spring hardcore spring Haas car good day everybody it’s hard to believe that spring time has come again and just like every year here in Japan people celebrate spring with the arrival of the cherry blossoms cherry blossoms have not arrived yet but they have arrived at the convenience stores today we’re going to be trying out some Sakura themed desserts from our local 7-eleven the first thing we have here is Sakura mochi which translates to cherry blossom mochi or glutinous rice and this is a very typical or traditional Japanese springtime dessert the outside is made from glutinous rice so it’s a little bit sticky and it is pink I’m not sure why it’s pink but it’s always pink there’s this preserves salted cherry blossom flower on the top and that’s edible if you’re familiar with Japanese sweets I’m pretty sure you can guess what’s inside okay so let’s check so I’m gonna cut into this so you guys can see what it looks like on the inside so this is filled with Koshien which is smashed up Azuki beans and they are sweetened and they’re absolutely delicious do you want the fight with the you-know-what here I’ll give you I know you and I you like the pedal I do I do like the cherry blossom very well I’ll just sum the combination of the sweetness and the sweetness is the best yes so you know what I’m gonna split that Sakura miss flower between me and you so you can you know come to think of it this is our first sakura themed anything this year 2018 that’s the first time that’s alright so happy spring everybody happy free mm-hmm and that is a taste of spring times whenever the child it I thought that aroma over this Sakura mochi is made with some kinkle stuff really you thought it was like some kind of like imitation imitation it’s nicely sweetened not too too sweet uncle super smooth and the rice is very soft and still comedy you still have to bite the kernels but it is definitely mochi rice the sticky glutinous time I just learned a sweet and salty combination between that Sakura Tess salted Sakura pedal and the the sweetened glutinous rice as well as sweetened Azuki beans it is such a perfect combination the springy treats pocket oh it’s 2070 and my brain screaming 276 yen this is this one is really beautiful beautiful yeah I love it when you know they put in the effort to make the desserts look really beautiful maybe it’s da da da da boom branch le monde brown cherry mumbling and chocolate cake and this is made of gateau Chocola strawberry hot cream custard serve a moves and some sponge cake I would like to try that pink mousse or whipped cream it’s a quick creamer mousse on the top light cream it’s a whipped cream of survey like Christiane taubira whipped cream it tastes more like like raspberry or something raspberry yeah but that’s probably just my imagination okay so I got a little bit of the layers in the bottom so I got some of the whipped cream as a custard and a sponge cake as well as on that mousse or whipped cream and that Jam mmm oh that is nice here try some you know what this reminds me of this reminds me of a strawberry shortcake like a Japanese strawberry shortcake that’s not too sweet it’s super light and fluffy this is Bunch cake so light it’s almost like air like seriously I mean there’s all these layers in here and it looks like a heavy dessert but it’s not so light yes rocket flying flying let’s try the gutter osaka tsuki on the throttle sugar [Music] hmm hmm oh that’s nice well that’s really nice mm-hmm there’s you know there’s that bitterness of the dark chocolate it’s not dry as I was afraid of I’m always afraid that guitar plays gonna be dry but it’s actually not dry it’s really good mmm okay the next thing we have is called mochi total Sakura meter coupe which means academia which means like mochi mochi scar like mochi total means like melty Sakura means cherry blossoms and mythical means milk so you can just imagine what its gonna taste like and this is 100 yen so it’s quite reasonable and it’s a very very subtle pink color the outside is white but you can see the pink through the translucency of the mochi okay let’s cut into this shall we oh the inside cream is looks really lucky yeah and it’s really soft it’s so delicate you have to be careful it’s actually really difficult to classy I thought they did screams whip cream the guys like a whipped cream inside is actually a Sakura milk whipped cream on the inside me to do it clean yes and it’s not enclosed and it’s very soft mochi mm-hmm oh that flavor of the Sakura what is that flavor is it cherry don’t you like cherry wow it’s a crown J blossom this is so light it is so light fluffy very fluffy very bottom has gone it’s mochi so I was expecting to be chewing a little bit we almost don’t have to chew it’s like the softest mochi ever the next one if kimochi Sakura one minute a walnut Sakura one minute right one minute means Japanese omelette oh my that’s Carl one minute what what well means Japan right very cute I remember I make this right ten years ago similar to this reiative yours didn’t have whipped cream in it but cream you didn’t know if we’re game just do it uncle ryan right so you mean something similar to it but I have a feeling it’s not gonna be the same mine is better my news are you use the instant box so this one is basically a sponge cake omelette and inside enclosed there is Koshien once again which is a smooth adzuki bean paste and there is a flavored whipped cream the cherry plum flavor hype yes well let’s cut in to see what it looks like you know I’m surprised that this one is a little bit difficult to cut it’s very very much emoji kind of like has like a CD to it yeah it kind of squishy I have a feeling like there’s some mochi flour or something inside the sponge bag mm-hmm the omelette is like a mochi omelette in the texture reminds you of like our butter mochi kind of between botamo Chi and pancake I love the combination of whipped cream and Azuki I think if they go so well together spring hot spring has come can you tell that he loves spring the next one is something called a coup de moco something that looks like a cream puff putting I think it’s cream puff you think it’s a cream puff okay on the inside there is supposed to be she’s flavored something else I could have flavored cheese layer she yes she she cleaned cheese now this looks really fragile I’m gonna be careful when I cut into it yeah it’s very very fragile on the outside is crusty well and the cream Queen thing looks very heavy yeah it’s like a mouth it looks like a mouth it kind of does actually springing oh cheese cheese and Sakura flavour that’s the first time I actually have Sakura flavour combined with cheese so far there are the like a strobe a tasty or Cherry Blossom Trail taster yeah yeah this is she right totally different it’s right but also Sakura though there’s a saltiness from that that preserved kuda g3 the stronger I wish it wasn’t as soft what anything what do you think I wish it was sweeter retail really really for me I think the sweetness is like okay the taste is okay but it’s missing something maybe I imagine that this is a cream puff food okay it’s my taste bud expected the sweet one the next one is sacrum on Bronto Jim at channel 2 up ahead Fuji is a very famous tea tea place in Kyoto yes yes they have some of the highest quality teas there and and usually Mont Blanc is made with chestnuts so I wonder what this is made of so this one is 298 yen that’s including the tax the components are hyped to cherry blossom Queen matcha cream cherry mochi uncle and inside is much a mousse and black sugar occur mmm that’s interesting and that’s a lot of tastes and textures in there it’s like it’s like a party okay well this is excited and I like parties cuz I’m curious to see if this tastes like chestnuts yeah it is nuts it is like ass CUDA I wonder what it’s made of I don’t see any chestnut in the ingredient list so it must be something else yeah all right I’m gonna try that much a mousse match a mousse I really eat much at missile with black sugar other mm-hmm that match a mousse is really good it has it really content so much of flavor which I love eat with agar really the black sugar anger I forgot about mmm oh it’s even better hmm that black sugar really adds like a I know molasses type depth to the matcha eating it together is like 10 times better than eating hmm no it’s separately spring boy this reminds me of those much of our face that you find in Kyoto you know Hilda is famous for their much upper phase and they’re quite expensive you know they go for like 15 bucks but they’re really really delicious and this is about about three dollars about three years dollars so it’s not that bad last but not least and I saved this one for last because this one has been calling my name at the store this is 7-elevens flower cake flower cake this is the strawberry and chocolate flower cake and the components of this one is natasha which I have no idea when that monopod just the outside so the link Nepal and there is the strawberry queen chocolate cream on the inside with a with brownies and then the bottom is a sponge cake guys so it’s a pretty complex dessert it’s beautiful it cutting in whoa this is so soft Satoshi unbelievably soft probably this is the softest one of all the stuff that we tried today looks not so soft yeah I know okay and you know as soon as they cut into it can you smell it it smells amazing the smells like Sakura it smells like cherry bombs hmm and chocolate and chocolate the front of brownies mmm it’s a pretty high-end tasting cake Wow this one is a cake yeah but it’s a really really light and soft cake it’s like light as a feather that Natasha whatever you call it the outside it’s kind of like a like a gelatin coating like a very very light gelatin coating what do you think very thin huh and there and and this cake is a little bit tart from that cherry blossom flavor strawberry cream right and there’s also some chocolate cream on the inside I know this taste that’s a cakey brownie I just had the Browning it’s not bad it’s not the best brownie once again light has a plowed it just like everything just kind of disintegration that gone no chewing necessary okay Satoshi which one was your favorite we tried seven today that was a lot under my favorite one wasn’t Spring tweet affair affair which one was that I didn’t go home nothing that was the second one second one uh-huh I see okay well this one is actually difficult to choose because there are kind of similar taste I am choosing that good up moon blonde with you G much a lot of the Japanese parfait and it’s almost time for picnicking under the sakura trees we did that last year if you miss that video make sure to check that out my mother came to visit and she was at that picnic with us it was a wonderful day and if you’d like us to go on a picnic again this year please let us know in the comments down below and we will try our best to do that for you guys so guys we come to the end of our Sakura desert which one was your favorite please let us know your favorite in the comments down below hope you guys have a wonderful week and see you guys on the next video bye bye [Music]