This is Basically like I think This is raw Cabbage hi hahahahahahaha i like food International School Lunch Food What we’re Going to be Comparing Loads of Different Countries and Finding out which one Has the most Amazing School and Food and which one Is Not so good What I actually did for this Video is I went Through my subscriber List and it’s all in Which Country do I have the most Amount of Subscribers so if You guys want me to Maybe include your Country in the next Video if it’s not included in This one (video) Already Please don’t forget to subscribe So I know that you exist and Where you’re Watching me From and he Actually helps me out With Future Videos turn my notifications on! Don’t forget to give you the thumbs up! That’s About it Let’s try, some international School lunch Food I mean Nobody Saying this is Auethentic in This Country this is all you get for school lunch Food I’m Maybe some of you don’t Even Get any of This And i’m Providing entertainment so don’t Take it Seriously that’s all I want to say be Nice and Kind to Everyone in the Comments that’s What I stand for that’s what I like to believe that my viewers Sent for as well Originally Wanted to try Something vegetarian About The Pictures of School Lunch Food There I found online were all of like chicken and other Kinds of meat so I actually went With chicken Mmm that’s Really nice so i’m going to try. The rice Now it’s kind of A weird right I’m not sure if you Can tell What it was I was Actually Good that’s Good as Long I think There’s little bits of Onion On the Rice I’m not sure if you can see you probably can’t See That When I was Researching what Indian School lunch With Looks? Like the Thing that was in Literally every single place was cucumber and They’ve got This? Creamy White Sauce if you’re Watching from India you love this white sauce, Please on you’re upset I’m going to hate it Already no Well Actually Quite nice it tastes like mint. Is mint A traditional Food from India. I don’t know It defiantly tastes minty to me, but I really like it Oh my god actually do Know the name of This I think this might be like A Garlic Naan I dont like this This Is It’s Way Too dry, the Flavor is good it tastes like Garlic it’s A note for me for the Garlic Naan Well i actually Really like the Indian Food I like These white Sauce I’m Gonna have some More of that and We should Move on to the next Country I’m so excited About this next Country Because this is italy Which means They Invented Pasta Pizza and Basically Anything That each other Daily, Basis this is a I don’t know Because Instant Tomato and vegetable Soup [I] Actually Feel Really Bad if People in Italy Have to eat this For School lunch are you Struggling to find something that isn’t in This Soup Maybe This is like A classic in Italy I don’t like it not gonna lie I think this Is Chicken in Tomato so i’m going to try it and [See], what it tastes like, [oh]? My God I love Pasta I love this this is the best so far and it Aside for italy we’ve got this roll It’d be Kind of nice if This was Fresh this is like and for dessert The first one is great Yeah These are the grapes the other dessert for Italy and This Little Pastries [I] Think I had This one Time before in New York when I went to the Carlo’s Bakery [for] the Cake cross Bakery Mundo Always on There’s no Tell Inside [Is] so good it’s Filled With Nutella This is like Christmas, [oh] my god you and the second one I Think it’s Cream Cheese [on] the Inside [and] Then a Pastry on the Outside and This Is So good I’m Definitely happy with Italy I think This was very Good mmm, oh Let me Tell Us I’m not excited on this and that is because Guys Look at that Cheese It’s like Moldy Cheese Going on huh Three-Second Rule This Cheese’s We’re Gonna Move all [over] it I don’t understand Is any of you eating Is in School and if so what Is wrong With your Teachers what Is wrong With your Parents? Why are you Feeding you Moldy Cheese and I know it some People are gonna Be like Rob [you’re] Just Dumb I Actually Like This Cheese but, no No no, okay [I] will Refuse to live in A World where, we eat Moldy Cheese this is A chocolate Crepe I think This is the Best Thing I think french People have Ever Done for the World so for a lane for the french Food we’ve got Chicken it’s Literally Like roasted Chicken With Roasted Carrots It’s like Little Baby Carrots Oh my god that’s so gross so literally Tastes Like Nothing Nope Nope get out of Here Boom Books my children Just Seeing a piece of meat [like] that it Literally Grosses Me out to a crazy, degree Let’s Actually Know That Bad I actually liked it Maybe I would eat it Without the skin This is so good Once Again I Highly Doubt [that] Anyone Is getting this for School but if You’re from France [Laughs] Let me Know if You [ever] get One of These for School Lunch Family-Friendly [Crepes] Now These are white Grapes you know it’s good Great I need to try this normal looking Piece of cheese with the branch first I Think This is I Don’t know I’m Stupid. I don’t know what kind of Cheese this is tastes Good it tastes Cheesy [oh] Guys i can’t do it I’m going to touch with the Fork and I’m going to regret it for the rest of my life Blue Foley Good, why, do so Salty, oh my god Anything something [Wrong] as the Most disgusting soldiers Thing I’ve ever eaten in my [life] If you’re from France me Eating [this] Cheese for lunch [I] feel so sorry Fish oh Doesn’t Love Mexican Food Literally There’s, no way this is going to Disappoint me I just know Okay so for Mexican Food go like a tortilla some chicken beans vegetables Wacka [Feel] for Mexico I feel like Maybe instead of Daisy [Polly] Have right but I feel like you Shouldn’t Be Too far From [what] you Guys are Eating you put some Chicken some Onions in it Some Peppers I feel like beans Don’t go in it I’m going to try [to] Bean Separately as a side how Amazing does that Look like Seriously isn’t that the most beautiful Thing you’ve Ever Seen, oh my God This is so good I’m not even Exaggerating guys This is so Delicious if You’re From [Mexico] and You actually eat This for school lunch this is so good [like] I wouldn’t go to your school feel like this is very Mexican So I’m going to try it It’s a little weird Because it’s very Cold now and what it tastes so good as Well I am Officially Learning Spanish Because I’m Going to enroll in the Mexican School I’m Actually very excited for this next One Because this Is Japanese Food and if you know me [you] know [that] [Japanese] Food is Actually sell my Favorite I will Say that this is Probably the one That [I] know the least about so I don’t want to be a Fancy or Say Anything Wrong I think [the] Main is right With Sysm [you] See sesame sesame do not Say That and Then This Fish I think you might be Like Think of this Salmon or something like that I’m going to try it, oh My God that’s so good that’s that Literally for me it tastes like Summer that is so good so Stupid I’m Really Bad at even Chopsticks by the way the life’s Tastes a little bit Fishy but I actually I like it I’m going to dip the rice in this Sauce and Try to Figure out [what] Sauce that is oh it’s Sticky Only Thing That’s Teriyaki Sauce is that Japanese I Don’t know I feel like it Is this is also one of my Favorite things I’ve Tried to Say This is Really Really good I love the Creation of the right Side of the Sauce this is [a] great great start for Japan [I] think This is seaweed and Tofu Soup, so like a missile Soup I think First of All that’s so strange Because it’s cold it’s it’s Really Wrong and also second it doesn’t [Have] any Flavor It’s literally like Water I know There’s a name for it I don’t know it Guys I’m Stupid Once again It tastes Good, don’t see like this Stays good with the sauces Long okay, so i’m going to try the dessert Now I Think This Is [maki] ice [Creams] I don’t know how to Explain it’s like Ice Cream in The Middle and Like a Doughy on the Outside Or Whether This Tastes Like Cheesecake if it stays Like Cheesecakes [but] [so] much Better Then Might Be my Favorite [Thing] I’m Finding the whole Video This is so good [I] really loved it I thought it was great and This is making my Job very difficult So this next one is Germany and I know Shirk Business 100% accurate Guys so [for] this One We got two Sausages one Tiny Pretzel one? Sandwich [I’ve] Never Seen That before I don’t know what it’s like it looks [like] an Ice Cream Sandwich but it’s not Ice [Cream] Because it’s soft and also not cold So I don’t know what that Is and then Here I’m going to Say This Wrong I think if They saw a cow, or something like [that] like you Really Pronounced it are Good that’s A good Sausage People from Germany Probably know this but you know when you bite Into a sausage [like] it’s like it snaps That Means the good Sausage and This is snapped snapped on me The Sausage snapped on me so so Delicious [I] love German Food not Gonna [lie] I think this is raw A cabbage it’s like I think it’s Pickled Cabbage [I] Don’t like it user Late I Kind of know you know I really Hope No
One’s Having This in School because first of all I’m Concerned for your Bread and Everyone Around you Second of All this is not good I’m going to try the pretzel now Does it Take your Thumb nail biting to this giant Pretzel Arm Price Is Just like the cutest Thing first of all little cute Second of all They Taste you know, They taste good, I’ve Always liked pretzels because, They’re like salt in Salt but not too much Perfect [I] love and I am going to try, on this Sandwich which I don’t know what it is oh? My Gosh so good that might be from Kinder because it tastes like Kinder Chocolate [Does] Anyone Else in Germany eat This in School Let Me Know in the Comment Section Regardless if You do I’m Coming to your School and I’m Filling your school lunch [and] [Once] Again Germany Making my Job very difficult I’m very excited With this next one Because I’m Portuguese so Portuguese People always Feel like they have Special Connection [With] Brazil so this Drink Is [called] what I’m at and it’s Basically um I don’t know what it It smells like Candy it smells Nice That’s Really Good it tastes like Cotton Candy I’m not even Making that up This is so good for [Brazilian] School and Food we’ve got some Pollen hart Salad so these are Called Palm Hearts It’s A vegetable It’s so strange [Though] it tastes like it tastes like Seafood its so weird but it really Does taste like seafood [so] for inside we’ve got some Polenta Chips Is how you Say Polenta Polenta [I] don’t know I decided I Didn’t know Polenta was the thing that was from brazil Maybe it’s not that I’m Wrong But I’ve Never Tried Polenta or Polenta Chips so That Definitely Tastes Different from Regular Chips It’s got like This Grainy, Texture [um] I actually like it they’re Still Crispy They’re Not like Soggy I hope this prefer this normal Chips that’s so weird I’ve Just Tried it for the first Time and Now the Main Event [this] is it’s very Brazilian cut. Of meat it’s called a rump Steak cut and it’s like A Take-off I’m Totally Finally being Shaken and some Beef if it’s cut Into Little Pieces I’m not Easy With Eating Meat I was A vegetarian for a long Time I Don’t like it I don’t like this um I like everything else [I] also think this is way Overcooked my Parents leave Brazil Into it all the [Time] and This is not What A user looks like it’s Usually pink so the last Thing before the strike from Brazil Is Actually This Pudding [I] think it’s a caramel Pudding some very Traditional [of] Brazil That’s Really it’s Kind of a mixture with Jelly and Costume is like in Between that’s it I’m going to School in Brazil because it is Amazing [I] Think the Best School Lunch Food that I’ve Tried Today Was from Mexico? Because I genuinely Loved it Congratulations in Mexico The first Style is like an International Wind please Make sure you subscribe to my channel so I know that you’re Watching Me and Where you wash you from and also leave A comment down Below [with] [the] Name of your Country this Is the best Way for me to See What other Countries People are Watching you from we’ve Actually Five Food from Their Countries and? Hopefully Make A part Two in A few Weeks so I Will Be trying The School Lunch from your Country next Maybe Make Sure you follow me on instagram links for my instagram at the end of this Video Because I’m going to be in La this week so i’m getting Posting A lot of Pictures and Ask you Guys for Suggestions and everything SYDNEY WAS HERE I love you all so [much] and I’ll [see] your my next Video