yeah rather just Mike heard this is a good reminder why you should never drive through flooded roads you don’t know if the road is washed out underneath the water and that’s the case up here in the Helena area today in that room one drivers day and may have ruined his pickup truck as well so let’s take a look flood conditions in our area right now most of our rivers are below flood stage but the big hole has finally hit five feet that’s an action stage alert so this is the time do you need to be preparing for the potential of getting up to six feet in the next couple of days a couple of weeks you should be preparing moving livestock moving equipment out of the way if you live in flood prone areas along the big hole River the rest of the rivers are still slightly below action stage and well below minor flood stage but we’ll continue to monitor this on a daily basis as far as flood highlights go up here in the hill in an area like we showed you that pickup truck there are some flood advisories out for smaller streams and creeks that have been busting out of their banks this includes Helena back up towards helm Ville as well but flood warnings are up for a small part of the valley around Helena up towards Lincoln up towards Seeley Lake back towards Missoula and then down through the Bitterroot and then I’ll continue possibly for another day or two maybe even up into the weekend dry on the western half of Montana no showers and storms here but there is a weak disturbance clipping the far east northeast corner of Montana some scattered showers and thunderstorms are punching across that half of Montana but eventually this is the storm that’s going to be punching across Montana very slowly starting tomorrow evening and our bigger impacts as we look into Thursday and Friday so let’s track those changes one upper-level disturbance moving out weak high pressure but increasing clouds tried to build overnight tomorrow morning but by tomorrow afternoon ahead of this front and temperatures shooting into the 70s tomorrow there will be some scattered showers and possibly some scattered thunderstorms along that frontal boundary late in the day into the evening hours so I should get behind the front then I’ll trigger a cooling trend so this first waves punching in and out Wednesday evening into Thursday but a slower moving upper-level low is going to be sitting over the region and this could bring several days of wet weather maybe even some higher mountain snows in the mix but let’s take a look at the potential for rainfall and the lower valleys could pick up a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch but it’ll come in several ways by the time we get into Friday morning there could be a few of you up there around a half an inch of moisture in a three day period higher elevations a little bit of snow as possible but it won’t come and tell that upper-level low spins in and that should be sometime Thursday into Friday one to three inches in higher elevations that’s not a big deal but does create some raw backcountry conditions beautiful afternoon for Butte right now we’re sitting at 72 so far that’s been our high today fabulous looking weather pattern we got a little bit of wind out of the north but other than that it’s turning out to be dry and mild that’s pretty much common across Southwest Montana we got 60s and 70s as well as out towards Missoula and Spokane but a few showers and storms creating just slightly cooler temperatures in those eastern counties so for tonight I’ve got in and out cloud cover I got 30s 40s in here for overnight lows but generally dry tomorrow though in the afternoon thunderstorms will try and fire up ahead of this cold front I got 60s and 70s so still above average for daytime highs but that’ll change once we get into Thursday clearer and mostly cool tonight they got 30s and 40s should be fairly calm evening but tomorrow afternoon thunderstorms will try and sneak in there and 60s and 70s planned throughout the day but look at the cooler weather pattern building for Butte starting as early as Thursday much cooler by Friday only in the upper 40s heading into the weekend slowly trying to work our way back up into the 50s and eventually the 60s but a solid three days there are you gonna pick up some wet weather Thursday Friday maybe Saturday morning but warmer and drier for the first half of next week anaconda 68 tomorrow but 49 on Friday lower to mid 60’s are coming for early next week and again a pretty good chance for off and on weather Wednesday through Saturday down and Dylan I’ll give you a few thunderstorms tomorrow but generally spotty scattered showers Thursday Friday Saturday and then back up in the lower 70s by Monday and Tuesday of next week thank you very much Mike and Nick good news today for Montana Western it seems like they finally bent dood for some they’re getting a big treasure State permit find out who [Music]