Hi everyone! For the moment, I’m raising
my Sunset Micariff guppies at a very minimal level- just one
generation at a time, enough to keep my bloodline going. At the
moment my one generation consist of just two
broods. They are now two and a half months old,
and I have the females here in the left tub, and I have the males here in this right tub. Here’s my spare
tops for breeding raising fry, or separating adults if I
expand production. Here’s those tubs as they were set up in
September of 2012. Each tub houses one sex of one brood. And here’s those stubs in June of 2014. The arrangement of my tubs is not static– I routinely break them down and set them back up as needed. Here where the grass has died is where tubs once stood. I also have more tubs stacked and stored. when raising guppies, there can be times
when you never seem to have enough space. Even though I raise only one strain of guppy, there have been times when all of my
tubs were filled with fish. Although I have not put effort into
making my tubs aesthetically pleasing, some friends of mine incorporate their
guppy tubs into the landscaping. Amidst their orchids and dessert roses here’s a tub of male neon guppies… Followed by, a tub of fry… Here’s some juvenile males… Here’s a tub were breeding is going on… Behind me is another tub with breeding… Here’s a tub housing females… And here’s two buckets used as nurseries. There’s a pregnant female in the left, and there’s a pregnant female in the right that has just begun to give birth There’s about a dozen fry in here right
now. Well I hope this video gives you ideas for setting up your tubs for raising
guppies. Thank you for watching!