– [Right Officer] I don’t wanna do it. I dunno. – [Voiceover] Go on. Just do it. – [Left Officer] I wanna see you do it. – [Voiceover] Okay, just straight down the barrel of the lens as well. You got this. Doug Armstrong. Three, two, one, go. – I’m an officer of the law, and you’re watching Doug Armstrong. (siren wailing) (laughter) – [Doug] Thanks guys. That’s awesome. Thank you. Have a good day. (trumpet fanfare) Hey guys! I am back in America once again. Yeah! This is Times Square behind me, if you can’t tell. I’m in New York. I love New York. It’s one of my favorite cities, along with LA. And speaking of LA, if you remember last year, I went to LA and found some of the craziest fast food that Los Angeles had to offer, and tried it all. And there was some pretty
awesome things over there. But I am back at it again, because this time I’m in New York and I’m looking for some
of the craziest desserts that New York has to offer. I’m really excited. I have not had breakfast so I’m pretty hungry, and I’m ready to consume a lot of calories and sugar. Let’s go do this. So, I’m kicking things off at this place, Serendipity 3, right behind me. I wanted to find somewhere that did like a really good, impressive, crazy sundae, as I love sundaes. And I’ve heard theirs are really good. So, I’m excited to see
what they have to offer. Let’s go check it out. Boop beep bee doop do. You know, there’s like so many different sundaes to choose from. I’m going for the
Forbidden Broadway Sundae. That looks really good, and it’s like all, all things chocolaty, which is my fav. It’s like a chocolate blackout cake with a load of ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and topped with whipped cream. It sounds really good, and I’m super excited to give it a go. I also had to choose
my flavor of ice cream, which is like another choice. Ah, but I went with
chocolate and pistachio, as I think that’s a
really good combination. These mirror things behind me, I kind of want some of these in my room. They’re really cool. Oh, here it comes. – [Waiter] Enjoy. – [Doug] Thank you so much. – [Waiter] You’re welcome. – This looks insane! The smell of the hot fudge sauce is just like making my mouth water, and making my taste
buds do a little dance. (people chatting) Damn! That hot fudge sauce is insane! It’s so good. I’m in heaven. The cake is like really rich and dense, and I’m having a good time right now. This is doing it for me. This is the biggest sundae I think I’ve ever had. It’s amazing. You could feed a family of four with this. (people chatting) Well, that was seriously tasty. Unfortunately, I haven’t
eaten a lot of it, but I’ve gotta save room, ’cause we got a lot more crazy desserts to try today in New York. So, onto the next one. (sirens wailing) I swear these trucks
are following me around to make so much noise for the video. They all hate me. Alright, that place was awesome. I loved it. But I’m going to a place
called Schmackary’s now. Schmackary’s! Aparently, they do really good cookies and crazy, different flavors of cookies. So, I heard they have a maple-bacon one. I’ve got my eye on that. Hopefully it’s good. We will soon see. (people talking) (subway rumbling) Oh my god, I keep going the
wrong way on the subway. It’s too confusing! I just ended up in Queens by accident, and added half an hour onto my journey. Brilliant. Yay. Now I want some cookies. I want the cookies! So I made it to Schmackary’s. I might have got lost on the subway on the way here, but I made it. And I’m excited to try one of their peculiar flavors of cookie. Okay, so first up, I went with a maple-bacon cookie. Never had that before. But I do love maple, and I do love bacon. So, I’m excited. (children shouting) Mmm. Oh my god. There is bacon in this cookie. I don’t know if I like it. I mean, I do I think, but it’s kind of savory and sweet at the same time. And I also got this one, which is a sweet corn cookie. There’s like corn stuff in it. Here it is. It’s really soft and chewy, which is good. Good texture. Yeah, it’s nice. Quite sweet. A bit salty as well, but I like it. If I had to choose one, yeah I think I prefer this one. The sweet corn. It was good. Man, why don’t they do these everywhere? Why do I have to come
to New York for this. Okay, next stop. I’ve got something very special for you. Put the cookies down. Let’s take a walk, shall we. Let’s see where we’re going next. Guys, are you ready? Are you ready? It’s time for my all-time
favorite thing in the world. Cheesecake! Junior’s place apparently does some of the best cheesecake in New York. I think it won Time Out magazine’s like, top place to go for cheesecake last year. So, it’s gonna be good. I’ve never been to Junior’s before, so I’m very excited. Here are all the cheesecakes. I’m looking at this one. I’m very impressed by the
red velvet cheesecake. That looks really good. And I’m also impressed by all the other ones on the bottom row. So, ooh what’s it gonna be? Ooh, so I was tempted by
that red velvet cheesecake. That looked really good. But, to be honest it didn’t have a lot
of cheesecake in there. It was very red velvety, and I needed my cheesecake fix. So, I’ve gone with this one, which is the chocolate mouse cheesecake. Oh my god, it is huge! That is the biggest slice ever. It’s basically a wedge. But without further ado
I need to dig into this ’cause it looks really good. Okay, I’m just gonna try a bit of the cheesecake on it’s own first, so that I can get like the serious, real Junior’s cheesecake experience. So, just the cheesecake first. Mmm. Oh my god. That is quite possibly the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. Oh! That’s like a whole
explosion in your mouth. Now for a bite as it comes, the chocolate mouse cheesecake. So, we got some chocolate mousey stuff and then the cheesecake as well. I’m in heaven. So like, smooth and velvety in your mouth. Oh man. I’m gonna have to take a piece of this home with me I think, ’cause I don’t think I can finish it. But, mmm it’s so good! I think I need to meet Junior. This guy knows how to
make good cheesecake. But we’ve gotta move on. We’ve still got some really good ones to show you next. So, I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to top that cheesecake, but we’ll see. We’ll give it a good go. And so, I’ve come to this place, Dominique Ansel Bakery, because here they do cronuts, which is a croissant doughnut. (hip hop music) Two amazing things combined into one. So, unfortunately they
were out of the cronuts. I’m gutted. I came all this way and I didn’t get to have one. I guess they sell out, like really quickly because they’re so popular. But yeah, I got the next best thing. It is a D K A. Sorta similar, but it’s a croissant. I think when they’re cooking it they restrict how much it can expand, so it becomes a bit more dense. And it’s also like,
caramelized on the outside, whilst at the same time being soft and flaky in the center. So it sounds awesome. Six dollars, so I’m hoping it’s… I’m hoping it’s good. Let’s try it. (people talking) Mmm. Oh shoo! That’s good! I don’t know how to describe it. Oh my god! It is so much better
than a regular croissant. I want to have these all the time, now. Screw regular croissants. They suck. This is good. Yum. The center is even like, a bit moist. It’s amazing! Quite surprising, considering it’s just like, pastry. I like it. At the last one. The finale. We are here! We are queer! We’re at the one that is possibly the most resonant with my personality. Style Whore brought me here. I’ve had so much fun. It was awesome getting to
meet so many of you guys. And, it was just the best weekend ever. But I’m here for a few extra days, and I thought I’d make the most all the crazy American– And they had some pretty interesting ones. So I started with just vanilla ice cream, just to like keep it simple. But then, on top of that I’ve got a grape saba and elderflower. Never really heard of having that kind of thing with
the ice cream before, so I was pretty intrigued to try it. And here it is. Oh, and I had to get the rainbow sprinkles as well, of course. I’m mean, it’s a Big Gay Ice Cream shop. Mmm. That is good. Wow, that’s quite surprising. Like, I would not have put
elderflower with ice cream, But I love elderflower, and that really works, really nicely. That’s really refreshing, and nice. So many awesome desserts. That was a lot of fun. Oh my god! I love New York! I don’t wanna leave, but I’ve gotta go home now. So sad. Back to London. In fact, my train to London is approaching right now, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Give it a thumbs-up if you did, (subway rumbling) ’cause I gotta get on the train! And if you’re not yet a regular viewer, make sure to hit the subscribe
button that’s down below. Check out my Trying
American Fast Food video, which was filmed in LA. Again, the link down
below in this You Tube. But otherwise that’s it for me. Thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you again very soon. Bye.