So three years
ago, what happens? Well, I’m riding along, got
out of gas, having a hard time, going through a divorce. And this guy comes along
and gives me some money. All right, so you’re on
the side of the road. Yeah. Out of gas. Out of gas. You see her on the
side of the road. I do. Yes. And? Well, I was raised
in a family of faith, and so my mom always taught
me to treat others the way you want to be treated. Yep. Simple, but yes. It’s the truth. So I’m driving by her, my
wife and my family in the car, and I was just being
obedient to what was inside me, what was taught. And so turned around, helped
her out, filled her gas can up, gave her a little bit of money– He did. We said our goodbyes
and never thought we’d see each other again. So you not only gave her gas,
but she didn’t have any money, so you gave her what you had
in your pocket and it was $40. I only had $5 that day. Only had $5 and just
didn’t know what to do. All right, so then
you gave her money. So three years
later, cut to later on what’s happening
with your family. Yes, so my mom had a long
battle with Parkinson’s and what we believe was possibly
Lewy body dementia, as well. Yes. So we had to put my
mom into hospice care. And TunDe was the
nurse’s aide, actually, that wasn’t scheduled to
come, came to care for my mom the first day. And I received a
phone call from my dad saying how much they love this
woman, him and my mom both, and asked me to meet with her
and see if she could provide some after hours care for her. So you’re talking,
not knowing it’s her, and how did you realize this is
three years later this woman? How did that come up? So she starts
telling me the story. Yes. And she’s telling me that her
mom was a local pastor in town, and she asked me what
church I attended. And so I said, well I attend
Cornerstone Church in Athens. And she said, I met the
nicest guy from that church. Good looking guy. Good looking guy, she said. And so I’m thinking,
well, I may know this guy. I’m on the board there,
so I may know him. And so she tells me the
story that we had already talked about and then
when she said he gave me the $40, I said, TunDe– Which meant the world to me. That was me. I’m that handsome guy. Yeah, that’s right. I’m that good looking guy. I mean, how crazy is that? It’s crazy. So they love you so much
just it just independent of everything else, and
how important– and then your mom passed away a couple
of weeks after that, right? That’s right. How important was
it that TunDe– was there with
your mom for that? I don’t know what we would
have done without TunDe– I mean, when we were
there by ourselves caring, my dad was doing everything
possible he could do, and us as a family, as well. That’s what got me to want
to be with them, because he was trying so hard I
wanted to really help him. And I really did
gravitate to them. Yeah, she did. So your mom passed, and
then instead of flowers, your mother said,
always do something that’s going to last and matter,
and you decided to do what? My mom just said,
if I could just help one person
with this disease, you know, that’s just
kind of the woman she was. And so our family
was sitting around and we’re saying, well, how
about in lieu of flowers– you know, they die anyway
and they’re gone in a week– why don’t we do
something to help this lady that changed
our lives and helped us in our darkest time. How amazing is that? So we started a YouCaring
web site, told her story, and we just wanted
to raise $1,000 to help TunDe– with
her four year degree to get her bachelor’s, and
we raised that in 45 minutes. And how much did you raise? Over $37,000. There’s like 14
million people watching this on YouTube of
your reaction to that. So you’re going to college. You’re getting your degree,
which is so great that you’re able to do that. Thank you. I mean, this story is so great. So our friends at Shutterfly,
you know how great they are, they want to support
your dream of becoming a nurse by giving you a check
for $10,000 to add to that. Thank you so much. Chris, you’ve been having a
difficult summer, obviously. You lost your mom and your
dad is having a hard time. And he loves to
play golf and you want to take him someplace
to have a vacation, right? I want to beat him. Do you usually beat him
or does he beat you? Well, he used to always
beat me, and lately I’ve been beating him, though. And like, what do
you shoot, usually? I’m a 70s golfer. I’m a [INAUDIBLE] handicap. Oh. Wow. Yeah, I’m pretty good. Isn’t that nice. And your dad? My dad’s a good player, too. Wow, that’s amazing. OK, then you’re
going to like this. Our friends at
Shutterfly are going to send you and your family
on an amazing vacation to play the world famous
Pebble Beach golf courses. You’re going– Awesome, yeah! –to Pebble Beach.