Welcome to another rainy afternoon in Takayama
my son liven things up today we’ve decided to go to a little dessert
/ teahouse yeah randomly found the state by chance and
really cute we’re gonna go stay dry, have some sweets and drink some tea. It’s going to be good. Let’s go. this place is a little oasis also we’re
the only ones here so we snagged the best seat in the house like our this
massive table on tatami floors yep we’ve kind of got like this is bench with
pillows feels like a daybed I feel you can fit six people and just the two of
us and it is beautiful they’ve got like yeah or to ceiling
windows with like a little garden outside I know it’s beautiful watch the
rain let’s stay dry warm so yeah we’re super excited um the menu is pretty
cool like you can get set menus yep with a different type of tea and like a
traditional Japanese sweet or you can order things individually mm-hmm um so
we got a little adventurous and got four different things so we’ve got two
different types of teas yeah then we got a little plate that comes
with four Japanese assorted sweets mm-hmm and we ordered something called Matcha warabimochi
much what a be mochi Bracken rice cake with powdered green tea sweet red beans
and ice cream so sounds good to me dirt on a real good day and yeah they gave us
like little towels so like wash our hands and they’re nice and hot so this
is just like any better doesn’t it I mean like this is making the best of a
rainy day here in Takayama yeah it’s like what else could we be doing instead
just sitting around pouring it’s hard no this is no it’s all about the food and
yeah food and drinking experiences on a day like today alright guys so we are going to start
with the most time-sensitive dessert ice cream and it’s likely going to melt
it is nothing just dig in it grab a little bit of everything here whoa what
is that oh no what what when I read the menu and it said Bracken rice cake I was
like the bracket I don’t even know what that means so I was expecting like kind
of like crispy rice cakes mhm this is like mochi oh it’s like wookie
yeah but like more jelly like jelly like I can’t remember where but we have like
a very light jiggly mochi mm-hmm this is that okay
but it’s my charlie can’t you sleep oh wow is it strongly
flavored I’m very gentle ojq subtle it’s got some beans
oh it been sweet okay oh nice the uzuki red beans right yes no probably like
really weird to any North Americans watching this is random sir what are you
people thinking but it works it’s super popular in Asia and it really works
yeah and it’s growing on you over the years it has it took a while but it
happen and the powder used to here I believe that is soybean powder because
we’ve also had that before with more team yeah and how about the ice cream is
it sweet vanilla flavor than just a light vanilla ice cream this is a
surprising combination can you try the drink that’s with it I think that might
be a syrupy drink that’s nice that’s like it’s dark in color mm-hmm it
tastes like a roasted team oh wow it’s not sweet know for a second there like
my first sight I was like who is that syrup that we just drizzle all over
meant to be sipped some turn time for me to try it and it is melting quick guys
yeah get on in look I’m getting a bite with
everything that I’ve got the beans I’ve got the kind of the mochi like whatever
that is squares you think that and then the yeah soybean powder in the wall a
little bit of everything almost talked on the sleeping powder and my gosh yeah
that is a bit of a tripping hazard I can’t believe how smooth that mochi is
like it’s just you don’t have to chew it mm-hmm this integrates and I like how
it’s it is a dessert it is sweet but it’s not overpoweringly sugary like it
yes not excessively fat is very true I feel like with Japanese dessert you can
enjoy larger portions because it’s not like a super sugary exactly this less
sugar there’s more healthy ingredients there’s being yeah there’s more quality
ingredients yeah so you can enjoy a bit more and you don’t feel that like
intense sugar high you’re just kidding you’re just getting a little bit of
sweetness which is nice yeah be honest it goes perfectly with tea I love this
this is so good Oh smells so good I’m having the matcha green tea which is in
powdered form look how big this cup is it’s foamy as well I’ve never seen so
much former individual little bubbles yes oh it’s a break being close oh just
that smell I could just hear smell it all day sit here and smell tea all day
foodie dreams right here you’re so right has a lot of foam and it has such a rich
matcha taste but yet it’s like surprisingly not as bitter as some of
the matchup products I’ve had before it’s a lot more smoother it’s wonderful
you just it’s it’s kind of reset my palate a bit it’s kind of washed down
the bit of sugar that I had left lingering in my mouth but I have a bit
more yeah and all the t’s here you can order them hot or cold yes I got my
heart yeah it’s been sitting here a little while so it’s a bit more like a
room temperature now but it’s just perfect time for my team and I love the
presentation of mine it came in a lovely pod the teapot I also got the cute cup
little cup it’s got like like the violinist bunny or is it shooting an
arrow its shooting an arrow bunnies and it’s got some writing here on this
side and mighty the og charm is roast tea yeah it’s a little bit darker in
color but it’s not a very dark dark team yep so let’s try it I really like mine
along so yeah I’m happy with my selection Jenny let’s try yours Sam C
came in this like massive ball would be any greater could be anything good a
question it’s like this deep green with like almost a fluorescent to undertone
yeah yeah I’m not really in the mood for this tea I’ve gotta say this one’s like
a bit more bitter in comparison to the one I’m drinking and also I just feel
like I have this association in my brain like any time I eat sushi yeah I’m
usually drinking match up yes so I automatically give it as a series goes
every time he’s savoury right so it’s just yeah it’s funny how you can
associate things yeah and I think next we’re gonna move on to the next set of
desserts and we’ve got four beautiful treats to utilizing us from the distance
so let’s do those next so we have cut everything into little bite-sized
portions so we can make sure to sample everything no one misses out on anything
let’s start with the familiar one I feel like we had this on a day trip to Nara
and it’s the pancake stuff with the red adzuki bean yeah should be sweet looks
fluffy on the outside huh yeah and some very fluffy pancake it’s like a pancake
sandwich almost it’s got two layers of pancake to get describing it push
together and filled with the red bean paste you know next we’ll move on to
this pink a little flour purpley thing good I’m going to guess and say it’s
that purple sweet potato mm-hmm that we’ve seen they make chocolates with
this is it I think the filling is a purple sweet potato I can’t tell what
the exterior is it’s almost like marzipan okay but like smoother
oh wow and softer well trusting it sounds really interesting then got like
this interesting little cake it look took it’s a bit of a sponge cake here
mmm like some kind of jelly thing here yeah sure what’s going on there oh my
gosh yeah that is wonderful okay so this bottom part which kind of
looks like Jolyon yeah it reminds me so much to what we were eating in Argentina
dude silly about that though oh yeah yeah it’s like that kind of texture it’s
kind of like it’s kind of look at Jam jelly or something yeah I wouldn’t be
surprised if this was also made with sweet potato okay that is really good
that may be my favorite so far then I’ve got this little thing going on it’s a
bit like almonds this is wonderful that’s a such an interesting mix for
different flavors the exterior it kind of reminds me a bit of a like a ginger
yeah cookie pie like a soft moist ginger cookie layer okay and the inside it
makes me think of almonds but I’m not entirely sure it’s the most wonderful
them well this was probably the sweetest of them all so far this has been amazing
I’m like blown away by Japanese sweets Taiwanese desserts why Japanese desserts
and this this is like traditional Japanese deserves to these aren’t like
contemporary thanks these very traditional sweets we can in Japan
awhile now yeah how is it that this is like our first time it’s not only that
but it’s our first time in like a Japanese teos yeah so we’re not knocking
off a few boxes here taking off a few bucket list items here yeah my turn so
gonna try actually I’m gonna pick this up it’s way
easier I’m gonna try whoo-hoo it looks like it’s got some like a thick amount
of the beans in the middle oh yeah hola scrumptious miss crunches Wow it’s
dominated by the by the beans yeah like there’s a nice fluffiness with the
pancake but it’s the beans that are the star of my show my goodness that’s good
finish it a lot no no no you ain’t fair like that this one’s interesting was as
if I thought when we believe potato hmm it’s very smooth so this is the one
that I’m really interested to try this is the one that he said had kind of like
them jelly like then over here spongy what’s nice is there’s a big
contrast difference between the jelly and the sponginess yeah different yeah
that’s really those really interesting you’re like you said I really like these
sweets like yeah delicious did you have a favorite out of the four oh I like the
moly I think they’ll my favorite and maybe
this I’m a little bit more familiar with this one I would go with this the
pancake thank you for the red bean that’s just so good well guys that
wonderful treat has come to an end and once again we polished everything else
oh yeah oh yeah oh god oh god oh god so that brings us to price point so our
total was two thousand three hundred and eighty yen yep which at the current
exchange is twenty one u.s. dollars and 53 cents so just over $10 per person
basically yeah yeah but I mean this was like an experience like you’ve been
sitting here I feel like for an hour maybe an hour and a half yeah just
enjoying the setting beyond beyond like watching the brain
it was really cool I’m glad we got to try Japanese sweets in a traditional
setting it’s been a really fun experience so yeah that is another video
from rainy Takayama I’m sure it won’t be our last rainy day so we’ll see you soon
with more food videos from the city yeah bye guys