margarita and obviously tequila Cointreau, which I still want to call it swantreau with guava and lime juice, and the tequila is
strawberry infused flavored. – That’s what I’m tasting is guava. – I feel like we’re on an island. I guess technically we are. Times Square is its own island. – [Tess] I was just gonna
say do I have to remind you where we are?
– I never need to be reminded. Wow. I like this one more than the Hurricane. – I think I do too. – This is the legendary burger. This is the original. It has bacon in here. So much cheddar and I like that their legendary original burger has bacon and onion rings in it. A lot of people’s classic
legendary burger or whatever is just a cheeseburger, but this is a lot of things. We got lettuce, we got
tomato, we got cheese, bacon, crispy onion ring and beautiful shiny little bread here. This is very nice and standard, and if you don’t like to
have a bunch of crazy (beeps) on your burgers this is a
nice calming place to be. – I have to agree with you
and also think it’s imperative that you examine a bun to patty ratio. – Interesting.
– ‘Cause so many burgers that are trying very hard
will give you minimal bun and huge patty, and it’s just a soggy disaster. But look how this holds. – Fun fact. Hard Rock was not founded
in Florida, which is crazy, in London.
– Wild. – This is one of the first
places we’ve been in a long time that wasn’t from Florida. The original place was in the ’70s, 1971. Yes! And this is one of their
burgers that’s an homage to that time. Oh, my arteries might not
be happy, but I’m happy. Take a center bite.
– Can I do that? – The center bite is so good. – I can try my very hardest.
– It’s so good. Isn’t it juicier?
– Oh (beep) yeah. – So the patty is vegan.
– So you can make a vegan meal here.
– Oh yeah. You could take out the cheese. Depending on what the
fried onion’s fried in, you might have to take that out too. But then you could have a
vegan burger at Hard Rock. – And have options. – I feel like if I’m at Hard Rock though I’m going in. I don’t know if I’d get a
vegan burger at Hard Rock. I’d would go for the double stacker, decker we just had over this. – Yeah, I agree with you I have to say. – But let’s see for the vegans. Tastes like meat to me. It really does.
– Actually that does taste very meaty. – I’m always confused on how they do this. How are you making it, it looks like meat. And it very much tastes like it. The bite of it, you know what I mean? – It’s the juices of many woody vegs. (hard rock music) (laughing) Okay, I’m gonna dip again. I suspect it’s that same
sweet molasses sauce. – Mm-hm, mm-hm, it’s sweet but tangy. Mm. I think this is better than
doing a big onion ring, doing a bunch of the little frizzles. I’m just gonna keep calling them frizzles. The bacon, mm. It’s just so, I like my bacon crispy. I don’t like it when it’s all floppy. Oh, I’m really happy with this. – I feel like you taste
the cheese a lot here. Though I don’t know why. It’s not like this is the
cheesiest burger on the table. – No, it’s not the
cheesiest girl at the party. Do do do do.
– Oh yeah. – 24-karat gold leaf burger. – I thought we were gonna
break out into song. I got really excited. – I have to say when we eat this are we then our body’s more expensive, you know what I mean?
– I was gonna ask if it makes us rich, but yeah. – So if someone tried to,
we would be worth more. The gold leaf burger is actually not $100. You would assume most places
when you get something that’s gold foiled whatever, it ends up being something
that’s crazy expensive. This one’s 30ish dollars
depending where you are and part of the money
goes towards a charity, which I feel like makes
it so that you don’t feel as bad eating gold. You usually don’t taste
the gold foil though. It’s purely for looks. It’s not like you taste
it and you’re like metals in your mouth. That’s usually at least how I’ve noticed. – That would be highly upsetting. – I would say it’s a very
standard cheeseburger, right? – It’s very compact. It reminds me of the first burger we had– – Yeah, it does.
– In this round. – The double decker
stacker one is super juicy. And the frizzle, yeah, that one, that one’s super juicy. And then this bacon bourbon
barbecue onion ring beauty over here, it’s just
perfectly crunchy and juicy. – Time for favorites. – I think I just said
what my favorite was. – You kinda did. Excluding the tropical marg, which actually might be my favorite thing, I like that first burger
we had, the legendary. Like A plus onion ring. Perfect amount of bacon. (bluesy rock music) – If I can turn my neck
down just like this and I close my eyes, I
could actually fall asleep. Okay, we’re in round three now. As you can see–
– Oh! – We’re had much more to drink. We’ve kept our margaritas on the table ’cause they’re, oh–
– Oh (laughs). – They’re just very delicious. Oh no (laughs). How are you liking your
Rhythm and Rosé Mule? – I find it to be fantastic
and super gingery. – It’s really heavy. – It feels nice on my stomach. – Oh, this would cool me down. – This is about the weight
of dumbbell that I– – That you use?
– That I attempt in the gym. I’m serious. – Imagine a workout class
where you get to do this with your drink and then you get to sip. – It feels a bit counterintuitive, but I like it. – Rhythm and Rosé Mule
has passion fruit in here, it has rosé, it has green tea in it, it has guava, no, no. I already said passion fruit. But I taste a lot of the ginger. – Truthfully I’m not
even listening anymore. – Okay. A great fun fact for you is that Hard Rock has a (beep) ton of memorabilia here. Depending on what location you go to each place has its own memorabilia stuff. At this one they have an– (laughing) you’re ruining my entire show. – I’m so sorry. I really am. – Is it not interesting that they have famous people (beep) here? – Why can’t I drink and
it still be interesting? It’s mutually–
– I can’t take it seriously when you’re doing that. – I’m so sorry. Don’t look at me, please keep talking. – Eric Clapton was the
first memorabilia given and he gave a guitar, but he didn’t sign it, but he wanted it over the
table that he used to sit at. And then other musicians
were like, “What the (beep)? “I want my own seat at this restaurant.” And then it became this huge thing here. This is a great arts and
crafts moment for us. – I love that.
– I think it shows our creativity. Okay, you’re gonna start, okay. – Well, I just feel like if
you get an adhesive base, then you could add whatever you want with less of a chance of making a mess. Tess’ fun fact. – I’m gonna do shrimp
if you do steak then. – Okay, love it.
– So we get a fair tasting of these.
– Yes. – So this is the three way fajita but you can get all of these separately with just more of it. That makes sense, right? – Yeah, I’m keeping it real
minimalistic right now. – Oh okay. That’s all I had to say about it. I just want to eat the shrimp by itself ’cause it’s perfectly seasoned and just a little bit of a
Cajun spice to it almost. How do you feel? – Great. – Do you like the steak more, do you like (muffled speaking)? – I enjoy the steak. I like that it’s a thinly shaven strip rather than a–
– Big chunky chew. – Like a french fry shaped, yeah. – It’s so that you can
actually eat more of it. – It’s an easy chew. – I’ll just take a bite of the chicken. Oh, I was trying to get a small bite. I haven’t tasted the steak but I want to rank it
shrimp, steak, chicken. – Okay. – You’re fine with that? – I trust you completely.
– Okay. – No regrets. (upbeat rock music) – Do you want me to do airplane or do you want me to do
chugga chugga choo choo? Or do you want me to do a surprise you? – No, I don’t like any type of foreplay. Just get straight into it. (laughing) – Ribeye is one of my favorite things that we order at restaurants
whenever we do these. It’s usually just super juicy and this one has a bunch of butter on it. I want to get some of
that butter in there. Yeah. – Like enough butter
that you can have some with every bite.
– Yep. It’s buttery, it’s easy to chew, which is a very important thing. I, what?
– I’m still chewing the bite you gave me.
– Well, it’s a little big. What’s your thoughts on salmon? – I enjoy salmon very much. I do find that it needs crazy seasoning for me to–
– Really get into it? – [Tess] Yeah. – Well lucky for you this
thing has a (beep) ton of butter and saucy sauce going on here. And I already doused it with the lemon. So it’s wrapped in this
cedar paper of sorts to give it some smokiness. Oh, that butter. This is really sweet salmon. – I love the lemon on it. – It’s super rich because
of all the butter. This is the twisted mac and cheese. – Can I smell it?
– Yes. – Is it pepper? – Yes. – Okay, I can’t eat peppers.
– Oh. I also–
– It tastes like them. – You can’t eat them, I don’t like them. So I’m gonna say I can’t eat them either. – Yes.
– I can eat them and I like them. – Sucks to suck, huh? – You’d taste it just
so we have an honest– – It’s spicy. – You like it?
– Mm-hm. – Okay, someone who
likes pepper who’s not us enjoys the mac and cheese. For both of us there’s
a lot of pepper flavor so it’s a little bit harder. Spicy chicken tendy. Look at all those, is
that red pepper flakes all up in there? That’s–
– So spicy. – (sighs) Okay.
– Again, can you smell the spice coming off of it? – Oh sorry. – Not me. – I’m hoping that these are
just with the honey mustard is giving it the perfect balance. – You tell me. – They’re not that spicy.
– Okay. Then I will take a bite. It has some honey mustard on it. – Yeah, they’re not that spicy. I’m gonna do with the barbecue sauce. – But delicious. – This barbecue sauce I
believe is their homemade one. – [Tess] Can I use the M word? – Moist?
– Yeah, it’s moist. – It tastes better with the barbecue sauce and the honey mustard.
– Yeah? – Mm-hm.
– All right. – [Julia] It really does. – Confirmed. – Divisive statement I
feel like for most time ’cause honey mustard really
is a superior condiment to barbecue sauce. – All around. – But this barbecue sauce
is really (beep) good. I have to say I have very long arms. – [Tess] You do. Move over, mine are much shorter. – Yes.
– Yeah. That’s full arm length.
– No, it’s bigger than your forearm. – Okay, but my full half arm. – [Julia] We’re gonna go in on these beautiful baby back ribs. – [Tess] Look at the glaze. – The glaze is so sticky.
– That glaze though. – And that to me for ribs you
want it to be really sticky. You wanna be messy. – Yeah. – It’s very sweet, right? – Mm. – Oh, crunchy bit. But I have to say I would
get this sauce to go. I would try to get an entire bottle of it. Hard Rock, please start
selling this for me. I think my favorite thing is
going to be the ribeye though or the ribs. I could really go back and forth on that. Where is your head at? – I would also say the ribeye
with a bunch of butter on it, because that… (coughing) Are you hulking out right now? – I feel like my energy level is going up instead of down right now. – Is that a little scary? – Just because I don’t know, we’re at the halfway point now. – This is halfway?
– Yeah, we’re at halfway. (beep) (upbeat rock music) How are we feeling? – I’m pretty full. What is this?
– I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty full too. – You’re full. Oh, you’re filming. – Something happened
between round three and four and we’re now very full. – I do feel less drunk than
I did about a round ago, but I feel fuller as well. – This is very gin
forward, the Electric Blue. I keep wanting to call it
an Electric Blue lemonade for some reason because
of the lemon in it. – It smells very citrusy. – So it has so much alcohol in it. It has gin, it has–
– It has so much alcohol. – Gin, it has vodka. We have blue curacao.
– Did you say voka? – Yes! Let me–
– Voka? – Vodka, what am I saying it weird? – Is that how they say it in Florida? – Vodka. What am I saying? – I heard voka. – Voka?
– Yeah. – I don’t know. Gin, vodka, voka, rum, blue curacao and Hard Rock’s very own
energy drink in here. – [Chelsea] It looks radioactive. – That’s okay with me. – I’m not gonna fight you on that. – I would definitely drink
this before a show here. And just be amped up. – Yeah, like a pump up kind of. – Yeah, it’s like a pump up drink. This one would be hard
for me to casually sip on, but also the color tells
you you’re not casually sipping on this.
– No. – This is like–
– It’s gonna last you a minute.
– Yeah. We’re doing the onion ring tower now. This is a side dish
that you can order here for you and all of your
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven friends. – Nobody should have more than seven friends.
– Six friends. (crunching) Whoa!
– Mm. – That is crunchy. – Mm. – This is crunchier than the
other one we had earlier. – [Tess] Mm-hm, this is delicious. – I don’t even want to dip it in, what is that, ranch?
– I’ll do it. – Okay. – Excuse me please. – Oh my God, you got
so much ranch on there. I’m assuming it’s ranch, not blue cheese. I just think that that barbecue sauce, I’m not going to do it, but I would just go like
this and drizzle it all over. – I thought you said you
were going to take it to your mouth like a shot.
– Oh, like this. – I will pay you. – How much? – My eternal love.
– Nope. This is a steak salad with some pesto. (gasping) This is a very juicy salad because we are spilling it everywhere. – A juicy salad is a nice way to say it. I’ve never heard a salad
described as juicy before. – It is. We have spilled it, it’s on my phone. – Good job, your prowess is… – Jesus. This is a bountiful amount of steak. Look how big my mouth is right here. This is a beet salad. – [Tess] Would you also call
it juicy by the way it looks? – I would say the salad
looks juicer than that one. – Okay. – I would say also because the beets and mandarin or orange in here. And these seeds and the goat cheese, I would say it’s probably
super sweet and juicy and fresh. – Mm.
– Oh, yeah! – I needed that. – It’s so refreshing. And this is juicier than the other salad. I’m already excited about
this because the bread is super golden and toasty. And I can already tell that there’s a really beautiful dressing up under here. It might just be mayo. It might just be butter, but I don’t care. So this chicken club sandwich has a layer of beautiful mayo, lettuce, tomato, obviously thick little chunks. Thick little (laughs) chunks of chicken. And a bunch of bacon. And then of course toasty golden bread. Num, num, num, num, num. – Never do that again. This is a waterfall of coleslaw. – [Julia] That’s a great
way to describe this. – [Tess] Isn’t it? I just came up with it and I’m like that is a fantastic, magnificent even. – Mm! – Are there apple slices? – There are apple slices. Wait, those are actually, that’s nice. That’s really thinly sliced so it’s probably super crunchy. – Oh, I love that. Let’s find out! – I feel so like I’m a mother watching. – Mm! Will you grade me when I’m done? – Of course. I’m gonna eat your remnants. – Okay. The bun is buttery. It sounds like I’m making fun of you but I’m not trying to. – No, it’s okay if you do. – The coleslaw is creamy. Love the word creamy. The pulled pork actually is pretty chunky. – Is pulled (laughs). – It is, it’s delicious. More of the barbecue sauce. Between it was like molasses and sweet. Super thin apple slices of
different kinds of apples, which I love. Attention to detail, thank you so much. I love this pulled pork
bite with the apple. I love that. – Yes, I agree. This one, it’s hard to
compare this to the salads, you know what I mean? – Sure, sure. – But this was just the apple slices I feel like won our
hearts over immediately. – But this also feels like
a staple for the table, would order. – Also you could order
that and just put it on all the burgers and
sandwiches that you order later. – That’s an idea.
– And save it. – [Both] Crafty. (hard rock music) – [Julia] We are on desserts and for the first time ever
we have boozy milkshakes. – Oh, there is booze in here!
– There’s booze in it. – Oh! – So we’re doing the
cookies and cream one. And this one has vanilla vodka in it. – Yum!
– When was the last time you had vanilla vodka? – It’s been many years, but I’m excited. I’m very excited. I love a cookies and cream anything. Mm! – (beep) yeah. – It’s just like cookies
and cream ice cream. – It’s so good.
– Oh! – I don’t taste the alcohol which could be for many reasons. – No, there’s like a hint
of vanilla at the end. – Wait, is this a brownie? I thought this was a marshmallow. Is this a sugar coated brownie? Wow. This feels deluxe. Oh, the rum! – (muffled speaking)
alcoholic all the way through. Again, this was just on the backend. – This one I, this one is the silent killer. This one’s up in your face. I like the cookies and cream one more because I can’t taste it. But I have to say my
mom who loves Irish rum would be all over this. – I like the whip cream. It’s very luscious. – Yeah, also I like the
Heath bar on this though. I could just sit here
and pick at it all day. – Yeah, this is a good time. – [Julia] Mm, okay so let’s take a sip of our espresso martini. – Okay, how does a classy lady
drink an espresso martini? – There is no way. – There is no way, okay. – I mean do you want to try
doing it with your pinky out? – Do you eat the coffee bean? – I would not do that right off the bat. – Why? Is it like an amateur move
to eat the coffee bean? – I don’t think it naturally is gonna go into your mouth first. – Okay. – Okay, pinky.
– Pinky. – Thank you, okay.
– Wait! I think you should do the crossy thing. – Oh no.
– No, no, no, no. – Your worst idea yet. (laughing) – Oh. Do you taste that Grey
Goose Vodka in there? – I do. – Do you taste the Kahlúa? – I do. – Do you taste the espresso? – I prefer my boozy milkshake. – I don’t know if I agree. I like that this has the
frothy bits on the top and it’s just like pure alcohol. Versus the other one has a bunch of milk and heaviness to it. This is just straight
up not messing with you. It’s an espresso martini. Has your alcohol and a
little bit of dessert. This is dessert with a
little bit of alcohol. I would say they’re serving two
totally different audiences. – I mean I’m not gonna
disagree with you there. This is more my speed. – We have the homemade apple cobbler. – Oh, it’s apple.
– Yeah! And there’s layers of apples in there. Most chain restaurants I have to say have some sort of apple
cobbler surprise dessert on their menus. It always tastes like fall
and it’s usually ends up being the underdog. The underdog winner of the round. – Okay. – Yeah, there’s so many layers here. Get in my mouth tonight. That was funny. – My body just convulsed with
how hard I rolled my eyes. I like the top though. It’s all caramelized and fun. – It’s just crumbly. It’s crumbly and sweet and
the cinnamon with the apples and mm. – More crumbles 2020. – Right. I’m gonna review your
favorite thing, cheesecake. – Yeah, no, please, I would
really like to try that. – Mm! It tastes amazing. – Okay, you do it as me. – Oh, you want me to pretend to be you? – Because I did, what did I do as you? Oh, the pulled pork sandwich. I did really well so you do me. But just give me this.
– Mm, oh my God. There’s, (laughing) oh, and there’s a little
chunky crumbly bit in here. And a little ribbon of, why do I get louder when I’m you? You get–
– ‘Cause I’m very loud. – No, you’re quiet. – I’m from New Jersey. – This reminds me of New Jersey’s bagels. – I didn’t know you were
doing mean impressions. I can do a mean impression of you too. No, you’re right. That’s exactly how I
sound and what I’d say. (laughing) Aw! – This crunchy toffee almond, I’m assuming it’s like
a Heath bar situation. – [Tess] It feels similar to what’s lining this shake, yeah? – Yes. It’s what’s lining that
milkshake that we really liked. And it’s adding the perfect, because cheesecake can just
kind of melt, you know? Up in your face hole, so this
is adding something different. – Yeah, this has some body to it. – Of the five desserts that you’ve tried, where’s your head at? – If you know, you know. I’m talking to my fans. – Your fans don’t watch my show. – I know. – There’s zero crossover. – It’s hard to say because
I do love cheesecake. – Top two maybe? Is it that, I thought you
like the milkshake more? – Mm-mm, I much prefer this one. – Interesting, okay. I don’t think I can say
one of the milkshakes are my favorite considering
I’ve just had too many of them over my lifetime
and they hurt my soul. The espresso martini
and the apple crumble, beautiful thing over here– – I’ve done it again. (laughing) I’m sorry.
– What’d you do? – Nothing. – Sorry, keep talking.
– No, we’re done. We’re done. We finished the episode,
it doesn’t matter. We ate a lot of the
cheesecake for no reason. – Yeah, we really did. – We were supposed to take
one bite and talk about it and instead we demolished it. And then didn’t give it a proper review. – I honestly will keep eating it if you want to sit here a while. – I want to finish this before we go. – That’s fine. – ‘Cause if we have to go back to work I need to have something. – Oh my God, I forgot we
have to go back to work. – We have to go back to work. I’m at a loss for words. Thank you for joining me. I don’t know if you’re
ever gonna wanna come back. Do you regret doing this? – I have to let it marinate
for a little bit honestly. – Okay.
– But overall, 11 out of 10 would do again. (whining) You didn’t cheers me though. – I’m sorry, cheers. Like and comment and subscribe and stuff. And– – The leftovers are
coming back to the office. – Leftovers are coming back to the office. Stop bugging us about it. Let me know where you
want me and Tess maybe to even go to next. – Or just you yourself.
– Or maybe just me. – Yeah.
– But if you ever wanted Tess to come back, I don’t know. Maybe you don’t want her to come back. You don’t know.
– I would understand. – But if you want her to come back, where is a place that you’d
want her to see with me? Is that a thing? Mm, I butchered that, I don’t know. I’m done. (upbeat rock music)