now future storm trucker weather forecast with meteorologist Mike heard this Helena driver found out the hard way it’s not really recommended to drive over roadways that are flooded because you don’t know what the road is washed out as the case for this poor traveler here today even in town so keep that in mind if you run into flooded roadways let’s take a look at river levels for us the big hole river finally hit action stage a little over 5 feet and again once you hit action stage it means just that take action you got to get to higher ground with your equipment your livestock and you need to be prepared for the potential of reaching a minor flood stage on the big hole River near Mill Rose in the next week or so getting very close to that on the Gallatin River as well at Logan but you can see that Jefferson rivers climbing as well not quite the flood stage at this point but the river levels continue to climb with the warm weather pattern that we’ve been dealing with the last couple of days flood highlights are up in parts of Lewis and Clark and in Powell County for smaller streams and creeks but a flood warning is up around Helena up towards Lincoln Seeley Lake Missoula and then down through the Bitterroot and that’ll be ongoing for the next couple of days as well as far as storm activity we’re dry in the western half the state picking up a few isolated stray showers and thunderstorms in the eastern half of Montana with a little weak clipper that’s dropping in the Dakotas again that’s all downstream from us but what’s upstream is this storm system so let’s track that in our tree view forecast because that will begin to knock down our rich pattern that brought the wonderful weather today as early as tomorrow afternoon so we pick up a warm Southwest flow sill throughout a better part of your Wednesday but afternoon showers and thunderstorms coming in with this cold front get behind the front it will begin to cool down and then we’ll track this upper-level low that’s gonna be sitting and spinning in here and this will bring longer duration chances for wet weather but it’s also expected to bring chilly weather as well so let’s break it down we do expect to see a fair amount of moisture Wednesday Thursday Friday perhaps even extending into early Saturday morning could pick up a quarter of an inch in several waves of moisture then you could add another quarter of an inch on top of that so it’s going to be a pretty good wet weather pattern for us over the next three or four days higher elevation snows are possible but not until about upper level low moves in Thursday night and into Friday higher elevations could pick up around one to three to four inches of snow and not a substantial amount of snow but certainly piqued your interest I’m sure if you’re gonna be heading in the backcountry 73 degrees right now mostly sunny skies in Belgrade Bozeman looks a little dark 71 right now under mostly sunny skies that was our camera trying to catch up with the weather computer we have a falling barometer at this hour and a light northerly wind temperatures are in the 60s and 70s West Southwest Montana 75 in Spokane you can see 60s and 70s out there in the far eastern half of the state as well lows tonight fall off into the 30s and 40s that’s very mild for us this time of the year tomorrow warming up in the 60s and 70s but and won’t be quite as nice as it was here today would you expect to see thunderstorms pop up in the afternoon while some increasing wind 30s and 40s under clear skies here for tonight and we’ll keep a cool and tomorrow I got numbers climbing in the 60s and 70s but again afternoon showers and thunderstorms and gusty winds strong likelihood take a look at the cooling trend coming the cooler weather pattern shows up Friday Saturday and then we start to climb out of that again by Monday Tuesday of next week so we’re up and down for highs lows in the 30s and 40s and again it’s all a chance for wet weather Wednesday Thursday Friday maybe even into Saturday morning buuuut very similar cooling into the upper 40s by Friday but then the low to mid 60’s are back again on Monday and Tuesday a good variety of 30’s and 40’s at night Dylan afternoon thunderstorms will bring you some cool off and on wet weather Thursday through Saturday low seventies next week in West Yellowstone a good chance for rain here as well maybe a few rumbles in there 60s tomorrow upper 40s on Friday low 60s again by Tuesday all right well hopefully people will enjoy this evening it out there enjoying yes absolutely all right between bridges actually