In early summer, the Turkish media discussed
the series that will be released in Turkey in the new season 2019-2020. However, life made its changes severely disappointing
many fans. So what kind of series was canceled in the
new season? Turkish TV series that have been canceled in the 2019-2020 season Dr. House / House M.D. Karga 7 Pictures for several months has been preparing for a remake of the famous American series. However, at first Halit Ergenç considered
the venture too risky and refused to star in the project. Then the directors Yağmur and Durul Taylan
left the show. And in the end, TV8 channel decided to cancel
the order. The company is currently negotiating with
channel D but there is little hope. Alien / Yaban. This project has not yet been canceled, but
Ilker Kaleli who was supposed to star in it chose to leave the series at the last minute. The actor went to Thailand where he will play
in the series of the BBC The Serpent. True, there he will not have a leading role,
and he will appear in only two episodes but the series will be released on Netflix. Pinar Deniz who was approved for the leading
role along with Ilker is waiting for a new partner. The series of Cansu Dere for the TV8 channel
which Medyapim company was supposed to make. Alas, the actress did not like the script. And 400 thousand Turkish lira per episode
did not convince her. Cansu terminated the contract with the channel
and left. As a result, the series was simply canceled. Boss / Patron. The biggest disappointment of this summer. The television company Tims & B that did a
project for Show TV signed Burak Deniz for the leading role. His partner was to be Dilan Çiçek Deniz. Alas, it never happened. The channel considered that the budget of
the series was too big and it was impossible to sell the show at the preparation stage,
since Burak and Dilan were not well-known abroad. As a result, all contracts with the staff
were terminated and now producer Timur Savci is looking for another channel or Internet
platform that would take the series. Of course, completely different actors will
act in it. Doctor Foster. Another failure of TV company TIMS & B. A
remake of the popular British mini-series about a woman who decided to take revenge
on her unfaithful husband. Bergüzar Korel who was supposed to star in
the project is pregnant. After the birth of a child, she is not going
to return to show business soon. The series has been shelved for now perhaps
later they will return to it. These crazy Turks / Şu Çılgın Türkler And again the failure of TIMS & B. One of
the most expensive projects in production, based on the bestseller of Turgut Ozakman
on the creation of the Turkish Republic after the First World War. Alas, TV channels are not eager to take on
a series that will cost a fortune and it is not yet known whether it will become popular
or not. Producer Timur Savci was never able to sell
his brainchild to television. Perhaps he should turn to Internet platforms? However, not everything is so sad in Turkish
show business. In a few days, a new television season will
begin, in which we are waiting for both the return of old series and the premiere of new
ones. What projects will you see in this television
season? You will learn more about this in our next
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