okay I have no idea why you can get this Indonesian candy this is Oh pickle such a fairy famous can mean in media not promoting and we are not and a sponsor or either endorsed here look at it yeah I have it hey guys welcome back to another video first video with the blonde hair yeah so today right now we are in nan de moon more specifically we’re really close to City Hall station here in Seoul I’m actually gonna try to shop around for some camera gear with Hansel and then I’m also going to try to sell back a lot of Sunny’s old camera gear since she had like so many cameras tucked up in her closet so right now we’re gonna head to the Canon store I heard that the cannister actually buys back old brands weirdly enough they actually don’t leave I Canon but also like Sony anyways we’re going to sell back all of her camera gear see what price we can get I’m not sure if Rick and I can film there but if I can’t then I’ll just let you guys I’ll teach you guys with what happens [Music] so I just got out of the candy store I sold back actually 870 equipment around give or take of USD to the 870,000 one sunny didn’t realize that she can actually sell back all of these old cameras so I hope she’s really happy she’s actually currently rot not here with me right now cuz I’m gonna hang out with Hansel later hopefully I’m going to tell Sonny once I get back home how much I sold her cameras for and hopefully she’s really excited I’m waiting for hands are currently right outside the station oh now he’s a real American guy you like it yeah it looks good man oh man your eye looks kind of brownies light more Brown you look like you put the lens yeah sunny sunny also said like after I get lighter hair my brown colored eye looks more no I turn it looks yeah it really looks different with yesterday cuz we just met yesterday yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so anyways we’re we’re we we’re here now we are at Namdaemun market yeah it’s nearby the market so so there’s this Namdaemun market and as you can see here a lot of like small shop and second end and it’s quite famous with a large camera so people like asked for like the Landsat camera they always come here to buy the second-hand lights and all second and so basis like I like to call that like the Akihabara in Tokyo the Akihabara of Korea I can top it off you have no idea I do not know but I think it’s unsafe it’s busy electronic taonaya Alex ochio it’s more like a camera it’s and also specifically camera tripod all those kind of experiment but not that audio thought the audio okay not the audio camera lenses tripod monopod basic camera gear a camera gear a size audio yeah and camera yeah it’s a basic burger camera nerds like us yeah like awesome you gonna spend all the money here and we’re gonna get make over the money here as well I need to pick up my Shaunie that was broken and yeah oh yeah it’s ready there yeah let’s go yeah okay yeah so I can get a free cleaning on my Sony I think so yeah cuz I often do it here whenever I pastor I just like can’t get a clean please [Music] [Music] so we are basically just walking along non-game moon nom nom de moon and basically this just used cannon cuz I used camera store after camera store at the camera store literally filled with just lenses camera bodies tribe cause everything you can think about camera wise this place has what space to the basement major branch Canon Nikon Jong I’ve shown it it looks like they have holy impose or they live this to so basic you are a camera person and you want to buy second-hand or you want to sell secondhand Nam Dae moon markets he also have a GoPro in everything so yeah everything literally everything for this GoPro – yeah they have it as well like if you ask it they were like oh yeah we have it here pull out of the back um kind of thing I think and then and then after that we’re actually gonna go some street food cuz they have like a whole street food as well along the other Street so what’s this one another one let’s go side one on a check actually don’t check with your eyes I can check the prices though what I mean what what do you want to buy us check let’s check Canon given over Sony user so basically we’re walking across all these light they play shops secondhand barbershop and they’re private charter bus yes ma’am they would this is not famous so actually in the soft is nami south de Muniz like a cape so under the soft side there is this other side is not a gay gay so it’s numb therefore that’s a gates yeah it’s the name is gabe mount a movie like is it like a historic yeah I’m sorry the temple a trying he dedicate their just a gay yeah give it to the Past to yeah so Southside we don’t use it anywhere we just keep your NASA Assemble yeah so it’s like ma’am they will market cousin please this is the ceremony South Gate so what the South Gate yeah Market Market Oh kind of that you got the money means that yeah yes not miss all your friends the other guess what the mercury yeah hey welcome public oh yeah it’s gonna be booking our three babies all right three with about 35 1.4 okay I’ll put all those oh okay those blurry oh yeah so where are we we are still in the Namdaemun market after running here and there because of this guy we’re gonna get this hotel cottage is like kind of a snack that you can have it all kind of Korean market and it’s really nice I think it’s easier to explain after we buy it and you tried it so best is some kinda like street food like peanuts in it and yeah sorry about that I actually left out my memory card in the camera slot in the Sony store so here at somebody’s started to try to get it back alright so right now we are eating a little hot dog yeah right she’s really hot so I gotta be careful I was it like it’s so good so good huh that’s a peanut butter though it’s not peanut it’s yeah it’s different different yeah some places they put a lot of peanuts I think this one is just really good I think it’s like red bean sauce and synonym yeah I think this one is cinnamon and fried I’ll give you some but you’re not dying huh this is definitely not don’t try me don’t try me it’s a not diet for high swimming the oil okay so actually just talked to the lady who’s making it I guess the ingredients or like synonym sugar sesame yeah and the other two things you don’t understand myself kind of peanuts yeah but actually really good only one dollar there’s only one dollar so that was amazing maybe our favorite snack and career so far what’s it all again pork pork the hot dog no is full and pop do you know oh yeah because talk and poke is like kind of fried oh oh oh yeah oh yeah oh no hot dog man okay [Music] so we made it to a local song just a really lot of doing top tip oh they give a free 100 you have to drink no no you can’t have to you’re gonna visit the but you guys didn’t know hands on a diet yeah you can’t drink for it he doesn’t know when I drink that sugar stuff but he gave us one free one one plus one why are they being so fine when I’m tired not when I’m not even tired Forrest Novi speaker endo you’re korean-american oh maybe but this gives you to be honest it looks really nice it looks so fresh this time of kimchi then I’ll love to try no okay all he gives you and if you got that one up there you got that green onion pancake hi John just as a snack yeah very strong one thing I love about these like Korean restaurants they always give you kimchi for free and it’s usually free refill right always always free refills so there’s one story that I had back when I went to Korea very first time ten years ago when I was a college student because I have no money every time they give you free kimchi how to eat get like a just I just asked like a bowl of white rice and just keep eating a kimchi because Korean key is very different from kimchi sold in Japan or America my stomach couldn’t handle it I did nine days of just eating kimchi breakfast lunch and dinner and my stomach couldn’t handle it I went to the hospital in Japan took my stomach yeah but it couldn’t it couldn’t digest so the lesson learned is get your stomach accustomed to the food first fermented food it has a lot of like good bacteria that helps you digest the food but then you just killing it I literally just why you get diarrhea no not my diarrhea I live it could not wait I couldn’t stand up oh that’s way too much way too much way too much oh maybe because you keep asking for the free one they give you some bad these guys keep asking with I’m gonna try some of the local kimchi look at that that looks very fresh mmm perfection hello oh this looks really nice to them it is a pretty good is that so there’s two tower to G new one and the old one new one is like just meat like this I’m afraid old one is it’s not as fast as to scratch but it has more sour and like few more fermented killing yeah there are two type of people yeah but I like this type more is it really good spicy and out of ten what it is mmm I’ll say 8:45 a goodbye yeah how about you I’ll give this a night – okay nine nine yeah spies you know that’s that’s why I give a nice little bit too slow little bit too spider-girl but I think when you eat it together with this it will be planet just nice but it’s a bit plain and it’s salty and spicy so it becomes right so you promise yeah one bite for you oh no I didn’t say that I just gotta help all right so we’re gonna have the green onion pancake back when I have the second in the States or in Japan it’s actually one of my favorite meals oh yeah when I walk by this restaurant this was the first net caught my eye I was like this looks good all right so the Korean way is to eat just directly with kimchi no sauce just kimchi let’s try it just kimchi [Music] so I guess a little bit outside on the young yeah nom de Mouton he was gonna say he’s like these little stores little pop-up shops with clothes different types of clothes it looked like a bunch of knockoff shops though so guys you interested in knockoff shops then definitely come to Nam Dae moon they’ve got knockoff shops cheap local food and they’ve got camera stuff yeah actually it has everything right if technically it does yeah and then and then it’s also really close to me up Myeongdong yeah so I actually all recommend you guys to go Myeongdong first and then like come over here because I know like a lot of you are coming Korea for the skincare and all this kind of stuff right unless you are the type of dialect these guys who will never buy the skincare stuff you do you find skin care stuff yeah I use oh no you’re they do the Frick man Nanomech Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa yeah all right so we’re in front of a candy shop there’s a candy shop yeah candy and some kind of peanut snack snack a caramel Oh two more not banana hindered really take a look take a look duh Wow I just like corn hahaha thanks to me core let’s go thank you okay I have no idea why you can get this Indonesian candy this is Oh pickle such a very famous can be in media not promoting and we are not and a sponsor or either endorsed here look at it yeah I have it yeah alright guys that’s gonna end the vlog we had a good time exploring nom de moon again yeah you guys are setting cameras or local foods definitely come here is actually really awesome thank you for tour me around to the Hansel and check out Hansel Jang are curia real mates hahaha it’s very best how do you say it wow that’s yeah anyway that’s it for today thank you for watching his flock and don’t forget to check out the latest video game when it’s gonna be a little more honest I’ve noticed please like comment share subscribe I’ll see you guys next time bye boy why Sani I have a surprise for you dun dun thank you so much you’re welcome Wow okay I’ll give it back to you I’m scared I’ll shop ok we’ll use this for gum jar then