I’m Donal Skehan, food writer and adventure traveler! This is Thailand and it’s one of my favorite places in the world I’m here to discover all things fascinating, all things exciting and most Importantly all things delicious, and I’m gonna find them just off the beaten track I’m headed outside Pattaya in search of the big four! Mangosteen, Rambutan Salak, and Durian! My Fruit Safari is taking me East to the Chantaburi province, a fruit lovers paradise! Mangosteen the first of our four fruits! It’s picked green, but when it ripens the skin turns and gorgeous deep purple. So sweet and exotic! The rains back, but I’m still on a mission next up salak and rambutan… Ah-hah. No, this is salak Mmm fruity goodness! Number three on the list rambutan, I’ve got it. I’ve only one fruit left to find the durian! It’s famous, but not just for its taste Well, that is a pungent aroma That is seriously fruity I came in search of the big four and I’ve got them all and had a big adventure along the way and all just by Heading off the beaten track Hi guys, I am deep in the heart of Thailand in chantaburi And I’ve come to a fruit farm as you can see I’m sat behind a whole pile of Durian, which is one of Asia’s most prized fruits It’s here and we’re gonna do a little bit of a tasting of all these beautiful exotic fruits But we’re gonna start off with the rambutan What I love about these is just how hairy and spiky they are. So they’re kind of tricky to peel but once you get your fingers in there It’s pretty easy to just open them out and they reveal this kind of like itll translucent orb of fruit Like Melon in texture, but it’s really sweet. Mmm Really good Surprisingly good. You never think that was something so kind of sexy looking would ever be in the center of this very hairy Looking hairy looking fruit In fact, I would probably would never pick that off a tree and try it in the first place But I’ve been told they’re good and I can deliver the information that yes, they are Mmm, really really delicious. Okay next root. Now this one I’m a little bit worried about because I’ve been told that they’re called the snakeskin fruit also known as the salic so I’m gonna try and Peel this they actually peel really easier a little bit easier than the rambutan I must admit but inside here you get all these little fruity bits. So I’ve heard these are pretty good Wow That is a sucker punch of acidic sweetness. It is really really good. There’s a seed in the middle, but it’s soft It’s slightly softer than the rambutan and more kind of custardy in texture. That is so good It’s like if you crossed a pineapple with an orange and you get this super sweet and acidic hit really good I’m on board snake skin my favorite so far. Okay. The next one is the mangosteen the way to open these is To squeeze them so that they kind of pop in here you get to reveal all that gorgeous fruit And it’s so strange like something that’s so intensely purple on the outside It kind of looks like something you’d find in Pokemon or something like that and reveals these gorgeous ghosts twice little fruits So I’m gonna try some It’s very slippery and very slightly really sour and acidic and Sweet as well, but it’s kind of like if you had a Satsuma crossed with a pineapple again They’re all in this kind of same family here. They’re very sweet But also very acidic and it’s all about the texture with these it’s really intense and fleshy And I know if that’s possibly not what you want to hear about fruit. But that is absolutely gorgeous And yeah really good and now I have been holding off because the last one is The one that I’m slightly scared of and this is the durian fruit and this is the most highly prized fruit in Asia, basically Wherever you go in Asia, you will always see signs and hotels and subways where it says Durian, and then there’s like a line through it So you’re not allowed to bring durian on any public transport and there’s a good reason because right now the smell is intense But this is highly prized after and it’s a delicacy over here It’s quite expensive to buy and as you can see behind me, there’s quite a lot of them I feel like I’m in the perfect place to try some really good Asian fruit So I’m gonna take up a little bit of this. Durian What’s most interesting about this is that it’s like little fillets inside that fruit when you open it up You can see these little fillets, kind of, they kind of look like chicken yellow chicken fillets is what I would describe them as and they sit inside this really spiny spiky fruit But it’s all about the texture when you try and break this apart you get this kind of like Custardy interior and it like sticks to your fingers Yeah, the worst thing about Durian is the is the initial hit of that oh It’s kind of like there’s an oniony taste to Durian when you first put it in your mate and then once you get past that and the texture Which is a little bit like rotting flesh you dive deeper into this sweet custardy flavor, and that’s why durian is so popular it’s not the rotting flesh or the garbage bin or any of those stuff and It’s definitely about that Sweet custardy filling the thing about this fruit is that it’s probably not an everyday fruit, especially for me But it is a really great celebration fruit and whenever I’m in Asia, I always want to try this So anyway, cheers to you guys. I hope you enjoyed this little fruit tasting really gorgeous fruits and if you’re traveling make sure you don’t pass these or pick them up from any food market you come across they’re all there and they are really Worthwhile trying it is all about having a little bit of confidence with the food when you travel make sure you hit that subscribe button Leave me a comment in the box below letting me know which is your favorite fruit and let me know would you try this? Until then my friends from Thailand. I’ll see you soon! Coming up on the next episode… I’m in Pattaya and ryong to taste the best of Thai seafood I’ll be doing a spot of fishing and learning how to make some seriously great tom yum soup from the experts, all that and plenty of street food along the way So the kind of firm look quite interesting and you wouldn’t want to look at them too long Otherwise, you might come up with a description for them. That would not be appropriate for the internet But here we are and so I’m gonna take these apart