Hi Bold Bakers! What do you do when you’ve got boxed brownies
knocking around your house? Well you can always bake them off and eat
them, or I can show you how to turn them into a decadent five star dessert. We are going to make a brownie bread and butter
pudding, but the thing about it is, there’s no bread it’s all just brownies it’s insane. I’m gonna move this to the side and we’re
gonna get stuck in making this recipe. So we have our brownies they’re good to
go, all we have to do now is make a quick custard. So in a nice big bowl crack in some eggs. Then we’re gonna add in some milk, I’m
gonna use full fat milk because more fat more flavor. Some cream, this doesn’t have to be heavy
whipping cream it can be any cream at all. Some brown sugar because brownies and brown
sugar are best friends. A little bit of salt, now don’t be shy with
the salt I’ll tell you why. Chocolate loves salt it just makes it taste
so much better, and then we’re gonna finish with a bit of vanilla extract. And if you have it, if you don’t you can
leave it out, but a little bit of almond extract. And with a whisk just whisk it all together
by hand. There you go it’s nice and smooth all you
have to do is just combine everything together. So let’s talk brownies. You can use boxed brownies or you can you
use my best ever brownie recipe or any kind of brownie recipe that you like, whatever
your preference is use that. All you want to do is just dunk them into
the custard. As you can see I did cut my brownie pieces
kind of small so they can be bite sized pieces. And then next just for another layer of chocolate
because we’ve come this far so why not, I’m gonna add in some chopped bittersweet
chocolate you can also use a milk chocolate whatever you like. And then with a spatula, just gently kind
of stir your brownie mix into the custard, what we don’t want to do here is we don’t
want to break up the brownies, otherwise this whole mix will turn into mush. We just kind of want to make sure the brownies
all are getting soaked, give a little bit of a push down with your spatula until every
guy is covered. Everyone’s good to go now here’s what
I love to do with any bread pudding, I’m gonna leave it at room temperature for around
30 minutes, you can leave it longer if you like, and let the brownies soak up all the
custard it just makes for a way better dessert at the end. And then it’ll be ready to bake it off. So my pudding has been soaking for half an
hour this is perfect, I’m gonna bring in my dish. Now this is an 8×8 dish use any kind of casserole
dish that you have, make sure it’s buttered because this guy can be a little bit sticky
so make sure it’s generously buttered so you can get it out of there. And t then just go ahead and pour in your
mix. I used brownies here but maybe you have some
chocolate cake in the freezer you wanna use that up, that will work really well, angel
food cake, vanilla cake, you can get really creative here. Look at that we’ve already got our dessert
ready the longest part of it was actually waiting for the custard to soak. So we’re gonna pop this guy into a nice
hot oven. Bake at. 350° F or 180° C for roughly 40-45 minutes. Just look at this beautiful dessert it’s
pretty incredible. So I only left this in for 40 minutes and
I want you to come here to me and I’ll show you how to tell when it’s done. So as you can see it’s a little bit firmer
around the edges, but in the middle you still want that jiggle you want it to be soft in
the middle it doesn’t mean it’s undercooked it doesn’t mean it needs more time I’ll
tell you why, once this rests and sits it’ll actually firm up even more so you want that
jiggle to make sure that your pudding is nice and soft, this is perfect. So as you can see a dessert like this really
doesn’t need a lot of boosting up, so I’m just gonna add some fresh berries on top,
just to give it a nice pop of color also to have them with the pudding because berries
and chocolate and cream… forget about it, it’s delicious. Gorgeous. And then what you want do is serve this while
it’s still warm, it’s absolutely the best straight from the oven, a little bit cooled
down nice and warm. I’m serving mine with whipped cream but
you can also use vanilla ice cream and that’ll be amazing. Oh my gosh. I have to say this is a great way to up-cycle
brownies and turn them into something completely new, it’s really rich it’s decadent it’s
not for the faint of heart, if you’re a chocolate lover you’re absolutely gonna
go nuts for this, it’s absolutely delicious. Let me know in the comments what you think
of this brownie makeover. And I’ll see you back here real soon for
more Bigger Bolder Baking.