hi I’m Josh I’m Molly and this is seven if Gabi jollibee the French they can do fancy desserts the English and do budget [Laughter] anyway oh yeah and your kid will love exactly something you can shove in the microwave I want it to cost less than 50 P and be terrible for my child self funny note that we’re doing desserts in England we call them puddings pudding is dessert yeah I was kind of confused when I arrived here every but it was like pudding pudding you know it’s like expecting the actual pudding yeah you have come from France you’re expecting a chef in the back whipping up a souffle and then we bring out basically a barely edible plastic cup no raise our expectations we cannot promise that I want to start by reassuring you Gaby that I haven’t bought any of these [Music] there’s no seafood there’s no poo so we’re starting out the most classic British is a Victoria sponge yeah but you’ve had many a Victoria sponge hmm yeah I like it really simple it feels light although it’s not it’s definitely not like that I feel like it’s kind of Airy yeah it is right don’t want a dense Victoria it’s going to be light and moist look at that see that’s what victorious one supposed to look like airy soft cake layer a cream layer a jam let’s give it a go a Victoria sponge hmm this is Airy mmm I’m full I finished that I was really good you’re gonna make like that really just gonna say we have six more off there okay future small slice so control is not my forte so that was the Victoria sponge named after Queen Victoria so this Queen Queen Victoria I don’t know about her this is former leader so Queen Victoria is the one who started the afternoon tea ah he loved cakes she loved sugars and she liked it through afternoon tea parties and that’s when all the cakes and the sugary dessert came apart of teatime English course it’s time for the next dessert people out with the Victoria sponge now this is one of my favourite ever English desserts that looks like a sweaty bald head this is a supermarket version of probably the greatest British dessert in history so it doesn’t do it justice steaming we’re not France and we don’t make food look pretty no matter what it looks like it’s gonna taste it and it tastes really good this what is it sticky toffee pudding yeah but it looks I would say it looks it doesn’t always look this bad this is this right here this is what it’s supposed to look like this stuff is amazing three two one good yeah yeah oh you can right there almost each I putting on it is ruining my just eat it one mouthful no Wow well better whipped cream yes I had it with cream the first time my heart yeah cuz if you mix it with cream it becomes this creamy caramel single cream and also if it’s piping hot and you have cold cream on it well you can never go wrong with a hot coal company like cow Pat affogato but with cream it was literally the way the next British dessert this is baby vomit is this rice pudding this is rice pudding sure it’s not York it’s sweet this is the classic English school cafeteria dessert I feel literally like I’m floating a baby baby food was a taste like nothing you got nothing really sweeter than any trip you’ve ever yeah yeah I so really like it’s really creamy is it good yeah this is really creamy but yeah this is basically like overcooked rice you’ve accidentally dropped in single cream with a bit sugar mix around job done it just looks terrible it looks bad far it tastes a lot better than it looks right all right well I look maybe this will help this is something you guys really like your jams huh because all the stuff you make jam from in England like grows naturally all the different berries and strawberries and you can make fresh jam really easily me and my grandma always me yeah my grandma can rush to every year nice right so it we put in a lot of desserts and jam and rice pudding I think it on don’t know why the dollars give us your memory I think because it’s acidic it tastes more like vomit than before I love it I love this I think you have to grow up eating it because we don’t like it sorry but I don’t like it it’s funny you say that because I grew up being it is it worse than your memory on there definitely I think also having a baby that had reflux so it was vomiting like 20 30 times a day that’s probably put me off no that really does look like baby identical okay next up in the factory made desserts of glory your mom made a frog did she made a fresh one which yeah it was really nice this is trifle English trifle always wobbly now is this what you imagined doing like yeah now in England we don’t call it pudding the court trial is a type of pudding as are all the things we look at that I think the thing about trifle right I have always thought this when you look at the ingredients layered it looks like at every stage it’s like that’s the wrong thing to put on top of that right you got jelly and then you’re like you know that’s jelly that’s pretty soggy you know we shouldn’t put on top of that a bit of sponge you know we shouldn’t of a sauce we put some icing no fruit what do you have on top of fruit maybe like a dusting of sugar no let’s put some custard on custard ah nice to have it was something warm no chilled cream everything about it it’s toasty County Georgia yeah see I’m not a big fan why pretty much all the reasons only just listed it’s weird you’re almost really sounds like this sounds like for a party someone had to make like a big variety of a really nice desserts and I may just have leftover ingredients from each one and a bucket yeah and they just poured them all in a bucket one after the other bit cream on top a little room and that was it trifle mass always call it leftovers all right come on oh man I’m feel a bit sick that’s quite a good cross-section oh great see we’ve got the jelly and the fruit and then a piece of cake and then custard and then creep so weird why are all these things together does that look Josh like a dessert that was defined by rules absolutely not this is a lawless dessert tastes like it good I mean the walnut his longmate was really good I couldn’t have enough but that’s what it’s not that good that tastes like a machine made it yeah a soulless machine with no love from almost all though these arts you served or warm this is do you know if it’s get me it is crumble but this isn’t just any this is blackberry and it’s got a crumble name because there’s crumble on top and then underneath there is the fruit which is cooked the traditional way to eat it is weakest I remember in school you used to get puddings with custard and some kids like would only like the custard so they would like skip their pudding and instead just get a bowl of custard Wow like a cup of eggnog those kids love it some of them are alive I can see why they do that you can’t hate him for it oh look at that see I’m gonna drama drown I’m a some other ah he’s one of those all right let’s do this do you think mmm oh yeah we’ve arrived I like this combination I love mmm how country nice there’s creaminess it’s sweet fruity hanging fruity yeah but the highlight for this is the crumble on top yeah definitely in fact I feel like my mum it’s a crumble like 75% crumble on top oh that was my favorite I think I love it like it has all the pictures I like I love Victoria sponge cake horsemen it’s good it’s clean you’ve got coming and also I think honorary mention sticky toffee pudding yeah we had a terrible really bad where we haven’t done ourselves proud by getting machine stuff rice pudding was better than most rice puddings I’ve had know I can tell you for a fact English rice pudding generally tastes terrible I remember how it tasted in school and it was not good it was so yeah you’re right I remember thinking at school this is what people in prison ate you that I’ve considered a life of crime when I grow up but having eaten this I decided against it’s not a crime never pays and when it does it comes in the form of rice [Music]