Defense has been meeting with state — county — and other agencies to keep everyone on the same page. We’re told there’s already plans in place on what to do IF severe weather hits the island. However — officials with Kauai Civil Defense are stressing that this is very early in the forecast. They say things can change — so as of now — most plans are not being put into place. Hurricane Iniki’s power and devastation wreaked havoc on the island in 1992. Now another severe weather system is tracking a similar path…. Because of what happened back then NATS INIKI Kauai County Civil defense AND other agencies are getting ready for the worst. 600 “RIGHT NOW IT’S HEY GUYS MAKE SURE YOU AND YOUR OHANA ARE PREPARED — YOUR FAMILY DISASTER KITS ARE READY BECAUSE WE NEED YOU TO COME TO WORK.” They’re fueling up vehicles — and staging equipment like generators at certain key points — like water pumping stations. Officials say the county learned a lot since Iniki. 640 “WEVE DEALT WITH HURRICANES IN PAST AND ALTHOUGH A LOT OF TIME HAS PASSED A LOT OF THAT KNOWLEDGE STILL STAYS ON ISLAND SO WE KNOW A LOT OF THE CHALLENGES THAT TAKE PLACE.” There are three main concerns IF a storm reaches the island: wind damage — flooding — and storm surge. It’s too early to tell where this system will go, but those in charge want to be ready. 330 – CLIP 1 “THERE SEEMS TO BE FOCUS ON KAUAI BECAUSE THE LATEST TRACK HAS IT CLOSER BUT YOU KNOW FIVE DAYS OUT THERE’S A LOT OF FORECAST UNCERTAINTY AND THAT THING CAN CHANGE ALL OVER AS YOU SAW WITH OUR PRIOR STORMS THIS YEAR.” Still, they are cautioning residents to be ready. 857 “YOU MAKE PREPARATIONS AHEAD OF TIME FAR LESS HECTIC AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO COMPETE WITH ALL THE CROWDS LIKE THAT SO.” Kauai Civil Defense said the county is better prepared for a storm since it’s been through Iniki. It said new building codes have resulted in stronger structures — and both communications systems and emergency notification systems have been upgraded. Civil Defense also said it reached out to the robinson’s and Ni’ihau to include them in the coming informational briefings.