previously on babyteeth4 daddy you
said we shouldn’t waste water all right but no more water okay the yetis back but he can’t stay here
forever Addie you must be able to hear us whenever he’s water that’s how he knew
that Daddy was gone oh no Yeti you stay here yeah we have to
make sure that it’s safe I guess now isn’t a good time
who’s he talking to yeah we heard about that bear on the news but we haven’t
seen anything if somebody tries to come back here the Yeti can always just turn
into water hey is that water in that teacup again don’t pour it down the
drain daddy I’m not gonna waste it daddy no oh no daddy you just drink our Yeti
drank your Yeti is that some kind of game your plan no it’s really true daddy
but we don’t expect you to believe us look I’m sorry if I upset you guys but I
really don’t want you playing with water back here I’ll take this out to the
kitchen and set things up then you can have your party out there okay sorry
about that daddy you’re right joy he just doesn’t
understand what he did I’ll just take this out to the kitchen for you guys and
set things up okay why did you apologize Jillian we weren’t
even playing with water I just wanted him to get out of here so we could talk
about this what’s there to talk about daddy drank the Yeti I guess it’s all
over the Yeti survived being poured into the
vase of flowers I don’t know if it’s gonna survive daddy stomach what if he
digests him every time the yetis been turned into water he’s been able to
reappear this time shouldn’t be any different well this time he’s in a
sealed container daddy wait daddy’s coming let’s try it out try what out
you’ll see all right guys I set everything up for your Yeti party or
whatever you’re calling it how are we supposed to have a Yeti party
without a Yeti Yeti it’s okay to come out now you’re safe wait we’re talking
to invisible yetis now this isn’t gonna work Jillian come on Yeti daddy’s a
friend he won’t hurt you yeah daddy promised the Yeti you won’t
hurt him you kids are really weird okay
I promised the Yeti I won’t hurt him no Yeti Jillian well it was worth a try
I think that the problem is the yetis afraid of daddy but since he’s inside of
of daddy he’s never gonna come out now look guys I said everything up for you
I’m I’m not feeling that great actually so just make a decision you don’t feel
good daddy what’s wrong do you think that the yeah he’s making daddy sick I
don’t know ever since I had your tea party water I just feel a little bit off
I guess that cup wasn’t very clean well we told you not to drink it daddy don’t
sass daddy he isn’t feeling well do you think you might cough up the Yeti I
don’t think it’s gonna work that way daddy you’ll still be there so the yeti
might not appear so how can we have daddy be there but not be there at the
same time daddy that’s it daddy you need to take a nap now mmm I usually don’t
take naps I just wake up feeling even worse
come on daddy they’re called power naps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready
to take on your day what do you say daddy yeah I guess it wouldn’t hurt to
try out all right so what do we do next Jillian
whenever daddy falls asleep we’ll call up for the Yeti again then he’ll appear
and we can get away before daddy even wakes up right then we can just hide the
Yeti until night time and then he can go back outside again but Jillian what if
this doesn’t work what if the yetis getting digested right now I don’t think
so Addie if the Yeti who really was in any danger I think he would just appear even
if daddy was there yeah I guess he’s just waiting for the right moment
come on daddy should be asleep by now I’ve always envied his ability to just
fall asleep so fast there he is daddy are you awake he’s out cold
let’s call for the Yeti Yeti come on it’s safe Yeti daddy’s asleep out he
won’t even see you we need to be a little bit louder the Yeti might not be
able to hear Yeti come on it’s working the yetis coming back why is he appearing over daddy he didn’t
do that with the cups Yeti you need to appear somewhere else before daddy wakes up oh no I think daddy is waking up hey
what’s going on what’s happening Jillian I think daddy woke up before the Yeti
could move somewhere else now they’re coexisting in the same body oh hey girls
feel really weird yeah well you know how naps are you set yourself you don’t feel
much like yourself whenever you wake up from a long nap
yeah you should probably just go back to sleep yeah I guess you’re right wait a
minute daddy you need to calm down about this
this is all just a dream yeah you should just go back to sleep and whenever you
wake up everything will be normal yeah you should just relax it’s kind of
hard to relax because I turned into Yeti think about it daddy this
can’t be real yeah just go back to sleep in the dream
will change to something else you’re right this can’t be real this has to be
a dream do you think he’ll really be okay again
he needs to get back to sleep how long do you think it’ll take
look addy I think he’s falling asleep thank goodness he’s back to daddy again
I guess the Yeti still in his stomach I hope he’s gonna be all right
Jillian luck getting your back this time you new to appear in a different place
yeah we have to get you to a hiding place before daddy wakes up the exercise
room come on you should be safe in this workout room Yeti yeah daddy hardly ever
comes in here how does he stay so healthy
now Yeti on the slight chance that daddy does come in here you can just turn into
water Jillian do you think that the yetis getting hungry what do you get
easy eat anyway I’m not sure but we can find something
in the kitchen good idea and we can get an empty container in case he needs to
turn back into water now you stay right here Yeti will be back and remember stay
quiet Oh man that was a weird dream I feel like
exercising this teacup will be a lot more
comfortable for the Yeti than the last one and if he’s hungry I got him this
healthy orange and some cookies for dessert you really think the yetis gonna
eat the cookies hey Santa likes them and he lives at the North Pole I guess it’s
more likely that he’s eaten cookies than oranges oh hey girls looks like you’re
ready for that party I thought you were taking a nap daddy what were you
doing down there well you’re right about that nap it
really helped out actually I went to do a little bit of exercise exercise well
you didn’t actually exercise I noticed the sauna was on do you guys know
anything about that it wasn’t us daddy you told us to stay away from the sauna
because it gets so hot yeah I figured it wasn’t you guys I think it was your mom
she always leaves her empty water bottles in there empty water bottle
Jillian my Yeti evaporated Oh No so maybe he’ll survive the yeti
survived being poured into that feet vase of flowers right there yeti
survived being poured into the vase let’s clear our throats yeah I don’t know at
oh my gosh you hear my voice right I don’t know Addie I almost said the
flowers and dang it okay I don’t know Addie the Yeti survived
being like every time come on Yeti daddy’s a friend I can’t
yeah daddy promised the Yeti he didn’t he won’t hurt you you think that now
he’s not feeling well do you think now he’s not feel sorry all right
at least we’ll get the Yeti book addy that’s it that was even worse huh well
that’s how you should be safe in this workout room yeah yeah
how’s he stay still fit how does he say so he so did a little bit of exercise
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