what’s up everybody I’m Shinichi greetings from Singapore so earlier today I had lunch with my good friend Jean in Little India we had a marvelous delicious Brioni was actually one of the best Briana’s I’ve had in my entire life actually it’s the best it was the best I’m not even joking but on the way back we stumbled upon this sweet shot that specializing in traditional Indian sweets and guys let me tell you one peek into that shop and there were like shelves and shelves and rows and rows of us sweets that I wanted to try I really want to try all of them obviously I would die if I ate all the selections so what I did was I asked the lady to put in as many varieties as she could in a box and so that’s what I did so this is my box of sweets this round place got Kamala Villa sweets and savouries and let’s check it out look at this guy’s look at this box I cannot help but laugh because I don’t know how I’m gonna feel after I try out this huge selection like I’m holding it up right now it is heavy I mean it is quite heavy I don’t know exactly how many things are in here I think there are some that’s below certain ones like look at look at that Apple one right there look look how beautiful that one is and these are two different things here anyway let’s get started you guys ready okay the question is am I ready all right I’m gonna start off with them one of the plain-looking ones and this is basically a block I think this is something called barfi bu RFI if I’m not mistaken and I’m not exactly sure what this is made of mm-hmm Oh after really nice it’s actually milky almost like the sweetness of condensed milk sweetened condensed milk licks on the sweet side but it’s actually very nice it’s smooth and creamy and a little bit like cheesy it has like a slight cheese taste as well I got a little bit of fermentation going on here but I’m not absolutely sure but it’s very milky so if you like the flavor of milk and a hint of cheese I think you’ll like this one I wish I’d made myself a cup of tea I should have done that next we have something that looks like the first one but with um some nuts on the inside not sure what kind of nut that is but let’s try this one as well oh I forgot to take it I like you man Thank You massa hmm hmm the exact same texture as the first barfi I think this could be a pistachios actually like this a little better because I’m the inclusion of pistachios make it a little less sweet and gives it an added death maybe a you know flavor you get we’ve got milky cheesy but you also get a pistachio flavor so the color looks very similar to the first one the barfi but this is round and I wonder if there’s something on the inside the texture is similar but a little powdery and a completely different case to be honest with you so far there’s nothing on the inside it’s actually kind of drying it’s hard to talk when I’m eating yeah compared to the first two it tastes a little bit like whole grains to me like the flavor of whole grains or wheat or or something or or some nuts this is really tough for me okay let’s try something else let’s try this some orange one here look at that and I think this was one of a jean J’s favorite dessert I believe that she bought like a couple of herself to take back with her hmm oh this one’s crispy it’s definitely deep-fried but I can taste a little bit of the oil until it is sour and sweet at the same time surprisingly it’s actually not that sweet how much juicy – mmm the sourness seems to come from some kind of citrus fruit that’s what I’m guessing but I’m not sure it could be vinegar it must be eleven I got like a really sour part hmm ooh sour we got on Harvey’s own square ones of that lady should put a lot of these this must be her favorite but this one has like bits of dry food in it [Music] yep yep I believe them all these are kind of the same mmm but this one has some bits of dried fruit in here which is actually very nice I actually like this one the most I even like this one more than the other ones of pistachios in there because maybe because I like dried fruits but nice I like it once you get very milky creamy and a little bit cheesy let’s try this thing I got to them kinda like the same thing I believe this one is called the Sun and this isn’t called a half moon so let’s start a half moon first I’m hoping that means the feelings are a little bit different and this is the half moon it’s a really nice shape and it looks like a pie Oh hmm it’s not crispy I thought it was going to be flaky but it’s not flaky at all this one is a little bit fruity and the filling is actually the sweetest part of the entire thing the alta is not that Sweden it’s just somewhat a simple like dole I think it’s been baked or deep-fried I’m not sure maybe it’s been baked and it made me soaked into a syrup or something there we have another one this looks like the the barfi but it’s I believe chocolate i I think the lady said it was chocolate and as you can see I think there are some nuts in here as well mmm definitely chocolate but definitely also it retains that um sort of a cheesy flavor as well so it’s kind of like um it’s almost like a brownie mixed with a little bit cream cheese but with a little bit fermented flavor again it’s chocolate which I’m very familiar with but it’s still unique enough because of that cheesy milk flavor hmm and the texture is uh just the same as the other burpees Burnett oh my god it looks like I still have a whole box all right we got this white one here and this one comes in disc shape I feel like it’s exactly the same as the first one but just a different shape and there’s absolutely no filling in this one either okay check this one out this one looks different this is brown it looks like it’s deep-fried oh well this one’s really against once again very very hard to describe it’s surprisingly not that sweet the inside is um not sweet at all it has the flavor of um tofu to be honest with you like soy bean it’s simple and it’s not bad next one next one looked like that other one I had beauty or something whether it’s this one idea the one I don’t remember oh [Music] well this one is very sweet it definitely has some kind of spice in it but it’s like it’s been deep-fried and it’s been like drenched in like sugary syrup but this one is definitely just we just what the next one is a little bit different in color at least and it’s pink and I believe this one is coconut the 20th zone even if we do the last one well that’s like a you know sugar it was definitely a coconut but it’s not just a simple coconut I do appreciate that these um Indian sweets although they are on the sweeter side especially compared to Japanese sweets they use a lot of um different spices and some things that make these sweets aromatic yeah and that’s something that Japanese sweets don’t have we use leaves and um Sakura flowers and stuff like that but nothing this intense so next one looks like that and it looks like like a brown hard cake it’s milky a creamy and a little bit cheesy I feel so stupid I wish I knew the names of these and I wish I knew what how the hell do these were made because it’s so hard to describe these especially it’s the first time you’re eating this it is a little bit different but then very similar to the first one next we have this orange ball and it’s huge it’s a huge ball and it has a cashew nut in the middle I believe there’s a cashew nut this one tastes totally different from the rest I’m very happy about that I’m assuming it’s a cardamon the texture is crumbly and flaky at the same time it’s not all really sweet like some of the others or maybe I’m just getting used to the sweetness I don’t know but it’s just not as sweet as the one that was drenched in syrup for example or even the coconut pink one yeah it’s not as to your sauce okay so this is the one called the Sun and I am maybe it’s gonna be the same as the Halfmoon hmm different hmm so building is different I think the fillings the same I think yeah um there isn’t much filling as you can see there’s some green thing here and I’m not sure if that’s filling or not it just kind of tastes like the same thing the pie outside yeah it tastes the same I think it’s the same this one is a diamond shape one and looks like the first one but in a diamond shape we’ll see it’s not I’m not a bad in reminiscent of blue cheese I don’t know why it tastes like blue cheese a bit more fermented hmm all right let’s go immediately to the last one which is the one that looks like an apple this is really beautiful in the shop they have one that looks like an apple they have one that looks like a watermelon as well a very sweet tone is dense and pretty heavy and weight as well as sweetness this one isn’t as chilly I’m at a loss of words I hey I really don’t know I have so much more left I think I’m gonna give can I give this to anyone maybe I’ll invite my friend over to help me finish it up because it’s such a waste to you know let this go to waste um I definitely do have some favorites and my favorite has to be this room right here I don’t have much of it laughs obviously I like this one this is the one that was a little bit sour I like the acidity in this one it kind of cuts through the sweetness so it has like sweet pass our and also crispy and a little bit oily because it’s been deep-fried so this one for me was the winner I think my second one is on this one as well so gene J you were you were right in that these were delicious this is definitely my second favorite this is the one without the solidus this one is the one with the TARDIS that’s my number one that’s my number two think if I were to choose a number three I will choose the barfi with the dry fruits in it I apologized for my non knowledge of India sweet this is only my second time flying out into the streets this was definitely an adventure for me it really really was and this is what I love about traveling of course I’m in Singapore I’m not in India yet but Arizona place called Little India that’s very much like India well I don’t know I can’t say that because I’ve never been to Air India but maybe my image of India and most of the people there are Indians and most of the restaurants are Indian restaurants are predominantly south South Indian food and a lot of the things on the menus you know I’ve been watching around checking out different restaurants on most of the things on the menu I don’t recognize so I feel like I’m in a foreign country well I mean I am in a foreign country but I mean Singapore I’ve been here many many times but I haven’t really gotten to explore Little India so much as much as I did this time I’m very happy to have tried these Indian desserts so I’m thinking of going back to trying more because I only tried a little bit they have um other things that are in syrup so there were some things that look like puddings but I don’t know um if you guys would like me to go back and try more please let me know maybe I’ll go back on my next trip but you know I’ll probably go to India right I’ll probably go to India before I come back to Timbuktu Singapore again I don’t know no and I thank you so much for watching I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys know about what I ate you know the names of it and what these were me please let me know the comments down below I would definitely go through a comment and educate myself on what I just ate until we meet again have a great day everybody take care [Music]