– I’m already making my
wedding plans at Applebee’s, so we can see how things are going for me. We are here at the one,
the only Applebee’s. And I am trying the
most popular menu items, including a massive shark bowl drink and all of their desserts. I upgraded from my other stretchy pants to like real stretchy pants. Like, these are the ones that you have for like when you’re pregnant. I’m expecting to be fully pregnant with an Applebee’s baby
by the end of this. Let’s go. (upbeat music) I’m locked out. My mom and I used to come here before seeing a movie every week. We were regulars at our Applebee. Applebee’s, Applebee. Round one! (fast-forward squeaking) (laughing) We’re not done, there’s more! Thank you. (laughing) We have to acknowledge that there is a massive, blue shark bowl on this table. It’s nine a.m. Ah, great way to start the day. That’s really good. So we have a plethora of
options to start with. Beer cheese is just one
of the greatest creations on this planet, I don’t know. (upbeat music) It’s like perfectly salty, cheesy. Just like ask for double,
don’t even question it, you’re gonna want double. That’s the winner, we can leave now. Drink break.
(air horns blowing) Spinach and artichoke dip, you
can never go wrong with it. What you’re really looking for is that right amount of
cheesiness to spinach ratio. You don’t want too much
spinach, but let’s see here. Pure comfort, cheesy spinach, happiness. I can’t let this go. I feel like if I just
sit here and talk with it while I talk about the
other food, it’ll be okay. Next, we’re doing the buffalo wings. They’re boneless wings, by the way. I always prefer boneless. I feel like you’re just getting more meat, so you’re getting more bang
for your buck, in a sense. This is the number one
seller at Applebee’s. I personally think that the
beer cheese and pretzels should be the number one
seller, but fine, fine. Okay. This one actually has a kick to it. My biggest complaint with
buffalo wings anywhere you go is that it’s never spicy
enough, I feel like. And this one actually has just the right amount of spiciness to it. And it’s crunchy. Bonus points. Oh, napkin! (laughing) You’re not wrong. Like, you’re not wrong, this
is how many I go through. I’m the messiest eater. Oh, I drowned my sharks. Oh no, come back! Seen a lot of chicken tenders in my days. I’m already really excited
about the pure size of these. And I’m really happy that they do it with honey mustard here. Honey mustard with chicken
tenders is just a national icon. You can never go wrong
with chicken tenders. There’s a reason they’re a classic. Crunchy and crispy, perfectly crunchy. This is the classic combo appetizer. It’s a hefty boy. We already tried the wing, but
might as well try it again. You never know, this could
be totally different. Jury’s out, let me see. After a quick study
here, they are the same. Just had to do my due
diligence as a journalist. We have a beautiful motz stick here. Let’s see if I can do it. Sometimes I can really get it. Oh, come one. Everyone at my school
used to trade each other to get mozzarella sticks
from the cafeteria. They were so good, people would get in like fistfights over them. And that’s exactly what these are to me. I almost wanna put it in ranch instead. I think it’s better in the ranch. We’ve got a standard
chicken quesadilla here. Look at that cheese to chicken ratio. They are not messing around here. Oh, there’s some sour cream. I’m gonna dip it in the ranch, still. I like when quesadillas
are very easy to chew. I like when it’s soft, and
that’s exactly what this is. And it has a little kick to it. We have chicken wonton tacos here. Gotta put a little lime on them. I think it’s just genius to use wonton, basically, fry a wonton and
use it as the taco shell. Because it’s going to be so crunchy. This one is a little addicting,
the way it makes me feel. It’s perfectly sweet,
it’s perfectly savory, perfectly crispy. I feel like this is one of
the best days of my lives. I ditched the shark
drink, but look what came and is still here. The beer cheese, I’m
honestly going to keep for as long as I can. It’s going to add the little extra touch to every single thing that comes my way. You can put it on everything. It is so good. (fast-forward squeaking) Make way, make way! (fast-forward squeaking) Oh, and you get to keep it.
– You do! – Oooo, we’ve got a
cute little sword here! It’s not called a pirate’s margarita or anything, though, is it? Our server had warned me, by the way, this is a very strong
drink, and she’s right. The shrimp and parm sirloin we have here is kind of like a surf and turf, kind of, you know, all in one bite here. I had mine cooked medium rare. This is like so decadent and rich. This makes you feel like you’re worth a lot more money than you are. It’s the sauce. It’s like that perfect tangy sauce, because it has the lemon in there. It’s not just cheese. It has a little extra
oomph going on there. I’m excited because this
rigatoni dish has a breadstick. And you know what goes really
great with breadsticks? Leftover beer cheese from round one. Oh my gosh, it’s congealing,
I don’t even care. The breadsticks are also very
good with the beer cheese. We have stuffed rigatoni. It’s stuffed with ricotta. That’s beautiful. The like bruschetta on top is giving it way more of a fresher feel. I thought this one was
gonna feel a little heavy, just because it’s pasta
and stuffed with cheese, but it has much more of a
fresher, lighter side to it. (food sizzling) Oh my gosh. This, like, garlic butter
situation with shrimp and chicken, it’s, oh, oh god, no, come back, shrimp! Sorry. We need a shrimp, we need a chicken, and why don’t we put a
little mushy on here? There we go. Don’t do me dirty. (upbeat music) It feels like homemade in a nice way. Four cheese mac and cheese with honey chicken tenders and bacon. Did I say that all right? Honey pepper, honey pepper chicken tenders with bacon and four cheeses. There’s something about
this that sounds like your childhood really grown
up, all mixed together. And I have a feeling
this one’s gonna be like the ultimate comfort dish. Probably not the thing that
gets you, makes you skinny, but it looks so good. Again, if it was just the
mac and cheese on itself, it would probably be just like one note. But if you were having a really bad day, you would just order
this and you’d be happy. This, this will make you happy. I’m gonna do it wrong. Champ. I love that you get
the shaker on the side. You have control over your
own life and your sobriety. Bye! I think I would serve
this one at my wedding. (laughing) This one is so good. I really love the parm, the
shrimp, and the steak together. – [Woman] Yeah, that alcohol
is really getting to you. – Yes, it is. I’m already making my
wedding plans at Applebee’s, so we can see how things are going for me. – [Woman] Are you just,
you all right there? (laughing) – I just wanna get to the bottom of this. (upbeat music) Don’t mind me, just a girl,
her margarita, and beer cheese. Let’s do it. (fast-forward squeaking) Thank you. Aaah, it’s a big boy. The blend of margarita with a beer, mmm, just do one after the other. It’s a great way to finish your meal. I’ve been thinking about
the quesadilla burger ever since I knew that we were coming here because there’s something about mixing two things together like this that just sounds so wrong,
but it’s so damn right. You’ve got tortilla, and then cheese, and then another layer
of cheese, and a burger, and then cheese, and then tortilla. I wanna hold it and cradle it like a baby. The best junk food you could
ever make for yourself. A beautiful, glorious mashup. No one asked for it, but
am I happy it’s here? Yes, so happy. Oh my god. I’m like not even
looking at anything else. This is all that matters to me. Just order it, just
order it for me, please. This is so good. Triple bacon cheeseburger. Look at those layers, they,
the bacon cheeseburger, pickle, it’s just beautifully, it’s even. It’s nice when you see that. (upbeat music) Classic cheeseburger with bacon on it. Nothing bad to say here. We have barbecue brisket tacos. I’m just happy anytime it’s
a flour, like, tortilla shell versus, like a soft shell
versus a hard shell. I, as a kid, hated the hard shell ones. I thought that they hurt your teeth and that they took too much work. And another thing about these is, look at all the crispiness going in here. You’ve got crispy onions, and then there, it looks like some sort
of spicy mayo type sauce. I just have a feeling
that this is gonna give me the same feeling that the
quesadilla burger gave me. That’s like, that’s where
I’m at with this one. (upbeat music) Mmm, oh my gosh. No. If this didn’t have the
onions, the crispy onions, I feel like I’d feel
totally different about it. Maybe I’d serve this one as
the appetizer at my wedding. And then the sirloin shrimp
from earlier as the main meal. – [Woman] What happened, what happened? – So with the taco, the
sauce went down my arm and I tried to clean it, but then the sauce went all the way down. It’s into my elbow. The sauce is in my elbow. I have a wet brisket elbow. This round, we’re ending on a salad because we have to move to desserts. So we’re doing a lovely palate cleanser. I’m taking a moment. Really green, there’s vegetables. It’s just like, I’m eating the vegetables, yes, this is a salad, it’s a cesar salad, so you know it’s like, it’s
not like the healthy one. You know it’s still,
like, the indulgent one. But it does taste healthy. Okay. I ate a vegetable, now I’m
allowed to go to dessert. I’m ready, I’m prepared. (fast-forward squeaking) Sometimes you just have to let drinks go so better ones can come your way. Like this red apple sangria. I feel like this is actually the stretch that always does it for me. Oh yeah, there we go. (upbeat music) My eyes always get a little
blurry on the last round. Like, they get a little
glazed-over-looking at this point. It could also be the tequila. I would say, you know, if you’re gonna order a cocktail for dessert,
one, we should be friends, two, this seems like
the appropriate choice. It’s like, oh, that tastes
like adult apple juice. Be careful with that one. I have feelings about the
triple chocolate meltdown because one, it’s the
most popular dessert, and two, I also feel like
I’m about to have a meltdown. So, feels like we’re really
on the same wavelength. I just need a moment of silence. It’s like a chocolate molten lava cake. And the center is like
a warm, gooey brownie. If you like your brownie kind
of undercooked, in a way, that’s kind of what it reminds me of. Oh my gosh. (upbeat music) Are we, oh, I just got chocolate,
did I get it in my hair? – [Woman] Nope. – Okay. This one comes out
sizzling and it comes with maple cream cheese sauce
drizzled all over this thing. But I am much more of a chocolate fan. I’m a chocolate girl, through and through. So the meltdown, it think, is
going to still be number one and this will be number two
for me right now for desserts. But, this one has quite a
show, like, that’s a show, getting it hot, steamy, sauce all over it. The hot fudge sundae shooter is quite literally what you think it is. It’s a shooter full of
fudge and ice cream. This one’s nice and simple. I’m still voting for meltdown. (laughing) We have, last but not
least, one final dessert. (sighing happily) Drinking
my juicy juice in between. I’m thinking about the quesadilla burger. I’m thinking about that
shrimp sirloin still. Thinking about the beer cheese. And my wedding, not
the actual idea of one, but the food I’m gonna have. I feel like I’ve had
such a great time here. I’ve always had a good time
at Applebee’s, I feel like. It reminds me of my mom,
reminds me of my friends, I just, this place is so much fun. I’m sad it’s coming to an end. – [Woman] Are you gonna
Applebee’s drunk girl cry? – I think if you cry in an Applebee’s, you’re never allowed back. Or you have, like you
can’t come back for a year. Like, I feel like that has to be a rule. So I’m not, I’m like tearing up, because I’m thinking
about it being the end and I don’t want it to be the end and I’ve had a really great time. I’m not going to cry because
I want to be invited back. We have to end, we
can’t stay here forever. We have our very beautiful
caramel apple fritter. (upbeat music) Mmm. I had very low expectations
for the fritter because I’m not a sweet person
and I’m not a fritter person. It reminds me of a carnival. It reminds me of super
crunchy funnel cake. You know how sometimes, when
you get your funnel cake, like little crispy ends, the
like darker golden parts? That’s what this reminds me of. (blowing out a breath) – [Woman] I think you’re good. – Okay. – [Woman] Let’s wrap it up. (upbeat music) – I don’t think I ever
make it to dessert, ever, because I’m so distracted
by everything else. But the meltdown and
the fritter, they are, they’re worth saving
space for, if you can. If there’s anything on
the menu that I missed that is your favorite, let me know below. I have to go. (upbeat music)