men of our become on the Hajj gardeners it’s a nice video we’ve got a Turkish taste this video desert edition I went to a local bakery picked up some fresh Turkish today yeah I picked that a selection of four desserts and we’re going to also can be having it with tea and my mom’s actually going to be making tea and I think I can hear her coming upstairs all of them I come and sit in with us special guests okay so mum cinema because she’s going to tell us the names of the dessert oh my god yeah so I know that the first ones lock mark and then the rest must love us because is live on a mobile cut the youth through our melon from Obama come on pack your be shaken murder to me Oh what’s your favorite my favorite is black fella that’s quick before last yeah my mom makes homemade baklava and she always makes it with a walnut the most common one you can get it with Astacio and from all bakeries do you make a little more just just yeah I can make my bunnies wear some nice tomorrow yeah which one speak I’d like mmm I think this will Muslim yeah there are moms made up two years also we’re going to do a little taste test of the season pink I’m a geek the kawaiguy sizzle happy yeah well done mummy okay so lot my time walking or sticky okay so similar to what an apple some time it’s just oh okay cue Jennifer mixing happy happy a poor foot of what I was juicy for just like with the show just nice so it’s crispy on the outside and it’s wings spongy in the inside hmm yeah quite soo very sticky so I’m not that’s quite nice I like it I don’t like the sticky fingers part but it is kind of cleanse toasty so next we have baklava which is a spatio there’s always a pleasure but Jonica all the time any restaurant you going to always be served with pistachio and most bakeries Buddha statue but rarely you can’t find Walmart which is the best I remember this to be quite sweet so there was a long time ago Cartman I’ve got layers to it so the bottom there’s are normally a bit more hard than it’s the filling and then it’s the top layers which are more like crunchy a little more crispy that’s very interesting is better than um storm look ma what don’t know why I said almost what Donna some stompers finally admits me in it see he doesn’t know if I kiss you knows his Turkish food I like it’s better than not my sis’s yeah my club is winning so far I’ve just picked this up and it seems very stringy and harder the top and very soft and spongy the bottom yes and what’s inside did you know I mean this is the walnut yes this will not spoil oh yeah okay okay fret very strange-looking alright let’s go for it that’s very hardened string at the top sponge top to the bottom kind of sweet no I don’t really like this one I like kanessa I love connector I’m contagious similar but we’ll slide mark like as a phone line a rat one it’s not that nice phonetic okay but obviously use different very different for me I really like how is this hard and soft and like contrast and there’s not many English or any English deserts like this as well so this is quite nice type something different this is the whole thing made of light you strings mm-hmm okay even the bottom interesting okay so the next one is kind of falling apart was it we got a bar near nearby me the environment there blind me better by me hey Marnie everybody Miami third time lucky I’m alright let’s check the Sun spongey you light up some bail and yeah I like this like a really soft sponge cake with a little hard surface surface on the top yeah that’s not so hard not too hard and it’s got almond almond I’m down there in the top that’s pretty nice pruno a lot of these are very similar my love like key differences so very subtle differences these are nice this is something you’d have after a meal yeah so you have an author Emil you have it with tea anytime you have guests around in the house and you’re sorry but your guests will bring it or you would you know buy some so what was your favorite then Allah is that that’s the ball one yeah okay so is it usually this size or a smaller bigger no like I said like you can get smaller ones as well as longer than what we just have yeah and like really tiny little holes and you get like I don’t know like ten my little tray and you eat it was like I think I might prefer a little small and just like your snacks all along the way yeah I might be betting your favorite my favorite baklava usually yeah really I like but it might be like the most traditional classic bottle of Alaska was a classic for a reason yeah yeah it was nice so you’ll really like it from uh me the one that won them oh yeah yeah and they can make us a better birds I’m now sky Nana what mother-in-law oh girl alright guys let us know which of these desserts you like the most look ma baklava cover us on Mars or LEM Anya yeah yeah well let us know if there’s any other desserts that we haven’t tried yet that we should try I’m still learning the ways all right guys please give this video a big thumbs up subscribe to our channel we have loads more coming soon and we’ll see you in the next one boy [Music]